PS1 Walkthroughs: Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

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/__/ I N A L     /__/ A N T A S Y           /__/_______               

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INFO:This is my first REAL walkthrough and I intend on it being the best 
you can find. I would type this bigger, but it will probably double the 
total size of the walk-through. I will include the smallest things and I 
wont leave dead ends where people might get stuck like I've seen in so 
many other walkthroughs. I will be playing the entire game all the way 
through for this walkthrough. I am not going to just give the easiest 
way out, I will go in full detail what to get in each section of this 
masterpiece game. Well, without much further ado, here's the 


   DISC 1
    DISC 2

	The story of Final Fantasy 7 is a very well-thought out one with 
many twists and turns in the storyline. Basically, Final Fantasy 7 is a 
story of Cloud and how his struggle to bring Shinra down turned out to 
be a struggle to save the planet from a demise of epic proportions. 


	To begin Final Fantasy 7 we start off by opening the CD case and 
inserting CD 1 into the Playstation...don't worry, I'm just joking, Im 
not going THAT much into detail! Ok, watch the beginning video and when 
the train pulls up you, Barret, Wedge, Biggs, and Jessie jump off. The 
two guards that were thrown into the train both have potions so just 
"talk" to them (I use "talk" alot, like: talk to the treasure chest or 
talk to the innkeeper or talk to the safe, so that pretty much means 
press circle (or whatever may be your "selecting" button) and you will 
get them. Now, run to the end and take a left (while walking around, 
press select so a red arrow indicates where a door or entryway is, you 
will now have a pointer above your head as well). After going through 
the doorway, meet up with the rest of the gang and you will get to name 
yourself (I named Cloud Apollo). Then, after Barret scolds all of you, 
head right (you could just follow everybody), then go around to the top 
of the "screen" (I also use "screen" alot, by screen, I mean literally, 
the screen you are playng on (tv screen if you are still baffled), well, 
nonetheless, you will eventually get what I mean if you STILL don't 
understand) and go left. At this intersection, you can only go up, so go 
up. Then talk to Barret (I named Barret Jugger -short for Juggernaut)and 
he joins your party. Then, talk to Jessie and she'll open the gate, then 
have her open the other gate at the top of the room for you. When she 
does that, go to the right into another room and pick up the Phoenix 
Down in the chest. Go back out and have Jessie open the elevator door at 
the top. Take the elevator up and go out. Follow everybody down the 
stairs to the more complicated part. Run across the catwalk and Jessie 
will stay in her spot. Grab the potion in front of her. Go down and take 
all the ladders and stuff to the bottom. Then, save at the save point 
and pick up the Restore Materia before you and Barret set off the bomb. 
Set it off and run. You will fight Guard Scorpion (boss). Use Bolt on 
him and DO NOT ATTACK HIM WHEN HE RAISES HIS TAIL. You will receive 
about 75 damage to both you and Barret. When you beat him 
(kkkeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeee, recognize that sound?), equip the 
prize, Assault Gun, on Barret. You now have 10 minutes to retrace your 
steps back out. When you get to the part where you left Jessie, get her 
loose because she got stuck. If you don't you can't open the gates in 
which you came from. Just talk to her to get her loose. Be sure to save 
where you first saved. Go back up have Jessie open the gates. I would 
suggest getting a few levels by fighting around if you have the time for 
it. When you are ready, exit and watch Reactor No. 1 burn to the ground! 
Now, when Jessie blows out a hole in the place you were hiding, leave 
and follow Barret up the stairs. 
	When you come out, you are in Midgar and you meet Aeris for the 
first time. It really doesn't matter what you say when you see her, but 
if you want to be better to her than to Tifa, don't hint that anything 
happened to her and buy a flower from her. Go down and get the Potion 
near the middle of the screen. Go down again and keep running from the 
guards (unless you really want to fight them). You will jump onto the 
train, escaping the guards. Go to the front of the train and await 
arrival at the Train Graveyard. On the way, you will get a descriptive 
overwview of what Midgar is like, so PAY ATTENTION! Not that it really 
matters, it's just that the first time I played FF7, I had no clue what 
Midgar was supposed to be like. It all comes together, though. Head to 
Tifa's Bar (Seventh Heaven) from the Train Graveyard. When yo first go 
in, you can give the flower you might have bought from Aeris to Marlene 
or Tifa (It doesn't really matter who you give it to, it just depends on 
who you want to be good to, Aeris or Tifa; I named Tifa Angel). (At 
Tifa's bar, look on the top floor in the bottom-right corner of the 
screen, it says Texas, are we in America!?, something to think about. 
Something else, after everybody goes down, talk to Tifa at the bar and 
she'll give you a hard drink if you want one.).  Now, talk to Barret and 
everybody and when you go back up, Barret will give you 1500 gil. You 
can explain what materia is materia to Barret and you will get that 
Restore materia you picked up at the reactor (you don't have to explain 
it, but I'm not quite sure if you have to explain it to him to get 
Restore). After all the dialogue is completed, run outside and go to the 
beginners hall (big building South of Seventh Heaven). You can buy Iron 
Bangle/Assault Gun/and Grenade from the shop on the first floor. On the 
second floor, you can talk to people about Final Fantasy 7 (they'll give 
you help on certain topics) Be sure to pick up the All materiawhen you 
first come in, and get the Ether that is in the box that drops down from 
the roof. You can sleep in the bed on the third floor for 10 gil. 
There's really not much you can do in this place, except talk to people 
(you can get some REALLY weird conversations like the guards outside the 
town on the bottom right corner of the screen, or the people left after 
Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie scurry off (what did Tifa and Cloud do last 
night?), so just go out at the top exit of town (remember, you can buy 
some useful materia from the shop next to the bottom exit). When you 
come out, go to the right at the intersection and keep going to the 
train station. 	Get in the train and head off. You will encounter an 
ID Checkpoint in which you fail to pass and you get to run to the front 
of the train. When the timer begins, talk to the guy at the back of the 
train and he will give you a Phoenix Down. Then, get to the next car and 
run (talk to the guy at the front and he will give you a Hi-Potion (talk 
quickly). Keep running down the train (there's nothing else to get from 
people, so don't bother talking to people). At the end of the train, 
jump off and you will end up in the tunnel (Bolt is excellent down 
here). You have the option of going down or up. If you go down 4 
screens, you will see Shinra soldiers. You can either stay and fight 
them (excellent place to gain levels) or run off. You have the option of 
running off between battles. Ice and Fire are both good against the 
soldiers. From what I've played, there are probably an infinite supply 
of Shinra soldiers to fight. You can win Antidotes, and Grenades from 
them. I spent about an hour trying to find something about this (and 
using an All-Ice combo; I got to level 11 -almost 12 for Cloud; 16 
Antidotes and 1 Grenade), but it seems as though it's just an infitely 
long battle (my FF7 disc keeps messing up here...whine...whine...whine). 
If you go up you will end up at vent where you must go through to get 
out. When you go in the vent, grab the Ether and go down the ladder. You 
will be in a big clearing area where it looks confusing. Go up the first 
ladder to the left (or the second one by Wedge, it doesn' t matter) of 
the one you came down, through the vent and out where Jessie is 
standing. Grab the Potion by  the corner and go down the ladder on the 
left side of the screen. Go around to the Save Point, grabbing the Tent, 
use the Tent (if you need to) then save. Talk to Biggs and go up the 
ladder, through the vent. You will end up at the reactor. Go to the 
bottom door and blow Reactor 5 after another one of Cloud's memories. 
Then run out and go up the stairs to the top door of the reactor. (God! 
I hate my FF7 disc!!!). Push the button to open the gate and leave. I 
would suggest saving if you plan on dying against Airbuster (a  boss). 
You get the advantage with a double sided battle, but make sure both 
sides have a Lightning materia. Watch out for it's Counter Attacks, 
they're vicious. He has abut 1200 HP. 

