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Gran Turismo 2 Walkthrough

		Gran Tourismo 2 Car Winning List / Guide

				From LokNar

	Note:  These cars were won on the following races.  If you have found cars that are not 
listed on this guide, please e-mail me and I'll make an addendum to this list.  This list is 
designed for gran tourismo 2 players so that they can find cars they want without having to win 
every race to find them.  I'm not going to tell you whether a car is good or not because you can 
modify so many cars and make most of them excellent racing cars.

Clubman Cup
	-Rome circuit full [free]:		Mine's R33 Skyline

	-Tahiti Road [295 hp]:			Mugen Accord siR-T
	-Midfield Raceway [345 hp]:		Tom's T-111  [toyota]
	-Trial Mountain [394 hp]:		Mugen Prelude Type-S

	-Clubman Stage R5 [295 hp]:		???
	-Special Stage R5 [443 hp]:		Nismo 270R
	-Midfield Raceway [493 hp]:		Mazda RX-7 GT-C '99

	-Grand Valley East [345 hp]:		TRD 2000GT  [toyota MR2]
	-High Speed Ring [493 hp]:		Tom's T020  [toyota MR2]
	-Red Rock Valley [591 hp]:		GT40 Ford racing car

	-Seattle circuit short [345 hp]:	Legacy Wagon GT-B '96
	-Seattle circuit full [394 hp]:		Nismo 400R precieding model
	-Laguna Seca [690 hp]:			Mine's R32.5 Skyline GT-R

Compact Car
	-Rome circuit short [246 hp]:		Vitz F [toyota]
	-Seattle circuit short [246 hp]:	Clio 16v [renault]
	-Autumn Ring [295 hp]:			Lupo 1.4  [Vw]

Luxery Car Sedan
	-Rome circuit full [394 hp]:		Accord Type-R
	-Special Stage R5 [493 hp]:		Chaser TRD Sports X30
	-High Speed Ring [591 hp]:		4-Door Skyline Nismo GT-R

Muscle Car Group
	-Seattle circuit short [free]:		PT Spyder
	-Seattle circuit full [free]:		Cobra 427 '67
	-Laguna Seca [free]:			Chrysler Phaeton

Convertable Car Group
	-Tahiti Road [246 hp]:			Mazda Miata MX-5 A-spec
	-Grindlewald [345 hp]:			MR-S show version 
	-Trial Mountain [591 hp]:		Dodge Concept Car LM edition

Historic Car Group
	-Tahiti Road [246 hp]:			Mugen CR-X III
	-Rome circuit full [294 hp]:		Europa [Lotus]
	-Grindlewald [394 hp]:			XYR '99  [New Celica]

Station Wagon Cup
	-Rome circuit short [394 hp]:		Impreza Wagon STi
	-Super Speedway [394 hp]:		Mugen Accord Wagon
	-special Stage R5 [394 hp]:		Nismo Stagea 260RS

80's Sports Car Cup
	-Trial Mountain [197 hp]:		Mugen Ferio [civic version]
	-Special Stage R5 [345 hp]:		Mugen CR-X III
	-Deep Forest [345 hp]:			Mugen Civic Type-R
	-Seattle circuit full [394 hp]:		Mugen Integra Type-R
	-Tahiti Road [394 hp]:			Skyline Silouette Formula racing edition
Grand Touring Car Trophy
	-Red Rock Valley [394 hp]:		Daishin Silvia racing edition
	-Grand Valley [493 hp]:			Mugen NSX Castrol racing edition
	-Midfield Raceway [591 hp]:		Unisia JECS Skyline GT-R GT racing edition

Pure Sports Car Cup
	-Laguna Seca [394 hp]:			Tom's Angel T01  [toyota]
	-Deep Forest [443 hp]:			TommyKaira ZZ-II
	-Trial Mountain [591 hp]:		TVR Tuscan Speed 6

Tuned N/A Cup: These races will give you the following cars.  There may be more to win but
		these are the cars that I have won:
						Spoon Civic Type-R
						Spoon Integra Type-R
						Mazda Miata B-spec

Tuned Turbo Cup: These races will give you the following cars.  There may be more cars to win
		but these are the ones that I have gotten:
						R33 Drag racing edition
						Mine's R33 Skyline GT-R
						Nismo 400R

Gran Tourismo All-Stars
	-Super Speedway [free]:			Mine's Lancer Evolution V
	-Special Stage R5 [free]:		Mine's R34 Skyline GT-R
	-Red Rock Valley [free]:		TVR Speed 12
	-Rome circuit full [free]:		TommyKaira ZZII racing edition
	-Laguna Seca [free]:			R390 GT-1 Road Car '97 [nissan]

Super Touring Car Trophy:  These may not accurate.
	-Apricot Hill [493 hp]:			Camaro Z-28 30th anniversary
	-Trial Mountain [493 hp]:		TRD 3000GT [supra]
	-Laguna Seca [493 hp]:			Camaro Z-28 30th anniversary
	-Deep Forest [493 hp]:			TRD 3000GT [supra]
	-Rome circuit full [493 hp]:		Camaro Z-28 30th anniversary

GT 300 Championship [591 hp]:	These are the cars that have been won by me.  There may be more
				cars to win in this circuit.  You have to play this race many 
				times to win multiple cars.
						Momo Course APEX MR-2
						Weds Sport Celica
						Xanavi ARTA Silvia
						BP APEX Trueno

GT 500 Championship [free]:	These are the cars that have been won by me.  There may be more
				cars to win in this circuit.  You have to play this race many 
				times to win multiple cars.
						ARTA Xexel Skyline GT-R
						STP Taipan Viper GTS
						Cerumo One Supra GT
						Takata NSX

GT Euro League
	-Apricot Hill [591 hp]:			Catrol Supra GT '96
	-Grand Valley [591 hp]:			Xexel Skyline GT-R
	-Rome circuit full [591 hp]:		Kure R33 Skyline GT-R

GT Pacific League
	-Midfield Raceway [542 hp]:		Nissan 300 ZX-GTS
	-Seattle circuit full [542 hp]:		Mazda RX-7 LM racing edition
	-Laguna Seca [542 hp]:			Drag 180 SX racing edition

GT World League:				GT One Race Car [toyota]
						NSX Racing edition
						Calsonic Skyline GT-R

Endurance Races:
	-Trial Mountain [30 laps]:		Denso SARD Supra
	-Apricot Hill [200 Km]:			Viper GTS racing edition
	-Seattle circuit full [100 Miles]:	Ford GT90 racing edition
	-Laguna Seca [300 Km]:			3000GT GTO LM racing edition
	-Rome circuit full [2 Hours]:		Altezza LM edition
	-Special Stage R5 [All Night]:		Lancer Evolution VI rally car
	-Grand Valley [300 Miles]:		Impreza stI rally car

Note from the creator:  This list may not be totally accurate.  These cars were won on those 
	races listed above while I was racing.  Some people may have won cars not on this list.
	This game is very long and takes some time to compile this list.

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