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Parasite Eve Cheats

Infinite Bullets

      In the NYPD (New York Police Dept.), go downstairs and enter the door to the left. A box of bullets will be near the counter. Get them and leave to the New York map. Go back and do the same thing. Repeat as needed.

5/19/99  Sam Benitez

EX Codes

      After you beat the game DON"T TURN THE GAME OFF!!! Let the credits run by. After the credits are over you can save. The info will save as "Clear Data". Now when you play there will be an option at the Main Menu titled "EX Game". You start of with the weapon and armor  you put your initials on. The best part of this is now (after day 2) you can go to the Chrysler building. You Know, that building that was on fire that you could see from the window on the top floor in the hospital. This is not an easy place either. You fight basically the same monsters just that now they are much harder to kill and inflict much more damage. It's a good idea to beat most of the game first to beef up or else you might not even make it to the first boss. Beat all 70 floors and see the real ending!

5/15/99  YummyBear

Free Bullets

      After defeating Eve inside of the opera house, follow her to the giant hole in the ground. When you hear the police sirens on the outside, run out there and talk to the police officer farthest from the door. He will give you a bunch free bullets. (Remember to keep talking to him)

4/09/99  Kyle Chattman

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