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Madden NFL 2000 Cheats

GETMEADOCTOR '72 Raiders Team
HACKCHEESE '76 Patriots Team
GAMMALIGHT '76 Raiders Team
BUILDMONKEYS '81 Chargers Team
15MOREMIN '81 Dolphins Team
PIGSKINSFLY 100 yd passes
DOORKNOB '85 Bears Team
CHICKIN '85 Dolphins Team
BLUESCREEN '86 Broncos Team
KAMEHAMEHA '86 Browns Team
BIGFOOT 100 yd field goals
CALLMESALLY '88 49ers Team
PTMOMINFOGET '88 Bengals Team
SPOON '90 Bills Team
DONTGOFOR2 '72 Steelers Team
PROFSMOOTH '90 Giants Team
PREDATORS '95 Colts Team
STeamPUNK '95 Steelers Team
EARTHPEOPLE '97 Broncos Team
TUNDRA '97 Packers Team
QUETZLCOATL 4th And Incas stadium
POPWARNER 5 yard first downs
MOJOBABY All '60s Team
LOVEBEADS All '70s Team
BIGHAIR All '80s Team
INTERNS All '90s Team
TeamMADDEN All-Madden Team
PANCAKES Alpha Blitz stadium
DRBENWAY Alternate scoring rules
XMASGIFT Get Antarctica stadium
VERTIGO Ball chase view
CARNEY Clown Team
SPACEBALL Cosmodome stadium
MOEBIUS Curved space and time
WILDWEST Dodge City stadium
ITSINTHEGAME EA Sports stadium
PICKEDOFF Easy to intercept
STATICCLING Electric sidelines
FINALTIME Faster fatigue
FIRSTIS20 First down after twenty yards
TALKINGWHAT Floating heads
ROLLERGIRL Frequent fumbles
WEPUTITTHERE Tiburon stadium
PAINFUL Frequent injuries
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