	When you beat Airbuster, Cloud falls into Aeris' church. 
Immediately equip Airbusters prize, Titan Bangle. It doesn't really 
matter what you say when you talk to her (same story, who's good side do 
you want ot be on)You can talk to a man before he comes out if you go to 
the front of the church before the entrance while Aeris is checking her 
flowers. Talk to Aeris and you can name her (I named her Cetrianne). 
Then Reno will come and you get to run away. When Aeris yells for help, 
tell her to hold on and push the barrels on the rafters off in this 
order: left side-bottom, left side-top, then right side-top (don't push 
the right side-bottom one). But only push them when she yells for help. 
Ice is good in this place when you fight. Then, Aeris will come and you 
will run off together on top of the church. Keep running off to the left 
and you will end up at the path from Aeris' Church to the Sector 5 Slums 
to the Wall Market. Go to the Sector 5 Slums and poke around there a 
little (buy 3 more Titan Bangles while yer at it). Be sure to steal the 
little boy's 5 gil in his room in the house by Aeris' House (check the 
wall for the first Turtle's Paradise newsletter). Now, exit the Sector 5 
Slums at the top exit leading to Aeris' House. Before you save or go in, 
go in Aeris' garden and grab the Ether and Cover materia in the lower 
section. Now you can save and go in. Stay the night and before you exit 
your room, grab the Potion/Phoenix Down by the door. In order to exit 
without being caught, just WALK, don't run, walk the whole way to the 
bottom of the stairs. 
	Leave and head left on the road from the Sector 5 Slums. Sector 6 
is challenging so this is how you get through it: go up the wood pile, 
across the bar, around and down the pink board, under then around road,  
up the pole, and down the second wood pile. After the dialogue with 
Aeris in the park, leave and you will end up in the Wall Market. While 
there, you can do whatever, but you should go to the back of town and go 
to Corneo's Mansion and decide to get a dress for CLOUD (yes, Cloud). Go 
to the Boutique and get the story of hte lady's father who is at the 
bar. Go to the bar and have him make a dress (it doesn't matter what you 
want it to look like, one that feels clean is the Cotton Dress and one 
that feels soft is Silk Dress; the second choices have nothing to do 
with the resulting dress) then go back to the Boutique and get it. You 
will then need to get a wig so go to the Men's Hall (...) and race Big 
Bro' for a wig with squats (...). Then go back to the Boutique and you 
are now dressed as a girl. (...uhhh...what's with this town!) If you 
tell them "I'm not ready", you can go buy stuff from the guy who's 
closed if you couldn't have already. Now, head up to The Don's (heh heh) 
Mansion and go get Tifa who's in the basement (farthest door to the left 
up the stairs). When you can move freely, grab the Ether by the 
fireplace. Then go to Don's room and he will choose which person to take 
(it's random, Cloud can even get picked). When you get to the room with 
all the other guys, take the Phoenix Down from the bottom right corner 
of the room. Then talk to everybody, then go talk to Scotch at the top 
of the room and you will bust out after fighting them all off. After all 
that, run down to the basement where you will meet Kotch who's chasing 
Aeris/Tifa around. Then go in The Don's room where he is putting his 
moves on Tifa/Aeris. There, you will interrogate Don Corneo and after he 
tells you everything, grab the Hyper behind his bed (?) and walk over to 
Aeris and Tifa then he will ask you about how he feels about telling you 
about all that, you will choose from 3 answers (none of which are 
correct by his book) and you will be dropped to the sewers through a 
secret door.
	You will watch how the Shinra is going to go about dropping the 
plate above Sector 7 and then you will be in the sewers. (I think 
Heideggers saying something about mayors when he talks about Mayor 
Domino (mayor of Midgar); you will learn to like Reeve, although he's a 
real pain in the ass when your not used to him...) You will then fight 
Aps in the sewers (he hurts himself more than he hurts you!!! 
HAHAHA!!!), so be prepared. He has about 1300 HP. Bolt and Ice are good 
against him. When he dies, go up the stairs near the fence to get to the 
Potion that awaits you. Then climb the ladder , go around and go down 
the other ladder to the other set of stairs on the other side of the 
fence which leads you to Steal materia. Behind Steal is a vent that you 
take down to some more sewers. Run down the stairs and climb up the big 
green thing and go up the ladder.
	Now you are in hte (I swear to god, if I spell "the" like that 
again, I am going to kill myself) mega-pain-in-the-butt Train Graveyard. 
Be sure to save because this part is no fun. First, go inside the train 
closest to you and talk to the barrel outside the other entrance for a 
Hi-Potion, then climb hte (arrrrgghhhhhh....BBAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!, I died) 
ladder to the top of the first train closest to you for another  Hi-
Potion. Follow it down to a big peice of metal and go right on it and go 
down and grab the Potion. Go back to hte metal peice and go left and get 
the Echo Screen in the barrel on the tracks. Go down, under the metal 
peice and enter the train. Go out and climb the ladder to the top of 
another train. Go up and go down another ladder, then get in hte train, 
follow it to the back and grab the Potion outside it. Go up and out of 
hte first section. Go under the trains and left and back around the 
trains to get a Potion.  Go back up and left, around more trains to a 
barrel to get an Ether. Then go all the way right and get in the cockpit 
of the different colored train and move it, then move it back after it 
smashes the other train out of the way.Then go through the newly created 
path and go in the train cockpit of the different colored train and 
smash it into the peice of metal, then go up the ladder on the first 
train to the right of the just-moved train for a Hi-Potion.Then jump 
across to on top of the newly-moved train and run across the peice of 
metal and yer out of the Train Graveyard. Go to the left of the station 
and you will find out that a battle is occuring on the support structure 
holding the Sector 7 plate. You can buy stuff from the grey-haird man. 
Now, save and head to the top of the structure! When you get up there, 
Barret joins your party and you will fight Reno (unfortunately, you 
can't steal anything from him THIS time). Once you beat him, Tseng will 
fly up in a helicopter with the recently-kidnapped Aeris and the 
structure will blow. You will end up in the park again and after you 
leave to the Sector 6 path, keep going , and Barret and Tifa will come 
to you, then go back and grab Sense materia by the fence near the 
entrance. Now, go through Sector 6 and go to the Sector 5 Slums, then to 
Aeris' House to talk about Aeris' kidnapping and how Elmyra came to take 
care of her. When you can finally move around freely, go upstairs and go 
in the room where Barret and Marlene are, leave and, if you need it, go 
to the room next door to sleep. Then, leave Aeris' House and you will 
begin to head to the Shinra Building. You will need to go back to the 
Wall Market, so, get on over there. When you get there, go to the Gun 
Shop and talk to the guy who isn't selling weapons and buy the Batteries 
from him. Then, go up past the Gun Shop and follow the kids that you 
encounter. Go up the wire and you are now in a hard part. Climb as far 
as the wire goes then go around, under the wire to the yellow box. Go up 
to it and put a Battery in to activate the propeller which soon dies 
back down. Then go up on the pole where the yellow box is and climb to 
the rails. Go up it and put the Battery in the yellow box, moving a bar 
up, so you can now access the swinging bar part. Climb the rod to where 
Cloud talks and when he finishes, jump on to the pole. When the pole 
sqeaks is when you are supposed to jump on to it. Jump off at the other 
end and climb up. Keep climbing up and go right to where you can climb 
down on a pole. Go down and put a Battery in the yellow box for an 
Ether. Climb down the left-hand pole and do the swinging bar section 
again. Go back to where you climbed down the first time, but go up and 
get on to the bar and go up to the Shinra Building. 
	The Shinra Building can be a real pain in the ass for some people, 
but if you pay attention here, you should be outta here in no time flat. 
Unless you want to climb about 69,000,000,000,000,000,000 stairs (not 
literally, but there A LOT!), you would probably want to "bust on in!". 
At the entrance, I would suggest saving. You will have to fight some 
Shinra soldiers, but its no problem. Go to the back of the first floor 
and check the board on the left side for a Turtles Paradise Newsletter. 
Keep in mind that there is a Save Point outside, don't hesitate to run 
down and use it when needed. Now, go up the stairs (not elevator) and in 
the room at the top-right corner and you can buy items from the lady at 
the desk. Unfortunately, you can't open the treasure boxes until you 
stop by here again. Talk to the man watching the TV and him and the girl 
will run, now you can watch the TV (pretty interesting TV program). Now 
leave and hit the elevators (don't bother going up the next set of 
stairs). An alarm will sound while going and you will have to stop the 
elevator, fighting people until you reach the 59th story. When there, 
get in the elevator that the guards were guarding using the Keycard 60 
that you just found. Go to Floor 60. Now, go to the top-left room and 
you are at the fun part. ONLY MOVE WHEN THE SOLDIERS ARE MOVING. Just 
hide behind the yellow statues once the soldiers move, do the same for 
the others, using the O button. Then repeat the process again to the 
other side (this side is harder because the soldiers run). Go up the 
stairs on the other side and you are on the 61st Floor. Don't worry 
about enemies up here, you don't fight any. Everybody tries to hint to 
you that you have to have a Keycard to access floor above 60, so unless 
you got the Keycard 61 from the man in Wall Market like I told you MANY 
MANY MANY times to do earlier in the walkthrough, your screwed...just 
joking, talk to the guy closest to the elevator and he will ask you who 
you are and what you want, answer him with a "...." (if you ask him 
about Aeris, you will learn about a coincidence with "her") and he will 
give you Keycard 62 under the impression that you are a repairman fixing 
the doors. Now that you have it, go up to the 62nd Floor and go in the 
room where Mayor Domino is walking around. He will let you try to guess 
a password for the Keycard 65. You can go all out and guess the password 
(it's randomized, so I can't tell you what it is) or go to each of the 4 
libraries in this floor and collect clues (you can ask the public 
servant in front of Mayor Dominos door for clues (500 gil for the first 
one (check around in the library for clues), 1000 gil for the second 
one(materials from each library might be mixed around), and 2000 gil for 
the third and final one(match numbers before files with letters on 
files). If you get it on the first try, you get somethig like Elemental 
Materia or a weapon, the second try you get an Elixer, and I don't think 
you get anything on the third try. Now you have Keycard 65! Now, go up 
to Floor 63 for another fun thing. I doubt the possibility of you being 
able to get the item in the middle room (All Materia), so just get the 
end two (Four Slots, Star Pendant). Then leave and go up to the 64th 
Floor and poke around there for awhile. You can use a couple of the 
machines in the fitness room, beat the soda machine up, and rest and 
save here as well. In the locker room at the top of the screen, check 
the lockers for items (Phoenix Down, Ether). Once you are completed with 
this floor (be sure to sleep and save in the "nap room") run on up to 
the 65th floor. You can get in fights in this floor so watch out (Bolt 
is pretty useful in this area). This is a tricky section, go to the top 
room to the left and open the bottom treasure chest. Go to the middle 
room and place the Midgar parts in places where it looks broken (if you 
imagine the Midgar model being a clock, where 8 o'clock would be, you 
can't put anything). Now, go to the bottom left room and open the top 
treasure chest, place it in Midgar and go back to the same room, taking 
the bottom chest item and placing it in Midgar. Now, go around the model 
room and pick up the Midgar Pieces in the plant room and put them in 
Midgar. Finally, go to the top-left room and grab the top chest's item 
and put it on Midgar. Now, go to the stairs and get the treasure chest 
there for the Keycard 66. Go upstairs and go to the top-right room (yes, 
the bathroom!) Go in the stall (yes, the stall!) and flush the toilet a 
bunch of times (yes,, you don't need to, just do it for fun, 
waste those bastard Shinra's money (I'm sure if you flushed the toilet 
enough times, you might run their water bill up to 
1,000,000,000,000,000,000 gil!!!)) Now, climb up the toilet (yes, cli-
OK, enough of that) climb the toilet and go to the other vent opening 
(when Palmer rolls around and says "Oh man", I could swear he split 
himself in half jumping up and down!). When you are finished, go back 
down and follow Hojo out. Then go up and do the whole thing with Hojo 
and look at Jenova (doesn't look an aweful lot like the Jenova I know; 
be sure to steal a Hardedge sword from guys with big swords). Then go up 
and grab the Poison Materia in the box and save. Then head up in the 
elevator and talk to Hojo. He will get eaten by Red XIII and he will 
join your team (I named him Skyfire).You will then fight a boss, don't 
worry about the little orange guys. Be sure to equip the Talisman. Then 
after you pick your group and equip all your stuff, grab the Enemy Skill 
Materia in the glass case where Red XIII and Aeris were. Then, go up to 
where the guy went to activate the cage thing and get the Keycard 68 
from him. Then get the 2 Potions from above the door and the 2 Potions 
from past the door and go down the stairs to the 66th Floor elevator, 
where everybody's waiting for you. Now, the Turks will catch you and 
bring you to President Shinra. You will be thrown in jail and then talk 
to everybody. When you sleep, you wake up and everybody's dead. Talk to 
Tifa and bust everybody out. Then, run to where you acquired Red XIII 
and go in the elevator you came down here in after babbling at him. Then 
go out to the stairs to the right and go up to the 69th Floor 
(wooohoo!). Just pretty much follow the blood (one of the few instances 
in this game where there's blood). Then get to the 70th Floor and you 
will see that Pres' Shinra is dead, killed by Sephiroth. Run out to 
Rufus after he lands his snazzy helicopter and talk to him, you will 
split up. Tifa and Cloud don't really need materia, so take their 
materia away. Then prepare for a boss battle in the elevator at the 69th 
Floor. It would be a good idea to let Red XIII and Aeris have Lightning 
Materia, because only long range attack weapons can reach him. He has 
1600 HP and is weak against Lightning. Use Grenades on him if you 
happened to stock up on them (this battle is good to waste items that 
you wouldn't use otherwise). The second part of the boss has 1000 HP and 
is weak against Lightning and Wind. Keep pumping him with Grenades and 
you'll do jis' fine (ooooohhhhhhh how I love you Healing Wind!). Ohh, 
Mythril Armlet....oh oh oh, give it to Cloud!!! GIVE IT TO CLOUD!!! 
hehehe. Anyways, give the Mythril Armlet to Cloud and use the materia 
exchange feature in the materia menu to trade off materia. Then, get 
ready to do battle with Rufus (heheh, his attacks look funny, 
hehehhahah). He has 500 HP, not much, and his dog (where in the hell did 
that thing come from?) has about 250, I never checked. HA! Do you like 
Climhazzard!?!!?! Huh!, huh!, HUH you dirty son of a bitch!!! 
oooooohooo, get ready to get hot and sweaty........uhh....FIRE!!! How do 
you like that!!! What!!! You wuss! Huh, oh, sorry about that, just a 
little in-game action. After he dies, run back inside and meet Tifa on 
Floor 69 (heheh). Be sure to save it though. You will control Aeris and 
Company now. Run to the exit and talk until ol' Cloud shows up on his 
hog (what the hell kind of truck is that!!! What's up with the door!) 
Now, we're gonna have some fun. This is an insanely fun part of the 
game, but you will fight a boss soon, so equip All->Lightnings and make 
sure, you have all the stuff you want equipped. I don't think I need to 
walk you through this part. Now fight this boss, the damages to the 
truck paid off here, plus he runs you over. Grenades once again are 
useful. He has 2600 HP and is weak against Lightning. Oooh, very 
weak....let's not get into that again.Ohhhh, Star Pe-...oh, sorry. After 
you beat it, you will be ready to venture out of Midgar. 

