Playstation Cheats: Need For Speed 4: High Stakes Cheats

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Need For Speed 4: High Stakes Cheats

More Cop Cars

      At the options screen change the user name to NFS_PD and click ok.. Now the name will appear blank.. exit the screen and go to Hot Pursuit mode and be the cop.. You will have more choice than before..

6/24/99  DexterT and dozens of others

Easy Money

Do you want easy money and buy all the cars???
Follow these simple instructions:

      You enter the two player high stakes mode, then you select your car. The console will then ask you to insert a memory card in slot two. You just take your own memory card out of slot one and insert it in slot two. Then the console will delete the cars from the memory cards so you have to insert the card in slot one and slot two once more. All you have to do then is race against yourself and sell the car that you have won.

Have fun!!!!!!!!

5/19/99  Orion

Hot Pursuit Cheat

The code is that when your playing the Hot Pursuit Mode you chose to be the police car and when you race hit L1 and up and it will turn off your sirens and the car you are chasing will slow down so you can catch up to them turn on your lights then Arrest them in a short time, and you can get extra cop cars if you arrest all 10 cars within' the time limit.

4/20/99  Jon

Heavier Car

Choose single race, hot pursuit or test drive modes, select the car and then immediately hold Left+Square+circle through the loading screen. Continue to hold the buttons until the loading screen disappears.

4/15/99  Alejandro Miramontes
Pan Devil

Extra Music Tracks

First, go to the Game Options. Second, go to the Audio Options. Then go to the CD Player and select it. Go all the way to the bottom., and there are two music tracks that are turned off. Just turn them on, and you can listen to them while you are Racing.

4/15/99  Unknown

Drunk Mode

After selecting your car, press Start to load the race, then before the loading screen appears, immediately hold Up+L2+R1. Continue to hold the buttons until the loading screen disappears. The screen will now be blurred, giving the effect you are drunk.

4/04/99  Unknown

Lights & Blinker

For lights, press L1 and DOWN. For blinkers press L1 and RIGHT or LEFT



Type in WHIRLY for user name to get the helicopter.


Dashboard enabler and turbo mode

Before a race, when you get to the "Car screen" where you choose your car, as soon as you hit "race" press up+triangle+x and hold these buttons through the loading screen. For turbo, press the horn button during a race. To turn these codes off, do the same code again.


Speak English!

Make all cops in all stages speak in English by entering BIGOVEN for username.


Phantom Car

Enter FLASH to open the Phantom car

3/27/99  Sean Brainard

Titan Car

 At the screen where you enter the name, enter HOTROD and you will get the Titan car. Note that SAVE GAME option will be disabled.


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