PS1 Walkthroughs: Spyro: Year of the Dragon Walkthrough

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Spyro: Year of the Dragon Walkthrough

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                      Table of Contents
                        5.Power ups
                        9.Contribute section
                       11.Fair well




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November,5 2000                                     Version Final
I have pretty much finished up the walkthrough. Now I won't get
20 e-mails a day asking when it will be posted :)

October,13 2000                                     Version 1.0

I've finished all of the controls,characters,ect... just started on
the walkthrough. I should update the walkthrough by next week so don't

October,20 2000                                     Version 1.2

Finished walkthrough up to the second world,anything else? NO :)

October,22 2000                                     version 1.3

added in a few more levels as well as spell checking it. Expect more
later on this week.





move.......directional pad or left analog stick

Hold character in place.......L1 and R1 buttons

Show current levels (Atlas page).......Select button


Flame attack/spit object.........O button

Charge.......Square button

Head bash.......X button then Triangle

Jump.......X button

Glide.......X button twice

Hover.......Triangle(in air)

Dive.......Square button

Paddle underwater......X button

Climb......directional buttons



Kick.......Square or O buttons

Jump........X button

Air Hop......X button twice

Double Jump......X button when you hit the ground

Sheila Stomp......X button then press Triangle in midair



Fly.....X button,hold down

Release objects (while flying).......Square button

Slide left and right (while flying)......Square button

Fire shoulder Rockets......O button

Switch between normal and bomb views.....Triangle button



Club Smash......O button

Club Spin.........Square button

Jump..........X button

Shoulder shove.......directional pad standing next to box



Fire Weapon.........O button

Sniper Mode.........Triangle L1/R1 zoom in and out

Throw Bomb...........Square button

Aim Bomb..........hold Square

Dodge left/right......L1/R1



Fire.........O button

Charge.......Square button

Use Power-up shot......X button

Slide Sideways........R1 plus D-pad




Every twelve years,the Dragon kingdom celebrates its most important
event:the "Year of the Dragon" festival. Fairies deliver a new batch
of dragon eggs and dragons come from all around to dance and feast
until everyone drops from...eggshaustion,

The Year of the Dragon is upon us again and the fairies have brought
150 eggs to the Dragon worlds. However unbeknownst to the celebrating
dragons,a sinister plot is about to unfold...

Far away-on the opposite side of the world-lies a kingdom long since
forgotten ,in fact,that even the legends about these forgotten worlds
have now been forgotten.

The kingdom is ruled by a mean and spiteful sorceress who has frankly
become fed up with being forgotten. As she sits on her forgotten throne
the sorceress has hatched a fiendishly evil plan, A plan to restore the
fading magic to her forgotten realm,a plan to conquer the dragons once and
for all. All she needs is a little help from her army of horn-nosed "rynoks"
the cooperation of her mysterious discible Bianca and of course,those 150
magical dragon eggs.




Gems:gems are the money in Spyro's universe,and they are truly everywhere,
but since he is to lazy to go get them for himself,Moneybags will sell
you certain things for a "small price" as he says. There are literally
thousands of gems lying around,through out the worlds so don't forget
to pick them up.

Dragon Eggs:These are the most important items to get in this game.
and since there are not as many Dragon eggs as there are Gems,they 
are a lot harder to get your claws on.

Special Tasks: Special tasks can be found throughout all of the 
worlds in Spyro:YOD here is a list of some you will find.

Challenges: Spyro and his friends most learn a variety of special
skills to accomplish these tasks. Hunter or another character will
usually teach you the ability inside the challenge. If you win challenges
you will receive Dragon Eggs.

Speedways: Thee is one Speedway realm in each home world.  In all there 
are three types of Speedways which are listed below.

Time trials: Speed through the course while getting items in the time

Race: Race through one of the complicated obstacle courses,making sure
not to fly off course.

Hunter's Task: Hunter must face a unique challenge in a speedway.

Sparx Rounds: Sparx finally gets an important part in the world
of Spyro. In this game he gets to battle while collecting butterflies
and searching for eggs.

For beating each Sparx course he aquires a new ability heres a list
of 'em.

*Beat Craw dad farm:Extended range and speed

*Beat Spider town:Sparx points to the nearest treasure,if you press
L1 L2 R1 and R2 simultaneously.

*Beat Starfish reef: Sparx gets an extra hit point

*Beat Bugbot Farm:Sparx can break open treasure vases and warp directly 
to any level in the game.




Super fly:Spyro can fly instead of just gliding. Press the X button to 
get some extra altitude.

Superflame:Turns Spyro's small fire breath into a into a toasting machine
that will singe anything in its path.

Invincible: Spyro becomes invincible for a short period of time.