	Do as Barret told you and head NE to Kalm. It shouldn't be that 
hard to find, just look at the map ([select]). While you're at Kalm, be 
sure to snoop around in houses, steal items whenver possible. On the 
bottom floor of the house right of the Inn is an Ether in the little 
door, a mysterious treasure chest in the second house (I have never been 
able to open that, it may be something to look into) and an Ether in the 
wardrobe, a Guard Source upstairs (first staircase) in the third house, 
Peacemaker (you'll find a use for this one later) in the treasure chest 
up the second staircase, and an Ether in the bottom floor of the house 
on the other side of town. Now head over to the Item/Materia/Weapons 
shops and buy!buy!buy! If you run out of money, sell the Peacmaker for a 
ragin' 1750 gil, or Ethers, they run expensive these days! When you go 
to the Inn, go to the wardrobe behind the staircase and grab the 
Megalizer (yes, already!). He will say he can't reach it, but press 
abunch of buttons and he will reach up an knock it down. Talk to 
everybody and you will learn about Cloud and Sephiroth's past (...) 
together. I won't explain it because it's boring enough, but I love 
those videos. Man, Sephiroth's weapon's stats are awesome 255 Attack %, 
whew. Ultima Weapon has better Attack, though...(oh, 
you-you'll get it s-sometime in the g-g-game........oooohhhhhh 
kaaaayyyyy...). Ooooohhhhboy, I absolutely love the Sephiroth-fire 
video. Oh man, all these videos...ooohhhhhhh to good for me. Remember 
that scene where the screen keeps going back and forth between Cloud and 
Sephiroth, you'll see another one sometime. Ok, now that that's 
finished, equip everybody's stuff (use PHS) and sell their old used 
stuff. I would recommend having 5 Tents right about now. It's not a 
neccesity, but its good, also have all your guys on Fury (use a Hyper). 
It pisses them off, so their limit gauge fills faster, but you will miss 
on physical attacks more often (but its not a noticeable amount). Now, 
go off to the East until you reach a farm (Chocobo Farm). It probably 
wouldn't be all that bad of an idea to save before you go in (you can 
save w/out a Save Point on the world map). Steal Ethers from the 
Ostrich-looking birds. When you get to the Chocobo Farm, talk to the 
Chocobo who's standing by the fence: tell it "wark" not "warrrk", they 
will do a gay little dance and you will get your first Summon Materia, 
Choco/Mog. Now, go in the Chocobo Farm and head over to the house and 
talk to Choco Bill (tell him you are crossing the marshes), he will tell 
you to go to the stables (behind the Chocobo area), go there (if you 
want to sleep, go to the bedroom in the house and you can rest there; 
did you know that while you are sleeping there, Choco Bill is watching 
ou sleep! Kinda freeeaky!). Talk to Choco Billy and tell him you want a 
Chocobo. You can learn on how to catch Chocobos if you ask him (do it if 
you don't know how). When finished, buy the Chocobo Lure Materia from 
him (2000 gil). Then buy some greens (the more expensive the better). 
Now go outside and catch a chocobo (if you didn't pay any attention to 
what he said, your screwed, 'cause I ain't tellin' ya...just joking, 
equip the Chocobo Lure you bought, go outside and run around in the 
chocobo tracks, feed it greens (the more expensive, the longer they 
last) and kill all the enemies (except, obviously the chocobo; 
unfortunately if you do attack it, it can't die even though it has 150 
or so HP)). Take the chocobo across the marshes (don't get caught by the 
Midgar Zolom (3500 HP and about 800 damage per attack!)) and into the 
Mythril Mines. Go right when you come into the cave and go up. Grab the 
Ether and Tent up there. Then climb the vine up near the exit of this 
same screen and get the Long Range Materia (put it on somebody to be 
able to attack from the back row w/out penalties). Go back out and go 
left (be sure to get the Flame Thrower Enemy Skill from the Ark Dragon 
(flying guys, usually with 3 snakes) by having him cast it on the person 
with Enemy Skill Materia). Go left and down, then right at the three 
openings for a Mind Source. Then go right, past the three openings to 
exit this screen. You will have a meet-up with Rude (from the Turks) and 
you will learn a little bit about the Turks. After all that, don't follw 
them, go up into a room that has an Elixer and a Hi-Potion. Go back out 
and follow the Turks out. You are now on your way to Junon.


	To get to Junon, just follow the mountains to the West coast. When 
in Junon, just mosey around for awhile. When you've completed moseying, 
go to the fish skelton hanging by the house and get ready for a boss 
fight. When finished getting ready, go down the stairs nearby to the 
water. He has 2500 HP, and is weak to Wind (hint hint...Choco/Mog). When 
he does the barrier thing on one of your guys, use a Bolt spell (on it, 
not the person it closed) to break it. Flame Thrower is useful on it as 
well. After you kill it, you will have to do CPR on Pricilla. Just keep 
doing it for awhile and you will get it. Go down to the house nearest to 
the entrance to Junon and go in the house where the lady is standing. 
You can rest if you want, after that go up to the house where the bunch 
of stairs is leading up to. She will give you Shiva summoning materia 
(she calls it an amulet). Follow the girl out to the water and you get 
to jump on Mr. Dolphin so he can take you up to Upper Junon (don't get 
it the first few times, its funny to watch Cloud fall). When you get to 
Upper Junon, you get to see the airship for the first time. Go out and 
get dressed in the Shinra Uniform. Now, you get to do the funny part. 
Just follow the Commanders instructions and if you do great (35+ 
points), you get a, uh, i don't know, good luck if you try to get it, I 
can't, if you do so-so (31-34 points), you get 6 Potions, if you do bad 
(30-0 points), you get a Grenade. (finally, I think my FF7 disc is 
working right now). After doing the parade, you will meet Rufus, 
Heidegger and the rest of the Soldiers at the train thing. You will go 
to the locker room and the Commander will tell you how to do the 
performance thing. After that, go to the docks (just keep follow the 
buildings, buy stuff if you feel the need to). When you get to the 
docks, you get to do the presentation for Rufus and Heidegger. If you do 
great (100+), you get a Force Stealer, if you do so-so (50-90), you get 
an HP Plus, and I'm not quite sure what you get if you do terrible, I 
think you get a Grenade. You will then get on the boat after everybody 
leaves, and you will then meet up with your party (all, even Red, are 
wearing Shinra uniforms). When you are on the ship, be sire to grab the 
Ether and All Materia near the entrance. Talk to everybody on the ship 
and you will find out who's who. Talk to Aeris twice and she will ask 
about Barret. Go up on the deck and go past where Red XIII is and talk 
to Barret. You will hear of a suspicious character onboard 
(hmmm...suspicious...), go to the main part of the deck and talk to 
everybody. Select your party (wisely), and equip for a boss battle. You 
can talk to the other people who aren't in your party to select a new 
party if you want to. Now, go downstairs to find dead people, and go in 
the engine room (the door that that one soldier was guarding; you can 
fight down there, so be careful). You can steal Shinra Betas from the 
Shinra guards down here. When you first go in, go up the ladder and get 
the Wind Slash (a weapon for a character you don't quite have) next to 
the dead body. Then go back down and talk to the Shinra Commander who 
dies. Sephiroth will appear and you will soon fight Jenova Birth after a 
breif conversation. She has 4000 HP. Grenades, Shiva, Climbhazzard, and 
Fire are all good against her (that BITCH killed Cloud right before the 
end of the battle!!! arggghhhh!). After all the dialogue, grab the Ifrit 
Summoning Materia laying where Jenova was. Leave and you will be in 
Costa Del Sol.


	After you leave the docks, Heidegger and Rufus will come out and 
Rufus will get in a helicopter and leave. When you can move around in 
Costa Del Sol, go to the Villa across the bridge, and go downstairs to 
the basement. Take the Fire Ring, Motor Drive (Tifa's Weapon), and Power 
Source and equip/use them. If you hapen to have 300,000 Gil on you, you 
can buy this villa from the man sleeping on the first floor, not really 
worth it though. Poke around the town for a bit (don't forget to buy 
armor from the guy in the bar). When you're finished, go to the beach 
(if you slept at the inn, Hojo won't be there, if you didn't, Hojo will 
be there). Either way you will find out where to go: Mt. Corel. Leave 
and head over there. Whaddya mean you don't know where it is...oh, ok, 
go up to the mountains near Costa Del Sol and follow the dirt path 
between the mountains to a cave. Follow it out to a reactor. Follow the 
walkway to the main reactor part and go down. Follow the train tracks 
(don't bother going down the stairs), just follow the roller coaster 
tracks, grabbing items and stuff 'til the end. When you get to the last 
hump in the tracks, go up and follow the tracks until it curves around. 
Once you hear chirping, climb the wall, and you will see a bunch of 
chocobo chicks. Tell them you will take the treasure and you will fight 
a bird guy (the same bird guy you fight on the tracks). When it's dead, 
you will get 10 Phoenix Downs. Then go back and go in the shed. Hit the 
switch and go all the way back to where you decided up or down on the 
humps in the tracks, and go down instead of up (Cloud moves awfully fast 
on the tracks doesn't he?). Then follow the tracks to the end of the 
screen. Just keep going on the rope bridge to the end where North Corel 
is. After Barret gets yelled at for ruining this town, talk to him and 
he'll tell you the story. Then, just mess around in the city for a bit. 
When you are finished, go to the left side of town and get ready to go 
to the Gold Saucer!

