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Legends Of Legaia Cheats

Fight Xain in "Baka Fighter"

      At stage 4 in Baka Fighter, after you Beat the wolf, press X repeatedly when your score is shown. You should get a message saying, "HOLD IT! STOP THAT, or, I'LL MAKE YOU PAY" after that battle you should be fighting Xain and if you beat him you will receive 50 coins.



      There are other three spells in Legaia. Palma (rock) which you get with 100,000 coins, and then take it to that guy in Jeremi. There's also a dark one that you can get after you beat the last form of Songi. After you beat him go to the The Tree in the west Voz Forest and it should be setting right next to it. Take it to the guy in Jeremi to. And last there is a water one which you can get if you get 100,000 fishing points and then you trade for it. (This is hard to do). After that take it to the guy in Jeremi.

5/19/99  Unknown

Water Egg

     Go to the fishing pond near Buma. Then fish, fish, fish, and fish. Fish until you earn 20,000 points. Go to the exchange screen and get the water egg. Take it to Zalan in Jerimi. Let him change it into the water talsman. This allows you to use the Ra-Seru Mule spell.

5/17/99  Unknown

The Point Card

    To get the point card you don't need to have Noa and Gala on your team yet. You can get it near the very beginning by leaving Rim Elm and going back in right away then going upstairs inside the shop. 

Mei's Pendant

      To get Mei's pendant at the beginning of the game you have to take Mie to your house when the mist is in town.
Simply go to her house and talk to her. Tell her it isn't safe to be there and that you'll take her to your house.
Now when you leave Rim Elm she will give you the Pendant (that gives you 10% more life when equipped) as well as the armor.

5/15/99  YummyBear

Secret Items

      At drake castle in the room where king drake was in a cage. at the northern part of the wall push "x" there. it lets you buy secret iteams in shops.


Hidden Boss

      After you have defeated Songi for the final time in Noura Valley (Seru-Kai), go back to Mt. Dhini. Climb all the way to the top (the place you first called the Soren with the flute...). When u get there, you will be attacked by a boss called "Lapis". This boss is a flying creature, so low attacks are ineffective. Also, it ambushes u, and its first attack reduces your MP to zero, and you cant replenish it for the whole fight. This of course makes the fight really hard. Also, Lapis' basic attack causes around 5000 points of damage (seriously). So this boss is extremely hard, and u wont stand a chance of defeating it unless u are a very high level. But, if you do defeat Lapis, you will gain a tremendous amount of experience and gold (a'la WEAPON in FF7). Unfortunately, you don't receive any special items for your efforts, but, the experience gain is worth it.

4/24/99  Adam Lucas

Best way to win the dancing contest

      The best way to win the dance is to use the Triangle specials on the first two moves. Than save the last special for the last move, when it say 3, 2,1. But you cannot miss any step. if so you should easily win the contest.

4/11/99  Imac Joe

Easy Money:

      Go to the Muscle Dome in Sol City. Buy as many tokens as you can, then play the slot machine. Take your winnings to the prize outlet and buy as many Soru Bread's as possible. These sell for 3000gp EACH, more than enough to finance your equipment needs.

Hidden Spells

      When you get all your characters Art moves, including the Hyper and Miracle arts, go to the original tree the character got his/her Ra-Seru to get the Meta/Vahn's spell. Terra/Noa's spell, and Ozma/Gala's spell. Also, when you get Cara's Ra-Seru egg (give the music she gave you to the pianoist in the Jazz Club, then go back to Buma and talk to Cara) give it to Zalan in Jeremi. He will give you an accessory that let's you use the Horn spell, which refills all HP, even if you're dead. However, it costs a whopping 200 mp to cast.

Secret Boss

      At the village of Rim Elm there is a secret boss called Queen Bee. To fight Queen Bee you have find the most southern tree in Rim Elm, then push X on it and the battle will start. Beware Queen Bee has 3 other Bees with her and she hits fast and hard. I recommend being at level 13 or higher and have the strongest armor at that point in the game. When you beat Queen Bee you'll get the Honey which raises all your stats or you can give it to Nene and she'll make some Elm Cake.

Move Lists

Free Speed Chain

If you get more than 400 points when you practice dancing with the Disco King in Sol, he'll give you a Speed Chain. The person who wears it will always go first.

08/04/99  James

Gala's Moves

Here are some of Gala's moves. Note that some must be learned from books before they can be used.

Move Name

To Execute Press

Back Punch

Left, Right, Left

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