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Chrono Cross Walkthrough

                          ~~~  Chrono Cross Recruitment Guide ~~~
                                        Version 1.0

Arnold "SolidSnake" K.

Here it is the guide to finding every Chrono Cross chatacter, all 45 of them.
Your very own Arnold K. of PSX Extreme, brings you this in-depth guide to
recruiting every character in Chrono Cross. Enjoy it, this one's for you!

Serge- Main Character

Poshul- Enter the restaurant in Arni (Home World) and go into the chef's room
check around his bed to find a Heckran Bone. Go to the left of Arni past the saw
fish and give the Heckran Bone to Poshul (the doggy) by pressing Square and
pressing the except button next to him. He will join you!

Leena- After you fight Karsh with Kid's help, refuse her to join you all three
times she asks you, she will join shortly in Termina (another world) which will
happen in about 20 minutes. Go back to Arni village (another world) and talk to
Leena on the pier and she will join.

Kid- You can either recruit her after the battle with Karsh, Solt and Peppor, or
refuse, to get Leena then get her in Termina (another world).

Guile- When Korcha asks you to find someone who knows directions to Viper Manor
(another world), you can ask Guile and he will join. I suggest you don't he isn't
the best character.

Pierre- Or instead of picking Guile as your directions you can get Pierre by
finding him in Smithy's blacksmith house. Look for the kid running around in
circles talk to him and he will give you Hero Medal. Return this to Pierre by
going in the door that is connected to Smithy's. I suggest that you don't select
him, he starts out very bad and takes time to become a great member. You have to
equip a few items to him until he becomes great.

Nikki- Nikki is the third character for your Viper Manor visit. In order to get
Nikki you have to find him in the Shadow Forest (another world). First go to
Nikki's first floor room in the docks of Termina where his back up dancers are
and the manager. Talk to the manager and Miki should answer and ask you to find
Nikki. Agree to her proposal and head of to the forest east of Viper Manor. You
should find him quickly, follow him then help him out in a battle. He will join
you. This is the best route to take.

Glenn- Arguably the strongest character in the game Glenn is also the second
hardest character to recruit. After Viper Manor (another world) when you wake up
in Guldove, Kid will talk to you and faint because she was poisoned. When the
game asks if you are going to save Kid, say, "I don't know", do not agree if you
want to get Glenn. Korcha will get very mad, then Kid will give you the Astral
Amulet but Korcha will take it from you and tell you, you can't have it. Don't
worry Kid will cured by someone, so you aren't losing a character. Do not get the
Hydra Humour and just leave to Korcha's house where you woke up from. Enter his
house talk to him and later on his mom will come in and then insist on using
Korcha's boat to help you. Find Macha (the mom) on the dock of Guldove and tell
her that you are ready to leave. She will transport you to Termina's dock, get
off the boat and run to the main entrance. Find Glenn, listen to him and the
follow him as he leaps over to the dock. Talk to Macha and Glenn will come up and
join you. He is truly a must have character.

Macha- As you get Glenn, Macha will also want to join, let her and you've got
another character!

Lynx- You'll get Lynx with a surprise on your face, but you WILL get him,

Greco- After fighting Lynx in Viper Manor (another world) go into the shrines in
Termina, a green wrestler will be there. He goes into his house follow him and he
will join.

Marcy- The little brat that you beat up in Viper Manor's library will join you
automatically after you save Riddel later on in the game from the Porre Army.

Karsh- Believe it or not, Karsh will join you in the game. You can get him after
the Dead Sea (another world) in the back room of Termina's bar, you can pick him
or Zoah. Zoah will join you after saving Riddel aboard the S.S. Invincible.

Zoah- Read above, if you picked Karsh to join you in Termina then Zoah will be at
the S.S. Invincible after saving Riddel. If not you can get him instead of Karsh
after the Dead Sea.

Riddel- You can get her to join after you save her from Porre Army at Viper Manor
(another world). Go back to Hermit's Hideaway. Then board the S.S. Invincible and
she should be there.

Norris- He will join with Lynx in your party and Radius (the old man from Arni).
He can be found later on in the game, in the basement of Viper Manor ruins. Which
can be found through the Shadow Forest (another world) hollow tree path. Norris
will join you when you find him in the basement of Viper Manor.

General Viper- After rescuing his daughter Riddel, visit Hermit's Hideaway
(another world) and then go to the S.S. Invincible and he will be there.

Harle- The French clown will join you when you have Lynx. She will join

Starky- Find the Star Fragment in the El Nido Triangle (Home World). Investigate
the fragment on Sky Dragon Isle (Home World). Fight Mega Starky and he will join

Draggy- Steal the egg from the big Dodo jumping around in Fossil Valley (another
world). Later on in Fort Dragonia (home world) take the lift down and place the
egg on in the middle of the incubator.

Luccia- After Lynx is defeated return to Viper Manor (another world) from Guldove
(another world). Find Luccia on the balcony to the right of Viper's room, on top
of the Manor. Talk to her and follow her back to her lab.

Korcha- If you picked Pierre or Guile then Korcha will boat you and temporarily
join you. If you choose to save Kid he ill join. I suggest that you don't save
Kid and get Glenn instead.

Razzly- If you agree to find Kid, you will find Razzly trapped in the Hydra
Marshes (home world) after fighting the Wingapede. Fall through the huge crack
after fighting the Wingapede, fight the Pentapus and get Razzly out of her cage.
Razzly is a fairy, she is weak and I again suggest that you don't save Kid.