Spyro and Sparx's life

Spyro begins his journey with 5 lives. If you get hit four times you
lose a life. When you get hit Sparx will change a different color,until
he disapears completely. The colors are listed below.

|  color    |  life left |
|GOLD       |  FULL LIFE |


There are many creatures around the Forgotten worlds that when 
defeated will give up a butterfly. When Sparx eats the butterfly
it will put Spyros health back.




Spyro will meet a lot of friends during his long journey,here is a list
of the most important ones.

Sheila The Kangaroo

A rare mountain kangaroo with tremendous back feet,Sheila can jump to 
miraculous heights.She can also stay aloft using her air hop. When in
danger she can unwind a punishing kick. And if your stomped by Sheila
you stay stomped.


Meet the worlds only flying penguin. Sgt.Byrd was raised by humming birds
who taught him how to get airborne. Then he flew the coop and joined the 
air Corp. He developed the first BAM(bird to air missile).BAM launchers
are mounted on his shoulders.Sgt. Byrd can also pick up items and drop
them with superb accuracy.

Bently The Yeti

Giant and gentle Bently has a heart of gold. He also has a huge club that
takes no prisoners. When he gets mad stuff gets smashed. Huge obstructions
are no problem,he just pushes them away. The only time he will lay down his
club is to put on a pair of boxing gloves.

Agent 9

Don't monkey around with Agent 9 because he is one! Agent 9 is one of the
professor's lab monkeys. But after special treatment and training he is 
no ordinary chimp. Agent 9 is a highly intelligent special operative
whose specialty is laser blasters and precision delivery of explosives.


A close Spyro friend since his adventures in Avalar,Hunter is like
a professional trainer. he knows how to move on the or ground or the 
air. The skills he teaches will help you navigate through this huge world.


MoneyBags is all business,for a stiff fee,in gems of course,he will
deliver some amazing things, He can open up travel routes,activate doors
and bridges,and sell you the services of some talented critters for
a "small" fee. If you can afford it always say yes! to money bags
If you say "No" you're likely to annoy the greedy bear,which can be
its own reward.


Zoe is a fairy who saves Spyro's progress through the forgotten worlds.
When you see her get close and she will zap spyro with a progress saving
spell. The next time Spyro loses in battle,he returns to the last place
Zoe zapped him. If he has lives remaining.


She is the apprentice to the Sorceress and leads the Rynoc egg stealing 
party. Bianca likes to make threats to Spyro. Is Spyro scared? OOOOOOOH
I'm shakin' in my scales.


She commands the Forgotten worlds and the Rynocs. Her motivations are 
unclear,but she is the force behind this most heinous dragon egg napping.

The Professor

Spyro's old friend the professor has a research lab in the Forgotten
worlds and as it turns out,Agent 9 was long ago his prized pupil!

Unfortunately while the professor was studying abroad in Avalar,his 
lab had fallen into disrepair.



                   SUNRISE SPRING WORLDS

Head bash the rock:Find the only rock in this level. Then use the
Head bash move

Swim underwater: In the middle of this level is a large deep lake.
use the square button to swim all the way to the bottom and you
will see the dragon egg in plain sight.

Fly through the cave:In the cave with the fly power up fly all the
way to the other side and on the ledge is the egg.

Egg by the stream: by the stream in plain sight.

                         SUNNY VILLA

Save the mayor:To save the mayor of this stage just get through the
level. That's it. Why are you still reading this. Go away.

lizard skating 1:IN the skate park near the end of Sunny villa is a challenge
for you. You have to hit each of the lizards,throughout the course. On the
one near the wide orange ramp you have to flame it in midair. The rest are 
very easy to get.

Lizard skating 2:This time you have to get all of the lizards in 3 minutes
without bailing once! It takes practice but That's the only thing that will
help you.

NOTE: After you beat Lizard skating 2,you can try to break the track
record which is 3,200. The way I beat it was I went up on the high orange
ramp and did a triple twisted lemon,then I went on the lower ramps and
kept doing right and left spin flips. If you do beat the record you will
receive your first skill point.

Egg by the building:next to the big tower near the end of the level are
small little platforms on the tower's walls. On the platform next to a
frog is a dragon egg.

Glide to the spring:  on the same big tower glide to the white pillars
in the distance. Now glide into the plateau with a stream running through
it. next to the stream is the egg.

Hop to repunzel: Go on the big tower and fly to your left to a small
cave. Now inside you will get Sheilas help. Then its just climbing
up the tower,that is between you and the egg.

                  Sheila's Alp

all three dragon eggs: Not to far inot the level you should find 3
mountain goats. To get the egg you must help each of the mountain
goats get home. To do this you have to get rid of each of the monsters
so its safe to pass through. Then visit each of their houses to get the

                     Cloud Spires

Turn on the cloud generator:Just get to the end of the level.

