PS1 Walkthroughs: Grind Session Walkthrough

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Grind Session Walkthrough

-                        Grind Session                       -
-                     Playstation - {PSX}                    -
-                         Basic's FAQ                        -
-                         Version 1.0                        -

-     Disclaimer    -

 Welcome to my FAQ for Grind Session. Grind Session is a game that is based 
off of, and is similar to Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Containing various tricks, 
and levels, it gives a fresh look to the world of video skateboarding. All 
the information in this FAQ is for personal use, and not for profit. It's all 
about the gaming and the hobby we enjoy, not the color of the money that can 
be made from this guide. Remember that.

-    Contents     -

1}. Control/Moves
2}. Game Types
3}. Levels
4}. Credits

-     Control     -

- In-game controls -

 -Pause - Start Button
 -Jump - Press and release X {Hold for a bigger jump}
 -Grabs - O and any direction {In air}
 -Brake - 0 {While on the ground}
 -Kick Flips/Board Flips - Square and any direction {In air}
 -Rail Tricks - Triangle and any direction {Near Rail}
 -Hard Turn - L1/R1 and any direction {On ground}
 -Spin - Any direction {In air}
 -Increase Spin - L1/R1 and any direction {In air}
 -Transition/Exit Half Pipe - Hold up on the half pipe
 -Skater's Eye - Hold L2
 -Visiable Tech Lines - Hold R2
 -Balance Meter - Select button

-= Tricks =-

 --Ground Tricks--
    -{Manual Front          - Up, Up, Triangle
    -{Manual Back           - Down, Down, Triangle
    -{No Comply             - Left, Right, Triangle
    -{Nose Varial           - Left, Left, Triangle
    -{One Foot Manual       - Up, Down, Triangle
    -{Back Foot Manual      - Down, Up, Triangle

 --Jump Tricks--

    -{Kickflip              - Left, Square
    -{Heelflip              - Right, Square
    -{Impossible            - Down, Square
    -{Pop-Shove it          - Up/Left, Square
    -{F/S 360 Shove it      - Up/Right, Square
    -{360 Flip              - Down/Right, Square
    -{Hardflip              - Down/Left, Square
    -{Disco Flip            - Right, Left, Square
    -{F/S K-Flip Varial     - Left, Left, Square
    -{Kickflip Underflip    - Left, Right, Square
    -{Heelflip Varial       - Right, Right, Square
    -{Frontside Flip        - Up, Right, Square
    -{Heelflip Late Shove   - Down, Left, Square
    -{Big Spin              - Up, Left, Square

 --Air {Off the ramps}--

    -{Nose Grab             - Up, Circle
    -{Tail Grab             - Down, Circle
    -{Mute Grab             - Right, Circle
    -{Melon Grab            - Left, Circle
    -{Kickflip to Indy      - Up, Left, Circle
    -{Stalefish Grab        - Down/Right, Circle
    -{Method                - Down/Left, Circle
    -{Rocket                - Up, Up, Circle
    -{Madonna               - Up, Down, Circle
    -{Benihana              - Down, Up, Circle
    -{Airwalk               - Down, Down, Circle
    -{Judo                  - Up/Right, Circle
    -{Indy Nosebone         - Up/Left, Circle
    -{Japan Air             - Left, Left, Circle
    -{Board Varial          - Down, Right, Circle
    -{Fingerflip            - Down, Left, Circle
    -{Around the World      - Right, Up, Circle
    -{Frontfoot Impossible  - Right, Left, Circle
    -{Roast Beef Grab       - Right, Right, Circle
    -{Christ Air            - Left, Right, Circle
    -{Front Flip            - Left, Up, Circle
    -{Back Flip             - Left, Down, Circle
    -{Christ Flip           - Right, Up, Circle
    -{Jer Air               - Up, Right, Circle

 --Rail Tricks {While grinding}-
    -{50-50 Grind           - Triangle
    -{5-0 Grind             - Down, Triangle
    -{Nose Grind            - Up, Triangle
    -{Casper                - Down, Down, Triangle
    -{One foot 5-0 Grind    - Up, Down, Triangle
    -{One Foot Nose Grind   - Down, Up, Triangle
    -{Feeble Grind          - Up/Right, Triangle
    -{K-Grind               - Up/Left, Triangle
    -{Smith Grind           - Down/Right, Triangle
    -{Smith Grind Tail Grab - Down/Left, Triangle

 --Rail Tricks {While approaching}--

    -{Railslide             - Triangle
    -{Darkslide             - Up, Down, Triangle
    -{Noseslide             - Up, Triangle
    -{Dark Noseslide        - Up, Up, Triangle
    -{Tailslide             - Down, Triangle
    -{One Foot Noseslide    - Down, Down, Triangle
    -{Noseblunt             - Up, Triangle
    -{Bluntslide            - Down, Triangle
 --Lip Stall {Stall at the edge}--

    -{Hand Plant            - Triangle
    -{Axel Stall            - Up, Triangle
    -{Fakie Rock & Roll     - Down, Triangle

 --Launch {After Lip Stall}--

    -{Nollie                - Up, Up, Square
    -{Boneless              - Down, Down, Square

-     Game Types    -

  -Training Mode

     Training Mode allows you to learn the different steps the game has to 
offer, taking you step by step through the various In-game controls, from the 
Skater's Eye, to the different Techincal Lines that you must complete to 
further yourself in the game. Your reward for learning the training mode 
successfully, is a bonus board for each skater, and more bonus boards for 
your Create-A-Skater.