Doc- When Doc asks you if you will find Hydra Humour for Kid, do not agree to
find it, after Kid is cured Doc will join you in Guldove (another world).

Sneff- Find him on the S.S. Zelbess (home world) after fighting off the Sage.

Steena- Fight off all of the 6 Dragon Gods, visit Steena in the Shrine Maiden's
tent in Guldove (home world).

Grobyc- Beat Grobyc when the party is trying to save Riddel in Viper Manor
(another world). When you leave from the Manor, Grobyc will want to join you.

Mel- Korcha's sister is Mel, you can find her by saving Kid and finding her the
Hydra Humour. After Kid is healed and Mel steals all of her Elements, choose to
find Mel and get her Elements from her house (where Macha and Korcha live) in
Guldove (another world). Make sure to have Kid in your party and talk to Mel, she
will join. Again I suggest that you DON'T save Kid.

Leah- When you visit Gaea's navel (home world) she will walk up to you and join.

Irenes- Talk to Toma in Marbule (home world), spend the night in the first house
(hut). Irenes should appear in the darkness of the night, she will guide you to
the S.S. Zelbess. After beating Sage on the S.S., follow Nikki into his ship.
Irenes will join in the dressing room.

Van- When you have acquired Lynx, visit Termina (home world). Find Van's house in
the very back of Termina behind Smithy's. Talk to Van in his room and watch a
little scene with the landlord. After that tell Van that you will are going to
find the Frozen Flame and Van will join.

Sprigg- Right after your get Lynx and you are in a different world, you should
make your way up the cliff and find a tree. Walk over the branch until a berry
falls out. Quickly run into the house of the door that just opened. Sprigg will
come out after picking up the berry and ask you what you are doing. Spend the
night and leave his house, and he will join!

Neo Fio- Find the Life Sparkle in the Hydra Marshes (Another world), it can be
found in a dead end path with a big pond covering most of the area, you will have
to fight off two goons. Go back to Viper Manor where Luccia was found planting
something in the little pong on top of Viper Manor on the balcony. Go up to the
balcony, stay close to the pond, use the Life Sparkle and Neo Fio should appear.
He joins you!

Funguy- When you are in the Shadow Forest (another world) you probably used a
rock to block a hole from where enemies would spout out right before you enter
Viper Manor. If you did that then Funguy should be easy to get. First you should
walk around the bottom right of the screen to find a bug underwater, approach him
and he will jump into a small hole. Out of the whole will come out a man who in
thanks will give you a Mushroom. Take that Mushroom to the man under the small
waterfall where the pollen trees, right before you head into the hollow tree.
Give it to him and he will transform into Funguy. He will then join you! If you
did not close the hole then you have to fight of the Wraith where the boy is
standing and then he will pop out.

Skelly- Probably the hardest character to recruit is Skelly. He is the skull that
you find in Fossil Valley (another world). The skull is the first part to him. He
also has a body part that is in Shadow Forest (another world), it can be found in
the little waterfall where the notebook on how to kill the path blocking monster
is. You should read the note and you will pick up the Angry Scapula. In the Hydra
Marshes you should also find the Good Backbone. You look around everywhere until
you walk into a little opening with something in your way, pick it up and you
found the Good Backbone. The Sturdy Ribs can be found in the Water Dragon Isle.
Look around a bit there. Then find the Mixed Bones in the Isle of the Damned,
they should be on top of the first screen of the Damned. Return the pieces back
to Skelly's grandma' who lives in Termina to the right of the Viper statue. Talk
to her and reassemble Skelly. Leave and enter the door ask Skelly to join and he

Orlha- When you have Lynx, fight off Orlha in Guldove (another world). She will
give you the Sapphire Brooch. After a few events happen when everything is fine
return to Orlha's bar and show her the Brooch.

Pip- When you accidentally get trapped in Luccia's Lab, after fighting her test
enemy open the cage to Pip, a cute little pink creature. After that you should
encounter him on the S.S. Invincible when the ghosts attack. Keep following him
around the ship and he will join.

Mojo- Get the Shark Tooth from the fisherman in his Basement in Arni Village
(home world). When you are in Another World enter Arni again, have either Kid or
Leena and go find another fisherman who is praying to a straw figure. Give him
the Shark Tooth and leave, Mojo will join you.

Turnip- When you get the Ice Breath or Ice Gun, use one of them to cool of a
scorched little patch in Hermit's Hideaway (another world). It should be in front
of a big tree trunk. After that go into Home World and visit Hermit's Hideaway
with Poshul in your party, check out the plant that is growing in the very same
place where you put out the smoke. Poshul will find Turnip, he will join you.

Janice- On the S.S. Zelbess (home world) fight Janice's monsters. After fighting
off the monsters, beat Janice and she should join. I suggest saving before the

Orcha- Joins in Viper Manor (another world) after you save Riddel.

Zappa- Visit Smithy's in Termina (another world) with Radius in your group, he
should join.

Fargo- After he rescues you in Hermit's Hideaway he will join you on the
Invincible (another world), a little bit further in the game.

Miki- After the concert ends, defeat the monsters on Marbule (home world), go
back to the Zelbess and find Miki, she will join you.

Radius- With Lynx in your party visit your old home in Arni (home world), speak
with Marge and Radius will want to fight Lynx. Fight him and he will join.

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