Run along the wall:At about halfway through the level is the egg
which is guarded by a flying creature.

Plant the sun seeds: At the very end of the level is another portal.
Go inside and talk to the freaky creature inside,now get each of the
sun seeds to the cauldron by flaming them every few steps.

Bell tower spirits:At the end of the large level is a giant whirlwind,
that brings you to a secret area,so ride it and help the creature 
destroy the ghosts by using the fly power up.

Bell tower thief:In this same area as the last dragon egg is a thief
with the next egg. Use your ram attack to keep up and take all of the 

Fly to the island:Find and use each of the whirlwinds in the level 
to get some major air.Then use the pathway and climb all the way
to to the very top. When you reach the top look for an island with
and egg and go get it.

                    Molten Crater

get to tiki lodge:Just get to the end.

Egg by lava river:pretty easy to find,Its by one of the lava rivers in
a subsection near the end.

The two egg thieves:At the end of the level take the bridge to a platform
then fly to your right and talk to money bags,pay him a "small fee" and he
will let you inside the thieve's hideout. Now catch 'em

Sgt.Byrd blows up a wall- Once you save Sgt. Byrd you can enter the warp 
at the end of Molten Crater,Once in you will find a giant "X" on the
wall. Shoot it with your missiles and grab the egg inside.

Find totem heads-Enter the Sgt. Byrd area again and this time you
will need to help find the totem heads. So just fly into each of the
caves and bring the heads to there bodies on the mmain section.

                     SeaShell  Shore

Free the seals:Just make it to the end and save the guy with a octopus on
his head.

Under the Docks:under the bridge ,in the water. Its in plain sight after
you dive in.

Clear out the pipe:In one of the pipes in the second waterway,inside the
warp go through the wind tunnel. You also have to hit each and every 
Rhynoc in the tunnel while going extremely fast through a very long 
twisting tunnel. GOOD LUCK!

Defeat the shark sub:In the same waterway except now you have to take a
different route. Swim to the very top of the waterway and go through the
passage. Now help the creatures destroy the sub. To defeat it pick up
as many boxes as possible for some ammo and then when its open for attack,
take your best shot.

Destroy the sand castle-Step inside Sheila's shoes and help some
friends. This is pretty easy if you don't mess around because you don't
have THAT much time. So just stomp all the turrets and get the egg.
But before you leave....

Hop into the secret cave-In the Sheila area right after you pass the water
you can find a secret cave that seems out of reach. Just double jump
to get amazing height and get inside the cave with another dragon egg.

                      Mushroom Speedway

Time trial:This is very easy considering the first two Spyro's 
Speedways were so damn hard. To beat it just collect every item
in order,to make it easier.

Race the Butterflies:Use the little boosters and cut every corner

Help Hunter:You can find Hunter behind a mushroom in the outskirts of the
level. Now to beat the sheep you will need both skill and hand eye 
coordination. Wait until the one of the lambs shoot at you then speed
up and shoot it before the lamb gets another shot in,its harder then it

Now head on over to the balloon to continue to the next world. But,
first you have to beat a boss.

                   Boss fight-Buzz

Run up to him and ram him in the head,and he will fly back a few feet.
Do it a couple more times so he lands in the magma. After Sheila gives
him the ol' stomp on the head maneuver he will lose some health and 
start the same pattern again. Then after three hits to the cranium he
will get mad and start using a new attack where he makes a shield of
fire,when he uses it DO NOT jump on him unless you want to lose health.
Just wait for it to disappear and repeat the process again.

After the fight you will head to the second world.

                       Midday Gardens

underwater egg-under the bridge in one of the first areas of the level,
its surrounded by many jewels and bottles.

secret icecave-to the left of the entrance to Icy peaks is a tunnel 
leading this egg.

Superflame the flowerpots-when you explore this level a bit you should
find a guy who asks you to flame the flowerpots,use the powerup and 
do what he says and in the flowerpot to the northeast of this powerup 
is where the egg lays.

Climb to the ledge-to the left and around the corner from the same powerup
you just used is a ladder. Sink your claws into the ladder and climb up to
find the small colored egg surrounded by many jewels.

                         Icy Peaks

Find Doug the Polarbear-just get to the end and talk to the polarbear
in front of the ski lift.

On top of the ledge-After you go through the tunnel with the green
dirt,turnaround at the corner and climb the stairs.

