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Metal Gear Solid Cheats

    BANDANNA-To get Bandanna do not submit to Ocelot's torture.If you beat the game with MERYL alive you will receive the bandanna,when it asks you to save (after all the credits end)press O and then save it on a NEW BLOCK .When you start that saved file it should be hilighted in red.Equip the bandanna and you will have unlimited ammo(but you must have a gun or weapon first).

      STEALTH-When you are being tortured by Ocelot submit(press select)to get the Otacon ending,when you finish you will see Meryl die then when it ask's you to save press O and etc(don't forget NEW BLOCK for this code too).You should know what to do.To use stealth equip it and now almost nothing can see you now.

      CAMERA(photo)-There's a Camera in the armory behind a level 4 door you can use it to capture ghost shots.To get it find a few C4's and find a discolored wall and BOOM!!! and you should find it.If not you might get it after beating the game.

     Solid Snake 007 style-Beat the game with both endings and save it again on a different block,and when you play that block Snake should be wearing a TUX.

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