  -Tournament Mode
     Tournament Mode is the cream of the game. Placing you on various 
courses, your object it to earn something in the following four sections:

     -Trick Points
     -Pro Points
     -Techincal Lines
     -Vandal Points

     Trick Points are the biggest part of the game. In performing successful 
tricks, you can earn massive points, and pretty much amaze yourself with what 
you can pull off. Much like Tony Hawk, the more you perform one move, the 
less it's worth. Combinations are your friend here, and grinds don't earn you 
as many points as you may hope for. Everything is evened out, and makes for 
fair scoring, you have to earn it.

     Pro Points are points that are above and beyond the set trick points of 
each level. Consider it High Scoring, and your reward for further hard work. 
The more points you gain, the higher your pro score will be.

     Techincal Lines are another big part of Grind Session. By pressing and 
holding L2, you'll fall into the Skater's Eye, and see where the Technical 
Lines are on each level. Use the Skater's Eye often, it'll give you the 
insight on where the sickest grinds are in the level. Technical Lines do two 
things, firstly, they give you an edge onto becoming a top notch skater, and 
they add time to your level clock, allowing you more opportunity to finish up 
the other sections of the level.

     Vandal Points are unique, in which you destroy something level specific 
for points. It could be garbage cans, boomboxes, road blocks, bottles, and 
even pigeons. You'll find these scattered through the stages, so be sure to 
hit them for big points and to fulfill the requirements of the level.

     You're probably wondering why you need to do all of these things per 
level. Well, the main reason is, Respect. Yes, you gain Respect Points for 
each number of requirements you fulfill. For example, if you were to hit 4 
boomboxes, 3 Tech Lines, and 10,000 points {this value varies depending on 
the stage}. then you would gain 17 Respect Points: 4 Respect Points for the 
boomboxes, 3 Respect Points for the Tech Lines, and 10 Respect Points for the 
score. These Respect Points add up over the levels, and unlock other levels 
to skate on. Your reward for finishing up all the sections on any given 
level, is a Key, explained later in the FAQ.

  -Open Skate Mode

     You can skate any of the levels that you've unlocked, to give yourself 
the edge of knowing where everything is, the Tech Lines, Items to hit, and 
practice time for the tricks. All of this can be done without the bother of a 
time limit.

  -Endurance Mode

     Test your tricks in this battle of time. You must complete a certain 
amount of tricks within a given time limit. With each passing stage, your 
time limit increases, as does the number of tricks you must complete to pass. 
The trick remains on the screen until it is completed. Each stage comes with 
a higher set of tricks, think of this as Tekken Survival only with a 
skateboard instead.

-      Levels       -

  -{Level 1: New York City
    -Trick Points Needed:     10,000
    -Pro Trick Points Needed: 20,000
    -Technical Lines:           10
    -Vandal Points:           10 Boomboxes
    -Respect Gained:          40 Points Total

  -{Level 2: S.F. Mission
    -Trick Points Needed:     10,000
    -Pro Trick Points Needed: 30,000
    -Technical Lines:           10
    -Vandal Points:           10 Garbage Cans
    -Respect Gained:          40 Points Total

  -{Level 3: Burnside
    -Trick Points Needed:     12,000
    -Pro Trick Points Needed: 40,000
    -Technical Lines:           10
    -Vandal Points:           10 Pigeons
    -Respect Gained:          40 Points Total

  -{Level 4: Slam City Jam
    - 1st Place               40 Respect Points
    - 2nd Place               20 Respect Points
    - 3rd Place               10 Respect Points

  -{Level 5: Atlanta
    -Trick Points Needed:     20,000
    -Pro Trick Points Needed: 60,000
    -Technical Lines:           10
    -Vandal Points:           10 Roadblocks

    -Respect Gained:          40 Points Total

  -{Level 6: Playstation Park, London
    -Trick Points Needed:     30,000
    -Pro Trick Points Needed: 70,000
    -Technical Lines:           10
    -Vandal Points:           10 Bottles

    -Respect Gained:          40 Points Total

  -{Level 7: Detroit Industrial
    -Trick Points Needed:     40,000
    -Pro Trick Points Needed: 80,000
    -Technical Lines:           10
    -Vandal Points:           10 Gas Valves

    -Respect Gained:          40 Points Total

  -{Level 8: Huntington
    - 1st Place               40 Respect Points
    - 2nd Place               20 Respect Points
    - 3rd Place               10 Respect Points

   Now, with the total addition of the stages, you need 320 Respect Points to 
successfully complete the game, and open up all of the rooms to the Dream 
House. Yes, the Dream House is a secret stage, that is only accesable upon 
finishing the game with one Key. There is a Key for every stage in the game, 
the only way to get these keys, outside of Sharking it {Game Shark} is to 
earn them by completing what is requested of you in the game. 

   The Dream House is a skateboarders Nirvana, where you'll find that you 
have no time limit, but several rooms to explore, eight in all once you have 
the Key's from the game. When you're inside of the Dream House, you'll notice 
that there are coins to be collected from each room. If you can successfully 
gather each coin, you'll call forward a master Skater. He's the hidden 
character of the game. Also, by completing the requirements of each stage, 
you'll earn a Photo Shoot opportunity to gain real life photos of the game's 
skaters, from Pig Pen, to Ed Templeton. But in order to do so, you must 
complete a trick that is worthy enough of the bonus.

   Good Luck!

-     Credits       -

I thank my girlfriend for buying me the game in the first place - for hosting my FAQ
Sony Corporation for making a truly enjoyable skateboarding game.
All the gamers out there that use this FAQ.

-2000 Copyright: Drew Guirey
-Look for a new version of this FAQ soon-

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