Protect Nancy the Skater-In the area after the one I just talked about
is a couple things covered with ice,use the cannon just lying around to
blow through the ice. Now in one of the tunnels you opened is Moneybags
just waiting for you to pay him. Do so and go inside the colorful warp
he opened and you will finally meet up with Nancy the skater. she needs
your help to save her from the evil hockey players. So flame them as they
appear and after the audience throws her the roses she will give you an 

Speedy Thieves 1-Head to the area where doug the polarbear resides,
you will find some different paths to take.take the right path this 
time and head down the snowy white stairs along the mountain,and at 
the end is another warp for you to use. Once inside,charge along the 
speed path and you will begin to accelerate extremely fast. follow the
paths around and you will soon meet up with the first thief. Chase him
down,while cutting corners along the way and you will soon catch uo and
recieve the first egg.

Speedy Thieves 2-Now for the second egg.After you chase down the other
thief a second one will appear straight ahead of you on the tracks. This
one will be a little harder to catch,because he is overall a much better
escapee. Chase him down using pretty much the same tactics only this time
you will need to actually use some skill. So err on to the next egg...

Glide to the sky island-Go back to the same area you were in a few minutes
ago,you know the one with Doug the polarbear. But this time instead of going
right we will take the left path. ignore the cannon and fly to the platform
straight ahead. Keep going forward and fly to the whirlwind that you should
have broken out of the ice earlier and it will fly you over to the island that
contains some jewels and of course the egg.

Also on this level some people find it hard to get the jewels under the ice.
So Im here to save the day for you with the strategy.

First go to the same area that you've been to already several times in the
level. Its where the polarbear named Doug lives. Once there turn left and
go down the pathway,ignore the cannon and fly across to the platform straight
ahead. Now look to your left using triangle and you should see the ice with
the jewels you so despritly need. You should also see a crack in the ice 
which we will use to our own advantage. Fly to the crack and tap triangle
twice and you will break through the ice! Now its just swimming through and
collecting the eggs.

                      Enchanted Towers

Destroy the Sorceress Statue-Make your way through this strange level while
collecting jewels along the way. Follow the main path through the entire
level and you will find the Statue at the end. Now lets do the destroying
part. Several missiles surround the statue(and so do a ton of enemies).
Go to each of the missiles and flame the fuse on the back of each one.
Now the critter there will give you the egg you need.

Trick Skater 1-After you use the sorceress statue as a missile testing
sight,the base will have a gigantic hole carved into it. Go inside the
gapping pit and into the colorful warp inside. Look around and you will
see Hunter as well as his rad new skatepark. Here we go again :) Talk to
him and he will teach you a series of moves,perform each of the moves as
he teaches them and the egg is yours.

Trick Skater 2-Man this is near impossible. You have to beat Hunter in
a one on one competition. It may not seem very hard but once he gets 
going he can get some killer points. Fortunately there are a few tricks
to beating him. On the big blue ramp keep doing a left or right turn and
you will do a new trick called either crush or gulp(depending on what side 
you do it on) this cool trick will get you one thousand points. Do both a
crush and a gulp then turn around and head into a secret pathway that takes 
you above the halfpipe. jump over that and you will get 1000 points! keep 
doing these tricks as well as flips and rolls to totally beat him.

Glide to the Small island-You know that critter that gave you the egg
for destroying the statue right. Well go behind it and up the whirlwind.
Now glide to the bridge on the other side of the wall. Keep going along
the pathway and after awhile you will find the island to your left with
the egg right on the top. Isn't he cute.

Rescue the lost dog- Use the same whirlwind you just used except this time
go forward to reach another section of this large level. YAY! go inside the
warp up ahead and talk to the strange guy inside. He says he lost his wolf
down the hole,and we need to save a lost wolf to get the egg,so go down 
already. Now you have to get the dog through the long tunnels up ahead. 
To do this you must solve some easy switch puzzles that are so easy I would
be wasting my time telling you how to solve them. When you reach the end
of the section the owner will give you the egg.

Collect the bones- NOTE: to do this you must have Sgt. Byrd. Now with SGT.
Byrd you must fly to each of the towers and get the bones from each one.
Once you have all eight return to the man and you will recieve your prize.
Oh and you can get Sgt Byrd in the second Home world.

                      SGT. Byrd's Base

Clear the building-Once you save Sgt. Byrd from moneybags for the small fee
you will be able to enter his homeworld which is under attack. To save the
base rid each of the sections of Rynoks. Once you reach a certain point the
blue bird will give you the egg.

Clear the Caves- Now its time to clear the second half of the level. 
Use Sgt. Byrds BAM(byrd to air missle) launchers on the Rynoks for easy
kills oh and lift the weights and objects by using the square button.
Once at the end the Blue bird will give you another of his eggs.

Rescue 5 hummingbirds- You will find 5 hummingbirds scattered throughout 
the level in cages. Its your job to save each and everyone of the feathery
critters from there gold cages. To open a cage all you have to do is go
infront of it,Sgt. Byrd will do the rest.