VII. BLOW YOUR MONEY AT GOLD SAUCER! (for Gold Saucer tips and tricks, 
go to

	Take the ropeway station to the Gold Saucer and buy a Ticket to 
get in (3000 gil, make sure you have it). When you get in, pick your 
groupmate and go to the Wonder Square (follow Barret). You will meet 
Cait Sith for the first time here (I named him Win-Lose). Man, I didn't 
get a very good batch of chicken tenders from Burger King! When you 
finish doing things in the Gold Saucer, go to Battle Square (if you 
haven't already!).  You will be caught by Gold Saucer Security and Dio 
(Gold Saucer Manager) and be sent to the Corel Prison where you will 
meet Barret. After talking to him, he will run off, follow him to the 
house in the bottom-right corner of the prison (upper house). After 
hearing Barret's story about North Corel, go up as far as you can go ang 
go right at the fork. You should be blocked by a fault, go right. Then 
go up again, and you will be at another fault, and go right once again. 
You will be at a dump area, follow it up and you will meet Dyne. Equip 
Barret with all the good stuff because you will fight Dyne. Dyne has 
1200 HP and attacks at a higher rate then normal enemies, so make sure 
Restore is used (Big Shot has never found a better place in the game 
than here!). When you finish fighting, he will give you a pendant. Then 
you will be in the truck where Mr. Coates is. He will then allow you to 
enter the Chocobo Races after you show him the pendant. Then, with the 
aid of a manager, you get to race Chocobos. While in the setup room, be 
sure to grab Ramuh Summoning Materia in one of the jockeys lockers. 
Then, you will get to race. I would suggest putting it into manual and 
using a lot of turbo. You can replenish stamina by holding 
R1+R2+L1+L2+up. You can use it while turboing and it will slow down the 
rate of stamina usage by about 50%. After all that, Dio gives you a 
buggy and you get to go to Gongaga (over a stream to the South, and down 
to a reactor in a forest.


	If you want to, you can go to part IX (Cosmo Canyon) before this 
part. You can get better weapons and stuff there, but the enemies are a 
bit harder there too. Once you go in, you have to complete the section 
before you can leave. When you get in to Gongaga, you will see Reno and 
Rude talking about Aeris and Tifa. Then you will fight them. Reno has 
2000 HP and Rude has 2000 HP as well. After you win, you will get Fairy 
Tale. Then, go up to the dead reactor. You can steal Phoenix Downs from 
the Big guys in the reactor screen if you need any. When you get to the 
reactor, Scarlet and Tseng will show up and you will learn about Huge 
Materia (ha! weapon!). After they leave, check where Scarlet checked and 
you will get Titan Summoning Matiera. After all that, go back to where 
you fought Reno and Rude and go left to the next screen and get the 
Deathblow Materia then go into town. Shop and stuff (be sure to buy Time 
Materia from the accessories lady and get the treasure chests scattered 
across town) then go to the house nearest the exit (Zack's house, you 
probably don't know him yet). You will learn a little bit about Zack and 
Aeris will leave the house. Follow her out and you will learn about her 
and Zack's relationship. Now, there's realy no point in hanging out 
here, so head off to Cosmo Canyon for Section IX. Be sure that you don't 
drive past Cosmo Canyon or your buggy will break (it'll get fixed 
though). While your out and around, go into a forest between Gongaga and 
Cosmo Canyon and you will fight a ninja girl. Beat here and after he 
battle, she will be laying there. She will jump up and ask you to fight, 
decline, she will ask if your scared, tell her your petrified, she will 
say she's leaving, tell her to wait, then she will offer to give her a 
name, tell her there's no time to. Whatever you do, don't go and save at 
the save point, she will steal money from you. I was joking around when 
I named Yuffie and somehow she managed to end up with the name "you 
bitch". I didn't remember that I didn't want to save when she has that 
name, but I guess I'm screwed now!


	Once you get in Cosmo Canyon, you will be greeted by a man who 
knows Red XIII (Nanaki). Then, when you can finally go in, go up to 
Bugenhagens place up high on the left side of town. He will ask you to 
pick 2 more party members, go talk to one (you will be able to select 
from all your party members when you talk to one person) and come back. 
Bugenhagen will take you up in his machine and show ou about Earth and 
all that astronomy stuff. After all that, you are ready to roam the 
place. Go up to the Cosmo Candle (flame in the center of town) and talk 
to everybody. After talking to everybody then Red XIII, go up to the 
locked door by the ladder leading to Bugenhagens house. Then you will go 
through it and down to the Cave of the GI. You will have to go in the 
little cave things and break open the rocks to open a door at the end. 
Break open the one closest to it to do it. Once you open the door, go 
through it. You will be in a maze-like area, I will leave finding the 
items up to you  because it's not that hard. Just watch out on the part 
where the ground looks greased, if you run on it, you will go sliding 
into some spikes, doing mega-damage to your characters. After collecting 
all that you want or can, go to the top and exit. The next section is a 
real pain because you have no option but to fight the spiders (2200 
HP)that guard the road with their webs. At the spot where there are 5 
holes to go into, take the one to the right of the middle one and get 
the X-Potion at the end. Whatever you do, do not use it! You will find a 
use for it later, believe me! Then go back around and go in the one left 
of the middle one and follow that to the back (Man, for being that hard, 
the spiders sure don't give a lot!). After you pass first web on the 
left, go left and down, but press right as you walk along the wall, you 
will get that treasure chest which contains a Fairy Ring (useful in 
here). Then go past the other web and before the eixt, run left along 
the wall to get the Turbo Ether that awaits in the treasure chest. Then 
leave this screen. Now, don't bother with this boss, he's easy as cake 
as long as you didn't use the X-Potion. Just use it on him if you didn't 
already and BOOM! he's dead! Funny huh! It just does 5500 damage and 
it's over! After it dies, equip the Wizer Staff on Aeris (if she's in 
your group) and grab the Gravity Materia lying on the floor and follow 
everybody past the screen. (OK, my Playstation disc is going to lead me 
to suicide if it doesn't start cooperating with me soon, it keeps 
stopping, not locking-up, and I have to take the disc out and clean it 
or just open and close the disc cover and it will start up, but now it 
won't!ARGH!). After you learn about Seto, you will be back at the Cosmo 
Candle. After you leave, contrary to what Cloud thinks, Red will join 
the group. Put him in your party or the next time he's your party, equip 
the Saraph Comb on him (an extremely good weapon). Your buggy's fixed if 
it broke down also. Now you get to head off to Nibelheim, Cloud's home 


	Once you get into Nibelheim, go around and you will see black 
cloaked guys. Some of them will give you very useful items when you talk 
to them. Make sure you talk to all of them. Also, be sure to go to 
Tifa's room in her house and read the letter that's there, it will 
explain a lot. After you have roamed the city, go to the Shinra Mansion 
at the top of town. Beware in here, you can fight people. Be ESPECIALLY 
aware of the floating pumpkin guys, they are ruthless! I would suggest 
running away if you can't handle it! Use Demi on the guy hanging from 
the blade. Also remeber to get the ???? Enemy Skill from the guys with 
weights. In here is the safe where Odin, the Basement Key, and Cosmo 
Memory is located. It's in the top room on the second story at the left. 
Use the combination Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, and Right 97 to open 
it. But beware, there is a hard boss guarding it. So make sure your 
ready if you do it. He has 7000 HP and there are 2 stages of him, hard 
and harder. Watch out for Lost Punch, it can do 1000-2500 damage! 
Choco/Mog and Cross-Slash is good on him. Haste yourself and try to stop 
him with Seal Evil also. Man, talk about a hard battle! That bastard son 
of a bitch killed Aeris 3 turns before he died! Argh. Oh, well, when he 
dies, grab Odin (all hail Odin!) and get the Basement Key still inside 
the safe. Cosmo Memory is Red XIII's L4 Limit Item (if you don't 
understand limit items, here a breif explanation: when you get a L4 
limit item (say Cosmo Memory for example), you can use that to get the 
characters Level 4 Limit Break. Of course, it's not that easy, you have 
to have all the limits up to level 4 before you can use it (all level 1, 
2, and 3 limits are needed). Then, you can use it on the character and 
WHAM! that character has that limit (don't forget to set it)). (WOW! M-
Tentacles does A LOT!). Well, back to the game, go right before the 
stairs into a room that contains Silver M-Phone (Cait Sith's weapon). Go 
in the door under the stairs, you will end up at a 3 way intersection, 
go right and up to the other room for Twin Viper (Yuffie's weapon). Go 
upstairs then left (that Ghirofelgo fella is funny!) and in the plant 
room for Enemy Launcher, Barrets weapon. Go upstairs and right, then up 
for a Magic Source. Go down where you went up for the magic source and 
in the basement stairwell. Follow it down into the basement hallway. 
(you hear the music playing? I can play it on the guitar!). Follow it 
down. If you got the Basement Key, go to the second screen and go 
directly up to a room that's right out of the line of vision. (Watch out 
for Ying and Yang, they are pains!) Talk to the coffin in the middle and 
Vincent will come out. When you have the option of talking, talk about 
Sephiroth, (aha! my Excessive Speed demo download is complete! 18.6 
friggin megs!) and he will go back in his coffin. Talk to him again and 
ask him who he is. You will get to name him (not a vulgar name this 
time, I named him Raziel after Raziel from Legacy of Kain). He will 
again close the coffin. This time leave and run off, he will come to you 
and join your group. (Sorry Vincent, Aeris and Red XIII are more 
important right now). Then after all that (if you did it), go to the 
right end and in the basement door. Go to the back and you will meet 
Sephiroth. He will tell you about the Reunion and to go to Mt. Nibel to 
find out more. he will then throw Destruct materia at you. Now leave and 
go outside of the Shinra Mansion. Once you are outside it, follow the 
right side of it all the way back to the area between Nibelheim and a 
cave. Go in the cave and you will be at Mt. Nibel. You must cross this 
whole area (recognize it?). Keep going and climb the first mountain to 
the right to get Rune Blade. Then climb the other mountain for a Plus 
Barrette. Then leave to the next screen to the bridge (recognixe it?). 
After you pass the bridge, you will end up at some tubes. The one left 
to the middle takes you down to the treasure box, which has All Materia 
in it. The one right to the middle, leads you to Powersoul (a great 
weapon for Tifa). While you are down here, watch out for Dragons, they 
have 3500 HP. If you fight it, steal Gold Armlets from it. Don't use 
Fire on them, it heals 'em. Next to the big spider (Materia Keeper), is 
a cave opening. Go in it (it's not insanely necessary, only if you want 
to go down all the pipes) and jump down to the other hole. Go in and go 
all the way to the back of the cave (don't leave) and get into the hole 
near the top. Follow it around to the Elixer in the chest then you can 
leave. You will be at that materia area and Elemental Materia will be 
laying on the ground. Leave and you will be at another cave. Go right 
and take the next left to get a Sniper CR gun for Vincent. Then go back 
right and down to start over from an area just like the beginning of 
this area, it will take you to a reactor. There's really no point in 
going in the reactor. Go behind the reactor and into a little door which 
will take you back to the tubes. Just climb the stairs to get up there 
(I would reccomend folding the stairs near the bottom down so you can 
climb up if you need to). Now would probably be a good idea to save 
because you are going to fight that big spider guy. Be prepared, he has 
8400 HP (!) and absorbs Fire. Be sure to utilize Haste and Big Guard. 
Odin and Titan are both good against him as well. Make sure you have 
Enemy Skill because you can learn Trine from it. You will get Jem Ring 
and acquire the oh-so-wonderful Counter Attack Materia. Now leave to the 
path where the Materia Keeper was guarding and you will be back on the 
world map. Now, you get to go to Rocket Town! Just go around the 
mountains and head NW.