                            Spooky Swamp

Find Shiny the Firefly-To save Shiny,you need to get to the end of this
confusing level,filled with monsters and explosives around every corner.
This is the first real level that will give old Spyro fans a bit of 
challenge. If a newbie to the game tries this level they will probably
fail misrebly. First you should light the candles along the way to open
a path for another egg,also when you find Shiny you need to save her from
the big Critter chasing her,do so and the egg is yours.

Jump to the island-About mid-way through Spooky Swamp you will find one 
craziest baddies in the game,giant bee with a huge stinger. Defeat it 
using your flame attack from a distance. Then continue forward and you
will enter the area I refer to as the castle arena,because the most 
notable thing is the castle to the right. So in the "Castle Arena" 
turn to your left,get the camera in a good position and glide over to
the island with the egg.

Across the Treetops-Make your way to the end portal. Now climb up the
ladder to the right and enter the cliverly built tree house. Now search
for the opening on the opposite side,and glide to the nearest tree.
Now make your way going "tree to tree" and head left at the split,
there it is.

Defeat Sleepy Head-If you haven't lighted all the candles now is the 
time to do it. HINT:the candles are all inside the tall tree houses.
Now head to the door it opened near the end of the level. Inside is 
some strange wizard that throws bombs and gators at you. LOCO! well
when he sends the bomb at you send it back his way,and it will hit his
face with a boom! After that attack he will send three gators with 
sharp teeth glaring at you. Use your ram attack to take care of them
easily. Now just repeat this a few more times.

Escort the Twins 1 and 2-If you take the end path of the level a few 
feet farther you should find one o' them colorful warp thingers. Step
inside as Sheila and get ready for a few miny games. Both times you 
have to help the Fireflies by clearing there path. Just stay a couple
video game feet ahead of them and clear the path along the way.

After you finish that level its time to take on a new boss. And this 
one is actually a challenge!

                     BOSS FIGHT-SPIKE

This one is pretty hard.....

Start out by grabing one of the highly explosives nearby and fling 
it in his face using your ram attack. Each time you do this he gets 
madder and madder. So keep repeating...then when his life is at half
a new item will appear. It looks a lot like a red mine (or blue) pick 
it up and use the special ability.

On the red pickups it gives you powerful flame breath,use it to torch

The blue powerup puts some sort of object in your mouth that you use
to hit him with.

Keep repeating till he dies and you will move on to......

                      Evening Lake Home

 First you will want to save the Yeti so,first dive into the giant lake
and search for the big red ladder that you need to find. Head over to it
and inside the cave. Now follow the tunnel to save the yeti,for a small
fee of course :)

Break the tower wall-In the level you will need to find the big X
now ram into it and inside you will find another large tunnel,go through
and at the end is the egg.

I'm Invincible-First you will need to travel across the many towers in the
level. Now you will find Zoe and she will give you some invincibility to
get across the flaming towers that lay ahead. Quickly cross the towers
before your invincibility runs out and get the egg at the end.

On the Bridge-tke the same invincibilty route only this time take it
even further. Now glide across to the tower and get the egg.

Glide to the tower-Glide to the tower-While wondering across the level 
you have probably passed the Sparx level area that you can't enter yet.
well from that area take the passage and fly across to the tower,

Belly of the whale-In the middle of the _HUGE_ lake is the whale that 
has your precious egg. Dive down into the depths of the lake,like an
ocean diver and jet inside the Whales mouth as it opens,and get the
egg inside his stomach.

                       Spooky Swamp

find Shiny the Firelfy-Travel through the swamp,and make sure to light
the candles if you want any other eggs. After you finnaly get to the 
Firefly being attacked by a strange creature your in the right place.
Now all we have to do is teach that critter a lesson. After you flame
him the egg is yours.

Jump to the island-when you pass the treehouse with the crazy bee you
will enter a new area with a giant castle being the most notable thing.
Turn left and ignore the castle for now and fly to the small island in 
the middle of a piranhea infested lake.

Across the treetops-Go to the end portal and into the secret treehouse
entrance to the right. Now heres for the tricky part,carefully glide 
from tree to tree untill you get to the egg at the end.

Defeat Sleepy Head-First and foremost if you didn't light all the candles,
light them now. then go to the large door that just opened. Inside is a
crazy wizard who enjoys throwing bombs and aligators at you. Take the first
bomb he tosses and ram it right back at him before the timer hits zero.
After his life drains he will send three of his gators at you,take care 
of them quickly and prepare for the next bomb. Rinse and repeat.

Escort the twins I and II -At the end of the level glide into the Sheila
portal for a couple of minigames. Both times you have to help the Fireflies
get to the end by clearing their path of rocks and giant mushrooms.
Just stay a videogame meter ahead of them and clear the path along the way

easy as pie!

                          Bamboo Terrace

Clear the Panda's path-I love this level. Anyhow to get the egg you need
to save the pandas throughout the areas. This is really easy just like
the first egg on every level in the game. If you ask me they should of 
made the eggs harder to get. OH well.

Glide to the small island-Once you reach the second area in the level
right after the giant bolder I believe. Turn left and Glide over to the

Catch the Thief-After the pandas put down the emergency bridge a mysterious
thief appears with an egg. Time to chase him down. Here are some things
you should pertain to when chasing a thief.

1.Always hold down the charge button,this will speed you up considerably.
2.Cut every corner possible.
3.try your best not to ram into anything.
4.If you get close enough its easier just to flame him.

Glide to the hidden cave-Right in before the three panda's that made 
the ladder for you is some stairs for you to take.Once down you will
find yourself in a new area that is near a secret cave that holds your 
egg. So glide over and snatch the egg.

Smash to the mountain- Go inside the Yeti warp to the right of the 
very end warp. Now you need to climb that huge mountain. First head down
the path stright ahead and you will reach the first "trail" of the mountain.
Now keep going up to the top. Oh and when you see a giant boulder coming
at you Indiana Jones style..smash it with your club.

                       Frozen Altars

Melt the snowmen- This is a fairly cool level,just get to the end
and make sure to get all the snowmen along the way,anything else?
No :)

Cat Hockey-Once you find Money bags in the middle of the course 
pay him and go inside the hockey rink. Now for the hard part.
First freeze the other hockey player and get him over to your side
so he can't score. Then just peg the cats into the goal.

Glide from the temple roof-Freeze Ernest so you can get up to the 
stairs. Now climb all the way to the top and fly over to the house 
that Ernest is sitting next to. Then fly to the egg on the small
platform in the distance.

Across the rooftops-Make your way to one of the last areas in the 
level-the yeti warp area. Now go around the corner and climb up the
stairs to the second laser building. Now you need to jump across some
rooftops. After you pass the rooftops you will find the dragon egg
laying on an alcove in the wall.

Box the Yeti-In the same area you were just in take the Yeti warp.
Now for some Boxin'.The first part is easy just do these attacks over
and over-low punch-highpunch-block. After you beat the yeti once
its time for a rematch...

Box the Yeti again-Now this is challenging. Use the same method as 
before but this time you need to jump out of the way of his attacks.
So when you see a punch coming jump to the right and do the combo.

                     Charmed  Ridge

Egg in the cave-After you pass that annoying staircase that goes
up and down and up and down You will find yourself in a new area.
Glide into the cave and grab the egg.

Rescue the Fairy Princess-This is fairly easy...but I just hate 
this level,it gets very frusterating. So just get to the end and
save the princess.

Jack in the beanstalk 1 and 2-make your way to the second set of stairs
and climb up to the platform that they lead to. Then fly to the platform
with the catwitch and go in the portal inside. Now this is just like
the puzzle in Spyro 2. You need to use the seeds and get to the top
of the mountain. Its really easy.

Cat witch chaos- First head to the whirlwind pretty early in the level.
Now follow the many bridges to  the secret cave in the distance,step 
in the Sgt. Byrd portal and use his lauchers to defeat the pesky cat

Glide to the tower-From the witch cave,fly to the tunnel with the flame 
power up and and climb up the obvious ladder. Now for the hard part!
Step on the very edge of the cliff and glide to the pedestal in front
of the llama statue and then glide to the llama statue. Now get on the 
edge and fly over to the witch and flame her in mid air and take the
egg she was guarding.

                         Lost Fleet

Find Crazy Ed's Treasure- This level is bizarre. To get to the end you
will need to help Crazy Ed get their too. This would be easy on any 
other level in the game but this level is really hard because of the
large groups of baddies and melting acid. GOOD LUCK!!!

Swim through the acid- Well we need to swim in the acid right? but you
say Spyro's skin will melt into dust. Well to even think about touching
acid we need a super shield. You can find it in the back of the ship
at the end of the level. Then just swim through the tunnels to the end.

Skate Race 1 and 2-Once you save Hunter you will be able to get these
eggs. First go into the colorful warp at the end of the section with 
the swarms and I mean swarms of crabs. NOw just race while getting boost
power from tricks and crabs.

Sink the Subs 1 and 2-Get on the top of the ship which is where the 
end warp is and glide over to the opening in the mountain where a
small platform floats in boaling acid. Then just help the guy by
battling the many Subs.