	When you first get in here, you will notice the thing that gave 
this town its name...a rocket. First, run up to the man who is standing 
in front of a building and talk to him twice and when he asks if you 
will look at the rocket with him, do it and he'll give you Yoshiyuki, a 
great weapon for Cloud, its limitations are obvious though. Now just run 
around here and buy things. There are treasure chests in here, so look 
around for them. After you have messed around, go to Cid's house and in 
the backyard. You will see the Tiny Bronco in the backyard and Shera 
will pop out of the house. She will tell you to visit Cid in the rocket, 
so go up there. Talk to him (I named him Tomas) and he will tell you 
about his past. When he finishes, go back down and talk to Shera. Cid 
will come in and swear at Shera a lot and she will tell you how Shinra 
No.26 failed. Cid will come back in and swear at her some more. Palmer 
and the rest of the gang will come and Cid will go outside to talk to 
Rufus. (I just love the way he talks to Palmer! hahah!). Go outside and 
you will find out why Rufus and Palmer are here. Shera will tell you to 
go in the backyard and you will fight Palmer. He's not much of a 
challenge, but it's a good idea to get ready for him. He has 6000 HP. 
(Palmer getting ran over is the funniest thing!). You will get Edincoat 
and will get on the Tiny Bronco. It will get shot and you will land in 
the ocean after grabbing Cid. Now, you have to go back to the Gold 
Saucer area. A little bit SE of the Gold Saucer is a small house. Go 
there and talk to the blacksmith who lives there. After you getting all 
the info you want, sleep in his bed (9 people in 1 bed!?) and get over 
to Gold Saucer (through North Corel, the trashed city NW of G.S.).Once 
you are in Gold Saucer, go to Battle Square. (Doing the actual game is 
fun, try it, it's not easy though). When you are ready, go up the stairs 
near the right registration desk. Go up to the center display and talk 
to it, you will see the Keystone. You will have to do the battle square 
for him (you get the Keystone regardless of wether or not you win; I 
almost beat it, so I can't tell what you get when you beat it for him). 
When you try to leave, you will find that the tram is out of order and 
you have to stay here for a while. You will be at the creepy hotel and 
you will tell your story to everybody. Then, you will have to go with 
Tifa/Aeris/Yuffie to the Event Square. It really doesn't matter what you 
say, but I think you might be able to figure out how to really do the 
play. Then, you two will go on the Round Square tram ride. (The videos 
are cool). You will then have to chase that Cait Sith fellow around. He 
has the Keystone. He will give it to Tseng who you will later meet at 
the Temple of the Ancients. Cait Sith is R-...whoa! I guess I shouldn't 
blow it for you! You won't understand the thing he plays for you unless 
this is your second time through the game and understand what he's 
playing. You will end up in your room where you can take an Elixer from 
the wardrobe. Now you can leave to the Temple of the Ancients, which is 
a bit South of Midgar in a forest. You'll have to use Tiny Bronco to get 


	Now, before you go to in the temple, you may want to listen to 
what I have to say: if you like Aeris (as a character), take her out and 
treasure the moments you have with her. When you feel ready to go inside 
the Temple, do so, just use Aeris as much as you can. (People who have 
gone through this part of the game before know why you might want to 
level her up). Once you get in, talk to the dead black-cloaked guy and 
go in. You will meet Tseng and he will give you the Keystone. Place it 
on the altar and you will go down into the labyrith part of this place. 
It is so easy to get lost, so you might want to follow these 
instructions word for word. Go up the first small set of stairs leading 
to a larger set. Don't go up it but go around and down the other stairs. 
Go in the little cave and climb down the vines. Go strait under the BIG 
stairs and get the Trident in the treasure chest. You can steal Hi-
Potions from the DoorBulls (centaur guys), Antidotes from the centipede 
guys, and Remedys from the sphinx guys. Go down the stairs in front of 
the treasure chest and climb up the vines. Go left of the cave and go 
after the wizard guy into the cave there (be sure to grab the Mind 
Source next to the stairs). Go in the cave and talk to the wizard guy. 
After everybody gets in your group again, talk to him again and you can 
buy/sell things, rest for free, and save (be sure to get the Silver 
Rifle in the chest). Then go out and go down the vine. Once you go down 
the vine, go down towards the Turbo Ether (you cannot see the entrance) 
and get it. Then go down the stairs and get the Rocket Punch in the 
treasure chest. Then go over towards the wizard and climb the vines, but 
don't follow him into the cave. Go up the stiars and climb the big vine 
there and go under the stairs to get "Lucky Plus" materia (it's really 
called "Luck Plus"). Then go into the cave where the wizard guy went. 
You will be at a challenging section where you must get in the little 
space inside the rocks that fall (be sure to get Morph Materia). Once 
you get to the end, Aeris will tell you to go to the pool where Morph 
was. You will see what Sephiroth is doing through Aeris. He kills Tseng 
and it will be over. When you are back at the pool, watch it, Sephiroth 
will jump in and out of it. Go away from the pool and you can rest and 
save using the wizard guy. I would suggest saving. Then go down the 
stairs and you will be at a fun part. You control where time leads and 
this is what each part of the clock is:
I.A chest containing a battle.
III.A chest containg a pain-in-the-ass battle
IV.Princess Guard (Aeris' best weapon)
V.Leads to treasure chest in labyrinth, contains the almighty Ribbon
VI.Game where you have to catch the wizard guy, then leads to the place 
where Sephiroth was with the pictures on the walls.
VII.Trumpet Shell
X.Where you start from
XII.Big Bad Wall Boss (do it last, please!)
(while crossing the numbers, you can get knocked off by the second hand. 
If you do , you get to fight 2 Ancient Dragons (don't worry, not full-
fledged dragons) and you get a Nail Bat in the treasure chest. When you 
leave, you will be at the labyrinth outside the cave you couldn't go in 
before. Now you get to go through all that stuff again).

You will probably want to go in I-V, and VII-XI before hitting VI and 
XII. Then go in VI first. When you go in VI, play the wizards little 
game and get the key to go in the room with the murals on the walls. 
When you go in, you will meet Sephiroth and he will tell you a vague 
version of his plan. He will leave and Cloud will go crazy. You will 
then fight a Red Dragon. He has 6800 HP and gives you a Dragon Armlet. 
Don't use Fire on him (I think, I didn't try it, I was too busy whooping 
his ass). Once he dies, grab the (ooooooohhhhh!!!!) BAHUMUT SUMMONING 
MATERIA!!! Yeah, Buhumut kicks ass. Then, go over to the right side of 
the room and you will see a floating pyramid. You will find out about 
what the Black Materia is and Cait Sith will volunteer his lifeless body 
to be the dummy that gets destroys the Temple. After all that, go out to 
the clock and go to XII (do you really have a choice?). I would suggest 
getting ready for a more challenging boss fight here. Heal up using the 
wizard if you need to. Run up to the door and you will trigger the boss 
fight with a ...wall...ahem. Doesn't really inject a great amount fear 
into you. He has 10000 HP. Cait Sith will go away and the Temple will 
fall to the ground. Cloud will give the Black Materia to Sephiroth (!) 
and Aeris will leave your group for a while... You will wake up at 
Gongaga where Barret and Tifa are there to greet you. Then, get yourself 
ready, get in the conviently placed Tiny Bronco (on the shore by 
Gongaga) and head up to the North Continent, to a city on the SE part.

	Once you get in Bone Village, you will come upon a bunch of guys 
digging in the ground. Ask the guy standing in the doorway to either buy 
things or hire people to try to find the Lunar Harp for you. Hire guys 
to get the Lunar Harp (you really don't need to use them, just use that 
option). The Lunar Harp is on the higher level up the ladder and to the 
right of the smoke coming out of the building on the first level. Once, 
you get it, go to the forest at the back and go through it. On the 
second screen (where the camera is at a top-down perspective) watch for 
a red dot floating around under the trees. Grab it and you will be 
rewarded with Kjata Summoning Materia then go up. Once you enter this 
sea-ish area, go right of the stairs and under the log for a Water Ring. 
Then go through the log and and follow the path down. Then enter 
Forgotten Capitol and go left and in the building for a Magic Source. 
Then go back out and go right this time instead of left. Go inside the 
first building on the right for a Guard Source at the top. Then to the 
next building to the right for an Elixer and a rest. Rest and in the 
middle of the night, Cloud will get up. Go back to where you can go 
left, up, or right and go left to save or up to continue. Go up all the 
way to the lake then in the little shell house. (it's getting closer!). 
When you get in, go all the way to the top and get, oh yeah!, Comet 
materia. Then go back to the main floor and through the little grassy 
circle down to a crystallized cave. Go down the steps and save. Get 
ready for a boss fight with another Jenova.She's pretty much water based 
so, make sure you have Water Ring on. Go over to where Aeris is knelt in 
prayer and talk to her. Swing your sword at her and Sephiroth will come 
down and kill Aeris. For good. Aeris is dead forever. Sephiroth will fly 
off and you will fight Jenova Life. She has about 14000 HP (I never 
checked, I didn't have Sense equipped) and is weak against Lightning. 
After the battle, you will lay Aeris to die in the lake. End of disc 2.