                        Fireworks Factory

Destwoy the wocket-You just have to help Greta get to the end so she
can blow up the wocket. This level is so damn funny,I love it. Its probably
my favorite level of all time.

Ninja HQ-First enter the colorful warp near the end of the level. Now 
you have to use your "matrix" style reflexes to kick some Rhynoc ass.
Then keep traveling through the corridors till you get to the end.

Bad Dragon-Ok now go to the opposite side of the level from the warp
and fly to yet another warp on a ledge. Now use your fly power up to 
chase down the dragons as you blow their tails off. Use your racing
skills and some flame breath to do the job.

Hidden in an alcove-About middway through the level next to the large
bridge you will see some platforms floating in the lava-fly acrpss amd 
the egg.

                      Honey Speedway

I just love these speedway levels.

Time attack-these are way to easy. Pretty much just do what Sparx
says. Get the bees first then the hives followed by the honeycombs
and finally the boats.

Race the bumble bees-Some old fasion racing. Take the boosts whenever
you can and take some shortcuts as well. One thing I found really
useful is using the missiles against them which realy makes it easy.

Hunter's Narrow escape-find hunter first and use his boat to get 
away  from the UFO. The hard part is you can only get hit a certain
number of times or the UFO will catch you. Jump over the logs and
manuever around the rocks. After you catch up to Spyro the alien
will crash.

                       Midnight Mountain Home

Catch the thief-You will find the thief in the first area. Now for 
this guy you will need some strategy to catch him. One rule:Never
give up or slow down~because every lap you get closer and closer.
When you finally catch up to him I wouldn't risk flaming him,because
if you miss it could mean starting the whole chase over,and I know
you don't want that.

At The top of the waterfall-travel a little further down the pathway
and you will find your destination-the tower. Follow the trail and 
get to the top because the egg you need is resting inside. Once
you reach it swivel your view to the small ledge to the right. Now
glide over and grab the egg.

Stomp the Floor-Inside the big mountain (which is very noticiable)
you will notice several cracks in the small round floor. Use your
headbash on the cracks and explore the area below. theres some jewels
as well as the dragon egg.

Shhhhh it's a secret-First head to the haunted tomb entrance and 
go left from there and you will find another suspicious hole in the
wall this time you need to ram it in and get the egg on the platform
straight ahead.

Glide to the island-Right after you step out of your rocket turn left.
Now climb up the steps their and get the easy egg.

                         Crystal Islands

Glide to the island-Right after you watch the guy do the last magic
trick and you enter a new area walk over to your right and glide over
to the egg resting on a floating island

Reach the Crystal tower-Just get to the end of this strange level that
posses no challenge at all. :)

Ride the slide-To the left of the _very_ end go in the colorful warp
that lies in your way and slide down the slide. Now this part is a little
hard but if you have played Mario 64 then you will now exactly what to

Catch the flying thief-Once you reach the fly power up use its power
to catch that pesky thief. The thief takes the same route each time 
so it's really easy to follow him.

Whack a mole-Enter the Bently warp and get ready for a challenge. You 
need to use Bently and smack 20 moles in 1 minute. Good luck.

fly to the hidden egg-Use the fly powerup again to find this egg. It's
loaction is almost straight in front of you on top of the building in
the far distance. If you just explore a bit you will find it your self.

                        Desert Ruins

Sink or singe-Jump up onto the platform where Sheila's warp is,pass 
her warp and go into the cave on the other side. Now glide across the
sinking platforms watching carefully that you don't fall off and get 
the egg at the end.

Raid the tomb- Just get to the end and save the tombraider ripoff
oh and be very,very carefull this is probably the hardest level in
the game.

Krash Kangaroo 1 and 2-This time go into the Sheila warp that you passed
earlier in Sink or singe and you will journey back to old videogames.
This is actually a pretty cool sidescroller. Now for the strategy....
this is pretty much just a 2D version of Desert Ruins,so just use the
same strategies that you have been using.

Give me a hand-Take the route you took to get to the Sheila portal 
except this time fly over to the hand that looks like it came out of
the boiling acid and then fly over to the little alcove on the left
side,NOT your right.

                       Haunted Tomb

Climb the wall-pretty far into the level...this egg is up on a platform
and guarded by mean old giant.Take one of the white objects that he 
throws,pick it up and spit it in his face. Now take his guarded treasure.

Release the temple dweller-Make it to the end of the level and the 
guy will ask you the riddle again. I don't think you have to get it
right but I picked "egg".

Snakeslide-To the left of the end portal are some stairs for you to
explore. Climb on and ride the slide to the end Mario style. Its
pretty easy but just LONG. so take your time and don't break the 
controller if you fall off at the very end. :)

Tank Blast 1 and 2-ahh a neat challenge in it's own right. Well first you
will need to take the colorful warp at the end of the level.Then the
guy will ask you another riddle. Pretty easy,but if your not a mathematical
genius the answer is "twelve years" then just battle it out.

Clear the caves-Use the Agent 9 warp and battle the Rhynocs throughout
the cave.

                     Dino Mines

Jail break-This level can be very annoying with all these shootin'
dinos. You might die a couple times but you will make it and save
the Sheriff.

Shafted-Not to far into the level is a giant well that seems mighty
suspicious if you ask me. Since it seems so "suspicious" lets explore
it. Climb in and talk to the guy inside...Now for the hard part.
You need to manuever through the underwater tunnel while dodging giant
bolders and logs. It gets easy after a couple of tries and you will
easily get your egg.

Gunfight at Jurrasic Corral-Right after you exit the well turn left 
and glide over to the Agent 9 warp for a little minigame. Its a lot
like arcade games but I can't help you really because all it is is
skill,not strategy.

Swim through the wall-As Spyro when traveling through Dino Mines 
you will come to a underwater part in the level. As you swim through
keep your view on the left side and when you see a crack thats your
que to ram it.

Leap of Faith-This egg was really hard for me to find. Anyhow first
you need to get behind that big red barn that could be seen 50 miles
away. Once you get behind prepare for a adrenaline rush. Now jump out
into nothingness and turn quickly to your right and hover to the 
egg. Whew!

Take it to the Bank-Enter the Agent 9 warp again and go all the way to
the end. Now just look through the different houses untill you find the
egg. Probably mistaken as a chicken egg.

                      The Sorceress

You've finally made to the final boss,the kitten kabotal,the big cheese
the sorceress herself.

First the battle starts and you have nothing to defend yourself so 
just dodge everything you can. After a while Agent 9 will give you 
something to fight with,a turret. Use the turret a couple times and
you will recieve a new weapon....

This time its a hovering turret otherwise known as a tank. Use the
same strategy except this time the Sorceress has learned a new spell.
She shoots about 3 dozen blue fireballs and flings them all at you.
AHHHHH,well once you've brought her health to about half you get
a new weapon....

The UFO! YA! Now you can make the sorceress into dust in seconds. Oh 
and did I tell you it's got Unlimited ammunition. Superb. 

After you knock the Sorceress back to were she came from you can watch
the humorous ending. AHAHAHA!

                   THE SKILL POINT LIST

Sunny Villa: Flame all the trees.
Sunny Villa: Break the skateboarding record.
Molten Crater: Put the heads around each other.
Molten Crater: Supercharge the wall (thief area).
Seashell Shore: Hit the funky chicken (underwater).
Icy Peak: Glide onto the pedestal (thief area).
Spooky Swamp: Destroy all the piranha signs.
Sgt. Byrd's Base: Destroy all the gophers with the bombs.
Frozen Altars: Defeat the yeti in two boxing rounds.
Lost Fleet: Break the skateboarding race record.
Fireworks Factory: In the second room there is box above the ninjas. Shoot 
them all and look for the box. Shoot the box and also you will get a better 
gun. Note: This is in the Agent 9's warp room.
Charmed Ridge: Land on the impossible tower near the chess piece the sorcerer 
is lifting with his magic.
Charmed Ridge: Shoot out all the cat witch windows. Note: This is in Sgt. 
Byrd's warp room.
Bentley's Outpost: Push the crate off the cliff.
Desert Ruins: Destroy all the seaweed.
Haunted Tomb: Swim into the dark hole.
Dino Mines: Hit all the sea horses. Note: This is in the warp room in the big 
water object.
Dino Mines: Hit the secret Dino. Note: This is in Agent 9's warp room.
Agent 9's Lab: Blow up all the palm trees with the bombs. 


 Sony- Its their console so I have to give them credit.
 GameSages- I got the codes from them.

 CjayC- For making such a great site . It holds thousands of     
walkthroughs.if you can't find help here good luck finding some.

Insomniac-for such a cool series

Sean "SuperFlame" Sneath-Man he's awesome he gave me a full list 
of the skill points.  Oh and check out his Skill point FAQ once 
it gets posted.

 you can send a question or a contribution to my FAQ through 
 e-mail at and I will give you credit for 
 anything you add to my FAQ. :)

I will except:

-questions that are not answered in the FAQ

-contributions to my FAQ

-questions about my FAQ

-asking me to put my FAQ on your site

I will not except:

-questions that are answered in the FAQ

-asking If you can sell my FAQ. DUH!

-e-mails with typos every other word

-HATE mail ect. ect.


 If you want to send a contribution to the site or just wanna   talk e-mail me 


************************END OF DOCUMENT**************************


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