TIME: 36:04
GIL: 78005
LEVELS: Cloud lv47, Tifa lv40, Barret lv39, Red XIII lv42, Yuffie lv38, 
Cait Sith lv38, Cid lv41, Vincent lv43, Aeris lv44.
LIMITS: (only good ones): Cloud (Finishing Touch), Tifa (Waterkick), 
Vincent (Hellmasker), Red XIII (Lunatic High).
Disc 2

	When disc 2 starts up, you will still be at Forgotten Capitol. Go 
outside and follow Sephiroth. Get the treasure box containing Viper 
Halberd (Cid's weapon) and climb the big tree thing. (While out here, 
steal Water Rings from the giant crab guys). Once you get in, climb 
around, getting the items and get to the ladder and go to the bottom on 
it. Then go all the way up the ladder to the top of the screen and into 
the cave. Get the Power Source and leave this cave. Then go basically NW 
to a town called Icicle Inn. Go in and buy things (ooooohh, Organics). 
(Don't forget the X-Potion at the topp floor of the inn, by the window). 
When finsihed, get the Glacier Map and go to the back of town and go 
down and talk to the person there. Elena and friends will show up. When 
she goes to slap you, press left to dodge the blow. Then, after she 
falls down the hill, go in the house with the dog outside (near the 
entrance of the town) and get the snowboard iat the back. You'll have to 
talk to the little boy first. Then you can go down by the lady at the 
back of town. You will get to snowboard now. It really doesn't matter 
where you go and how many baloons you get, so just get to the end. At 
the end, you will land somewhere (determined by the paths taken while 
snowboarding). While out here, you have about 15-30 minutes (real-time) 
to run around and not pass out. Get to NE area of the glacier (follow 
the map if needed by pressing square at landmarks) and go up at the 4 
way intersection. Go left and get the Added Cut materia laying there in 
the snow. Then go left another screen and you should be at a hot spring 
area. Go up to it and touch it. Then, around the same 4-way intersection 
is another 4-way intersection that leads to a cave if you go up at it. 
Go in when you find at and talk to the guy (that's why you touched the 
hot spring) and you will fight him (her?). When you win, you will get 
Alexander Summoning Materia. Be sure to grab the All in the cave at the 
windy plains area (where you drop the red flags) and get the Safety Bit 
from the tent in the island after near the right side of the glacier. 
Also, steal Circlets from Snow (lady wearing a swimsuit in the snow). 
Then (if you haven't already made a stop by there) get to the top of the 
area and go up to Gaea's Cliff. Climb up to the first cave (make sure 
you raise your body temperature at each platform) and go in the first 
opening and take the one immediately to the left. Grab the Javelin 
(Cid's weapon) and go in the cave next to that. Then, go through the 
hole and push the boulder over, breaking some icicles blocking the road. 
Go back to where you went left then down and go up (you couldn't 
before). Go through the hole after you go in and follow the trail 
outside. Climb up (way up) to the next cave and go in. Get the Elixer in 
the chest and save (you can't get the item in the box up there yet). 
Then go in the only opening you can. Follow the trail around and go in 
the cave. Grab the Fire Armlet before you go under the big icicles. Then 
you get to fight the icicles (...). Fight all four of them (Fire 2 or 3 
should do it)to get the Last Elixer (it's really just a megalixer (I 
think it might be 2 of them). You don't neccissarily have to fight the 
bats, just kill the icicle and the battle will end. Make sure you don't 
jump down or yer screwed. After you get it, then jump down and all the 
icicles you fought are in the slots down there. Go up to the chest near 
the Save Point (you couldn't reach it before, remember?) and get the 
Speed Source in it. Go back down and up to the other new cave hole. It 
probably wouldn't be all that bad of an idea to save now as well, you 
are fighting a boss soon. Grab the Enhance Sword in the box (not all 
that great if you bought Organics) and follow the trail around. Be sure 
to get the Bad Breath Enemy Skill from Marlboros (big toothy plant guy). 
(Make sure you have Ribbon equipped on one of your guys when he uses Bad 
Breath, or you will die). Follow the trail until you get back outside. 
Climb up again and go in the cave. You should probably save. Then, 
talkto the bright spot and your HP/MP will be restored. Go around and 
you will fight the boss, a double headed dragon. Shizo Right has 18000 
HP and Shizo Left has 18000 HP. Shizo Left is immune to Fire and Shizo 
Right is immune to Ice. You get a cheap Dragon Fang when you win. Then 
go out and climb the hill (you don't have to replenish your body temp.) 
When you scale the hill, you might recognize the video, one of the 
frames of it is the logo for my website 
( Now you will be at the North 

	When you arrive, you will be going down a slope. Go down more and 
a black-cloaked guy will die before you. Then go down and you will be at 
a cool looking part. Keep going and get the (oooooooooohhhhh yeah!) Neo 
Bahumut. Then save and keep going. Follow the trail until you meet up 
with Sephiroth, he will fly up and you will fight Jenova Death. She has 
25000 HP. After she dies, give the black materia to either Red XIII or 
Barret (you can't give it to one of them if that one is in your group). 
Then grab the MP Turbo materia lying on the ground. Then save and get 
the Poison Ring and go up, out of the screen. After you pass the third 
and final barrier, you will go into one of Sephiroth's illusions. Just 
follow along with it until it ends with a scene with Rufus, Hojo, and 
Scarlet. (when the Earth starts shaking, watch the green eye that opens 
and closes briefly). Go through more cinema and the coolest videos in 
the game and you will be in Junon. Weapon and Meteor will be summoned 
and all looks pretty bad right now. Follow Tifa and the Shinra guard to 
the chamber where they will die. (recognize the big fat guy in the 
chair?). Tifa will get sent to the chamber where she dies and when the 
guard leaves, he drops the key that Tifa needs to get out (..hmmmm....). 
Then, when Cait Sith pops out of his disguise, equip him with stuff and 
have Barret go try to open the door where Tifa is. Weapon will get a 
blast from Junon's cannon and the video is awesome. Then, when you can 
control Barret again, get to the airport. Talk to Yuffie (if you got 
her) and she will join your group. Then keep going until you reach the 
Airship itself. You will be back to Tifa and use this combination to get 
the key and use it: grab the key with your feet using O and X, unlock 
her right hand using Triangle and X, then use Square to use her right 
hand to free the left hand. The water Weapon blows a conveniently place 
hole in the ceiling above Tifa where you can climb out. Climb down Junon 
and onto the cannon. (watch the Shinra guards fall off. Hahahah!). At 
hte end of the cannon, Scarlet will meet you and you will have a bitch 
fight up there. it doesn't matter whether you win or not, but Barret 
will drop a rope down from Highwind (the Airship) and you will have it 
after a little bit of dialogue (woooohoooooo!). At this part, you have a 
few options you can choose from: (1)Go to Wutai and get Yuffies little 
subquest done with, (2)Get a Gold Chocobo, or (3) go to Mideel (next 
part in the game). If you do Yuffie's subquest, just go to section XVI, 
if you are going to get a Gold Chocobo, go to section XVII, and if you 
go to Mideel, go to section XVIII.

	 Wutai is located on the island keys on the far West. It is in an 
open area by the shore on the Northern section of the keys. When you get 
there, Yuffie will stop you and Shinra guards will fight you. Yuffie 
will steal most of your materia (pretty much everything except Magic 
Materias). You will have to follow her into Wutai and chase her. Go into 
the weapons shop above Turtle's Paradise (recognize that name?) and get 
the HP Absorb Materia from the treasure box (you can't get it any other 
time) and Yuffie will steal that from you as well. Then go to the house 
right next to the entrance to Wutai and talk to the little folding wall 
and Yuffie will pop out from behind it. She will run, follow her to 
Turtle's Paradise and talk to the wiggling barrel out front. Follow her 
back to her house and to her basement. She will give a little sob story 
and you will have to push a lever. It doesn't matter what one you push 
because a cage will drop and Yuffie will run off again. Then head 
towards the pagoda on the West side of town and into the buiding on the 
right. Hit the gong at the top and a door will open. Go in the door and 
find that Yuffie is tied by by...The Don.... Get the Swift Bolt and 
Elixer in the treasure chests and go up the stairs. Kill the guards and 
leave the building. Go over to Rude and Reno and they will agree to not 
fight with you. Now go (you might want to save) up to the big DaChao 
Statues. Follow Rude and get the Dragoon Lance from the treasure chest 
in the cave he's standing by then go out and down. You will see Yuffie 
and Elena tied up and Corneo standing there. You will fight Rapps. He 
has 6000 HP. He's very resistant to magic and is weak against physicak 
attacks (makes sense). You get Peace Ring when you win. The Turks will 
come and put Corneo to rest, a long and deep rest, far into the ground. 
Then, Yuffie will give you your materia back (not in the right places).

	Stage 1 of raising a chocobo:
Go to the chocobo farm and rent all the available stables. If you can't 
rent any, you are too early. It will take a bit to but the stables when 
talking to the lady in the house (not the barn; this lady watched you in 
your sleep while sleeping in the house). This will cost about 60,000 gil 
(70,000 if you haven't already bought Chocobo Lure; you can also find it 
lying in the bottom-right corner of the first chocobo farm screen, below 
the fence.
	Stage 2 of Chocobo Raising:
You will need to head to the Gold Saucer area and catch a chocobo (using 
the equipped Chocobo Lure materia bought/found at the Chocobo 
Farm)accompanied by either two flying things or two flying things on the 
ground. Once on it in the main map, get off and choose to send to the 
stables (you will be prompted for this). Then head on over to Mideel and 
catch a chocobo accompainied by two spirals (roly-poly things). You may 
need to keep trying to get this kind of configuration in a battle. Go to 
the Chocobo Sage and buy 20, 30, or 40 Sylkis Greens (go for about 5,000 
gil a piece, you will eventually need 40). Now, outside of Chocobo 
Sage's place, in the grassy area, or south of Chocobo Sages place, below 
the mountains, in the plains area, fight a Vlarkados (kangaroo-looking 
thing). It is rather hard if you aren't progressed very far in the game 
(about 30,000 HP hard). Kill/steal/morph him for a Carob Nut, you may 
want to do this 4 times to cover how many you will be using. Now give 
each of your two "great" chocobos 10 Sylkis Greens each (you can see 
what Chocobilly rates them when you move them from the fence area, which 
you will need to do, to the stables in the barn. You should have both of 
your chocobos "great", if not, get new ones using the method 
forementioned). Save your game: very important, if you do not get the 
chocobo you want, you can just reset and mate again. Mate your two 
chocobos using a Carob Nut. If all goes well, you should get a green or 
a blue chocobo. If not, you'll get a yellow one. If yellow, reset and 
mate again. Wait a while when the chocobos are ready (yellow->yellow) to 
mate again using Carob Nut. Save before doing this, and you should get a 
chocobo. Keep doing this until you get a m/f blue and a green one, 
opposite sex of the blue one. Race these up to "a" or "s" class at the 
Gold Saucer, talk to Ester and she will sign you up for a corresponding 
race for your chocobo.
Chocobos acheived:Green, Blue
Special area abilites: Green: Wutai area materia cave for Mime materia
Stage 3 of raising a chocobo:
Once you have an "a" or "s" class green & blue chocobo, mate them 
together using another Carob Nut. Save before this, so you can reset 
when you don't get the right chocobo. You should get a black chocobo. Go 
catch a chocobo on the SW corner of the North Continent (snow-covered 
one), catch a "wonderful" chocobo and race the black and wonderful to 
"a" or "s" class. Save game. Feed them both 10 Sylkis Greens each. Mate 
wonderful and black together using a Zeio Nut (found at Goblin Island NE 
of east continent (one w/midgar); steal/morph/kill a goblin to get it 
(find them in the foresty area of the string of islands). You will soon 
Chocobos acheived:Black, GOLD
Special area abilities: Black: North Corel area materia cave for HP->MP 
Switch, Mideel area materia cave for Quadra Magic; GOLD:Round Island for 
Knights of Round.

	This shouldn't really be counted as a section but, it passes as 
one for me. Go to Mideel (South of Fort Condor, on an island) and buy 
things (notice the "Crystal" theme?). Then go to the weapons shop and 
try to go into the door in the back area. It is locked. Go across the 
bridge thing and walk behind the old man standing by the buiding until 
you hear a clink sound (you may have to walk back and forth a few 
times). Talk to it and you will get the key needed for the door. Then go 
back to the weapons shop and try the door. The key will break and the 
cashier will question you, tell him the truth and he will tell you that 
the door you were trying to open is a painting. He will give you Curse 
Ring. Then, if you want Contain Materia (I would suggest getting it), 
gleave and go to the Chocobo Farm and buy a Mimmett Green. Go back to 
Mideel and talk to one of the white chocobos running around in the 
stores. It will ask for Samolen Greens (don't worry, thats another name 
for Mimmett Greens), give it some. Then, when you get the option to 
tickle it, do it behind its ears. It will throw Contain Materia at you 
and you will have it. After you are finished, go under the bridge and 
you will learn that Cloud washed up to Mideel. Tifa will go and stay 
with Cloud for a while and you will be in control of Cid. Now, leave for 

	When you go to Corel, you can either go the back way (by Costa Del 
Sol) or go in the city itself and go to the back entrance. You will be 
going to the reactor at Mt. Corel. Go up to the entrance and kill the 
guards there. A train will come out and you will have to follow it on 
another one. You have 10 minutes to get to the front of the other train. 
There will be a battle on each car, geting harder each car. You can 
steal Warrior Bangles from the steel bird at the end of the train. When 
you kill the Shinra Guard at the end, slowing down doesn't matter all 
that much, just as long as you have time left. Then you will get the 
Huge Materia. The little kid who said he saw something in a well last 
time you were here will give you Ultima Materia 

	Fort Condor is located North of Mideel, go there and talk to the 
guy out front, then climb your way in. Talk to the guy sitting at the 
table and he will fill you in on the details. When finished, go down the 
ladder and rest/save. Then go up and buy Materia (oohh, the only place 
in the game where you can buy All Materia) and items. After you are 
finished dilly-dallying around down there, climb WAY up to the top and 
talk to the guy standing on a chest. You will then be at the Fort Condor 
wargame. Set as many troops as you can and play this however you want. 
If you win, whooptydoo, if you lose, you have to fight a weak boss, 
whooptydoo. The best guys to use are Defenders. Unfortunately, you don't 
get anything for halting the attack. After you win, you might recognize 
the Condor video from my Materia section at my website 
( When the guy tells you to go 
outside, do it and you can get Phoenix Summoning Materia out there 
(oooooohhhhh yah!!). Then go back in and talk to the guy at the table 
downstairs. He will give you the second Huge Materia and you will decide 
o go to Mideel to check on Cloud.

	When you get back to Mideel, go back into the hospital and check 
on the little guy (Cloud). When the Earth starts shaking, go outside to 
fight Ultima Weapon breifly. Ultima Weapon withstands about 10000 HP. 
You can steal Curse Ring from it before it leaves. When it flys away, 
the Lifestream begins to gush up and Cloud and Tifa fall in. Now, brace 
yourself because this part here will take about a half and hour to and 
hour to go through. I won't even bother explaining it to you. 

	This is a fairly easy task, just go to Upper Junon and get to the 
tunnel where the Shinra guys are practicing. (before that, Cloud says he 
feels like he's forgetting something, I have yet, in my 1 and a half 
years of owning this game, to figure this one out, I don't know what 
he's missing if anything). (another thing, while in the hallway, this is 
just for fun, hit the big red button to sound an apocalypse alarm, 
heheheh). Follow the Shinra troops and just keep going down the hallway 
until you meet Reno by the submarine docks. He will move back and you 
will fight Carry Armor. He has 25000 HP and is weak against lightning. 
Use All->Lightning and Trine to put him off. Use your best summons too. 
If you keep fighting hard, you should be able to beat him (I finished 
him in about 1 and a half minutes). Just make sure that you always have 
Regen on and maybe even MBarrier because that damned pain in the ass 
Lapis Laser that does about 1500 damage. But, kill it before it kills 
you. After it dies, get the items around there (Leviathan Scales, 
Scimitar, and some other item, I don't remember the name, I wasn't 
typing this when I went through it). Then get the Submarine and when you 
can use it, go down and get the red sub's Huge Materia. It's in the 
greenish tall grass area near where the Temple of the Ancients used to 
be. Then, go up near the East side of the North Continent and get the 
Ancient Key (its tucked away in a cave). Whatever you do while you are 
1,000,000 HIT POINTS AND WILL KILL YOU IN A SECOND!!! If you dare fight 
him, you might want to go here: Now head off to Rocket 

	When you get into Rocket Town, go up to the Shinra 26 rocket and 
fight off the Shinra soldiers. Then fight off Rude and 2 guards. Don't 
worry about the guards, kill them off and kill Rude. He has 9000 HP. Be 
sure to steal Zeidrich from him, it's very good despite it's 0 Materia 
slots. When you finish off Rude, go inside the rockets cockpit and you 
will get to space......ahem. When the rocket blasts off 
and after a bit of dialoague and when you can move around don't leave 
the cockpit, go up the ladder and get the materia in there. I don't know 
the passcode, so don't even ask me...................................... 
....actually, I do know it, but I'm not telling you what it is, so thats 
that! Actually, the passcode is CIRCLE, SQUARE, X, X. The forcefield 
will open up and you will be able to get the Huge Materia from it. Then 
go out of the cockpit and go down the ladder and follow the path to the 
escape pod. Shera will show up and you will bail out of the rocket in 
the pod. The rocket doesn't do what everybody expected it to do, it only 
broke off peices of Meteor. You will have to go to Cosmo Canyon to see 
Bugenhagen so go there. (I won't make a new section for this). Go in his 
room and into the machine room. Talk to him and he'll take you up there 
and he'll hold on to the Huge Materias. When you go up, talk to the blue 
Huge Materia and you will get Bahumut ZERO, but only if you have Bahumut 
and Neo Bahumut. If you don't have those, you can't go back and get 
them. Now you will have to get the Key To The Ancients underwater (if 
you haven't already gotten it). Then go up through Bone Village and up 
to Forgotten Capitol. Go left at the intersection and follow the path to 
the grassy cave. Go in and go down the steps to the treasure chest 
containing Aurora Armlet. Go up and over to where ole Boognhaygn is. A 
bit of dialogue, blah, blah, blah and yer out. Now you get to go to good 
old Midgar. Leave and head over there. When you enter the Airship, 
Diamond Weapon emerges from the water. 

	Go over to the shores north of Midgar and wait for Diamond Weapon, 
you will fight him. In this times, I would suggest getting ready. Heal 
up and equip good stuff. When you fight him, steal Rising Sun from him. 
He has about 35000 HP (you can't sense, so I am guessing). Ultima and 
Bahumut ZERO are good against him. So is Ice. You had better be happy 
about what he gives you, you get 25000 EXP when he dies and 3500 AP as 
well. After it dies, you will have to fly to the North Cave, then you 
will have to fly back. In between, you will find out that Cait Sith is 
Reeve, or is at least controlling him. When you get to Midgar, you will 
parachute out of the airship and land in Midgar. Follow Cait Sith and 
talk to him and he will open the gate to Lower Midgar (I would suggest 
saving). Climb all the way down the ladder and go up the ladder to the 
left for a Aegis Armlet. Then climb back down and go right at the first 
ladder you came down and fall down to the lower level. Climb the ladder 
at the back and climb up. Get the Starlight Phone and Elixer and climb 
down and jump down to the little tube and climb up. Then climb up the 
ladder there and get the Max Ray at the top. Go back to the bottom of 
the tube and climb the ladder right by it and go up the stairs. Save at 
the top of the stairs and go in the hole. When you come out at the other 
end, you will fight Elena, Reno, and Rude. Rude has 28000 HP and you can 
steal a Zeidrich from him, Reno has 25000 HP and you can steal Touph 
Ring from him, and Elena has about 26000 HP (you can't Sense her) and 
you can steal Minerva Band from her. When she loses, go down the 
corridor 8 screens for a Power Source, 10 screens for a Guard Source, 12 
screens for a Mind and Magic Source, and 13 screens for the almighty W-
Item. Then you get to go all the way back up. When you get back to the 
main sewer screen (the one with the ladder), go up 3 screens and go left 
instead of right, into a little branch off the sewer. Then climb up the 
ladder and you will be able to go to the Shinra HQ. Go in and go to the 
back of the first floor and talk to the Turtle's Paradise Newsletter on 
the bulletin board. Then go up the stairs (not the elevator) and go in 
the little shop and steal Pile Bunker (it says Pile Bunker when you get 
the item, but when you go to equip it, it says it's Pile Banger...???) 
and Master Fist from the treasure chests. Then go out and take the 
elevator to the 64th floor. When you get in there, talk to the lockers 
and get the HP Shout (Cait Sith's best weapon). Then leave the HQ and go 
down 2 screens and go left there instead of right. Climb up the bar 
structure and fight Proud Clod (Proud Cloud???).  He has about 50000 HP 
and is a little resistant to magic attacks, but Bolt and Ultima do him 
fine. You get the almighty Ragnarok when he dies. Put Barret in your 
group (if he isn't already) and save and go up the stairs. On the 
stairs, near the railing will be Missing Score, Barrets best weapon. 
Equip it and go up the stairs and fight Hojo. He has 5 forms. The first 
level has 3 weaker forms (all under 10000 HP), the second form has 25000 
HP and the final form has about 50000 HP (you can't Sense it). Hojo is 
weak against Ultima and really isn't resistant to anything. Just 
Haste/Wall (of Barrier/MBarrier)/Regen yourself and you will succeed. 
After you beat him you will go through a lot of dialogue.

end of disc 2

GIL: 253503
LEVELS: Cloud lv60, Barret lv57, Cid lv55, Tifa lv53, Red XIII lv52, 
Yuffie lv50, Cait Sith lv50, Vincent lv53.
LIMITS: Cloud (Finishing Touch), Barret (Satelite Beam), Tifa 

disc 3


this is just the North Cave section off of my website, it is subject to 

Section 1
You will start off outside the airship. Take the ladder down the side of 
it and follow the path to where Cloud asks if you are gonna run down 
yet. Run down and you will be at the beginning of the cave. Make sure 
you have plenty of Ether/Turbo Ether/Elixer/Megalixers and Phoenix Downs 
when you are travelling down the North Cave. I reccomend being about 
level 45-60 in this area. Jump down and go to the treasure chest where 
you will get the vital "Save Point" item (there are no save points in 
the North Cave if you were wondering). Don't use the item yet, you will 
want it for later. Follow the spiral down down to the bottom fighting 
Gargoyles (2000 HP), Parasites (6000 HP), and Dark Dragons (14000 HP). 
When you fight the Gargoyles, they cast "L4 Death" when they die, so 
make sure any of your characters who have a level that is divisible by 4 
(ex. lv40, lv44, lv48...) are defended by the "Death Force" enemy skill 
(recieved from Adamantanai (big turtle guy) by Wutai beach(Manipulate 
it)) or have exited the battle (using "Exit" materia). Exit this section 
right at the bottom.
Section 2
When you start in this area, you will have the option of going the quick 
way (go right), collecting minimum items or the long way (go left), 
collecting items and a materia (HP Absorb). QUICK WAY: go right and down 
to the bottom-right, collecting some helpful items. SLOW WAY: jump down 
the ledge you start on, go left and jump up to the treasure chest then 
go right on that ledge and you will get HP Absorb. Then just follow the 
path down collecting several items, fighting Parasites (6000 HP) and 
Gargoyles (2000 HP, be careful of "L4 Death!)). When you reach the 
bottom, go right to the end of the screen to exit this section. If you 
want to get all the items, go down the quick way and come back up the 
long way. You can't go up the quick from the bottom.
Section 3
This is the most confusing part in the game. Once again, there is a 
quick and slow way, each with the same drawbacks as Section 2's. You 
will be fighting Dark Dragons (14000 HP), Master Tonberry's (44,444 HP; 
morph for a Ribbon), and Scissors' (2900 HP). FAST WAY: After you jump 
off the ledge you began on, go right (not left to the cave). You will 
jump down a hole that you cannot see. At the ledge you are on now, go 
left to pick up the item in the treasure chest. Then jump off again at 
the right. Go in the cave and follow it around to the outside. Then go 
left right off the edge. When you land, jump down to the right and jump 
down the rest of the ledges to the left, down to the end of the section. 
SLOW WAY: When you start at the ledge, jump off to the right (not into 
the cave, into a hole hidden behind some rocks). Then go right to the 
edge of the ledge (DO NOT JUMP OFF). When it says "Push (OK) button to 
jump", push (OK) and jump to the edge where you can walk to the left, 
off the edge and go in the cave. When you get the item (I believe it is 
a Megalixer), go back out and go to the left of the sceen, you will drop 
off yet another hole that you cannot see, down  to a cave hole. Go in 
the cave and collect the contents of the chests you see, go in the black 
hole near the top-right corner, to the chest. Go back out the top of the 
cave. When you are out, go to the fast way part at the top of this 
section to exit it.
Section 4
This is where you meet up with the rest of your party and will decide 
which of the two ways you will go. This is a good place to use your Save 
Crystal. Choose your current party (by sending them in the same 
direction as you). You can fight Dark Dragons (14000 HP), Parasites 
(8000 HP), Master Tonberry's (44,444 HP) and Dragon Zombies (13000 HP). 
At this point you can go to Section 5A for going RIGHT at the fork, 
Section 5B for taking a LEFT. (HELPFUL HINT: if you are not going RIGHT 
and Tifa isn't in your group you are using now, send her RIGHT, you'll 
see why in Section 7..., also, send Yuffie LEFT if she's not in your 
group regardless if you're going LEFT or RIGHT, you'll see why in 
Section 5B...)
Section 5A
This is basically just a spiral that goes down to a skeleton of a dead 
monster. You can't go back up after you drop off of the spiral. Follow 
the spiral down fighting Pollensaltas (4000 HP), Malboros (4400 HP), 
Death Dealers (7000 HP -learn E. Skill "Roullete" from them), Dragon 
Zombies (13000 HP), and Parasites (8000 HP). Once you reach the bottom, 
get the treasure chest directly to your right (between two egg things) 
for a Tetra-Elemental. Then go up and right for the treasure chest that 
contains teh all-mighty Mystile, EQUIP THIS IMMEDIATELY!!! You go 
between some eggs to the left to get a treasure chest at the far left 
side. Go to the end where it is reddish colored and follow the skeleton 
to the bottom where you will end up meeting the rest of your party once 
Section 5B
In the cave area where you decide UP or DOWN, you can fight King 
Behemoth (18000 HP), Armored Golem (10000 HP), and Allemagne (8000 HP; 
you remember Eye/Phantom and Evileye/Floating Eye from the other Final 
Fantasies don't you!) in this cave area. If you go UP skip to section 
6A, if you go DOWN, go to section 6B. You can exit this cave by going 
directly up. (HELPFUL HINT: if you aren't going UP, and Yuffie isn't in 
your group send Yuffie UP, you'll see why in Section 7...)
Section 6A
This is the funnest section (as well as having the most rewards!). I 
think this section has the best graphics in all of FF7. In this section 
you will fight Master Tonberry (44,444 HP), Movers (Morph for a Protect 
Ring (automatically sets up [Barrier/MBarrier], fight in sets pf three, 
convenient huh?; 3000 HP 9000 AP!!!), Allemagne (8000 HP), Christopher 
(6000 HP) and Gighee (5500 HP), Magic Pots (use Elixers on them, then 
you can kill it for 8000 EXP/1000 AP; 4096 HP), You will start on a 
mound, jump down and go right, jump the mound for an treasure chest, or 
go left. Going left will force you to go underwater at the green stain 
at the end of the path. Follow the trail (going left for the treasure 
box) and you will exit this screen. Go right at the path break for a 
treasure chest or go right then left for a treasure chest, up and on the 
bank for Shield materia, or up and on the hill, then down at the green 
stain and underwater for a treasure chest. There is little trick in this 
area: at the chest after you go underwater, you can go in front of the 
chest and underwater to get to the end of this screen, and back to the 
chest the same way. Exit this screen by going on the bank at the right. 
This is a cool little area, you can fight King Behemoths (18000 HP), 
Master Tonberrys (44,444 HP), Armored Golems (10000 HP), Allemagnes 
(8000 HP), Parasites (8000 HP), and Dark Dragons (14000 HP) here. At the 
top of the bright light (Holy?...), pick up either W-Magic or Counter 
materia (sorry, I can't remember what one was where, I had already 
gotten them when I came here for this strategy), pick up the other 
materia directly above the light in the bushes (you can kinda see it). 
Exit this section by going in the hole all the way to the left.
Section 6B
This section is pretty much a bore. It just isn't fun. But it has some 
useful items. You can fight Parasites (8000 HP), Master Tonberrys 
(44,444 HP), Allemagnes (8000 HP), Armored Golems (10000 HP), Start off 
by going down the steps and grabbing the treasure chest to the left. Go 
right and up for another chest. Go down and exit this screen (grab the 
chest to your left). When you start this screen, head down and jump down 
off the step. Pick up the chest to your left and go around to the right, 
picking up the chest to your right. Move behind the big step and keep 
heading left. Before you go down, get the Magic Counter floating in 
front of the waterfall (it's white on white so look hard). Run down to 
exit this screen. Jump down and pick up the contents of the treasure 
chest and head left. Keep going down and go up where the trail splits. 
Before you jump up to the large piece of land, grab the Mega-All materia 
(you'll have to do it while jumping, once you touch the step before the 
big land area) Grab the treasure chest on this piece of land at the far 
left. Go down and exit this section.
Section 7
This is where your group will meet up again. Grab the treasure chest 
before you talk to them. Going back up Section 6B is the only way back 
out from here. Talk to all your group members to get items from the 
people (if you followed my instructions in Section 4, you will get 
Mystile from Tifa!!!, and if you followed my instructions in section 
Section4 and 5B, you will get Counter materia from Yuffie!!!). Pick your 
group and head down into Section 8.
Section 8
This isn't a very hard section, but hurry through here, keep your HP and 
MP high for what follows. You will fight Allemagnes (8000 HP), Dragon 
Zombies (13000 HP), and Iron Man (morph for Escort Guard; 20000 HP). 
There's nothing to pick up in this level. OK, before you go down to the 
main ground structure, heal up for this battle, it may be hard or easy 
depending on your level and what you have. Fight Jenova (Jenova-
SYNTHETICA about 50000 HP; 60000 EXP, 1500 AP). Kill her before she 
counts down (she'll cast Ultima on you if you don't kill her before she 
finishes (make sure you have 4000+ HP if she casts it)).
Section 9
This is the end of the game, the last showdown, the final battle, the 
ending fight, you get the idea, but it's not over 'til ole Sephiroth 
takes a whacking. Choose your group(s) wisely and HEAL UP.
Sephiroth A (Bizzaro-Sephiroth)
This is the first Sephiroth and he's relatively easy, but can take a 
while to beat. His arms have about 20000 HP, his head has about 35000 
HP, and his body has about 75000 HP. He heals alot and regenerates his 
arms/head. Just concentrate on attacking his body and don't attack the 
core, it won't take any damage unless its defenses are down (it'll say 
so). You get EXP and AP from him, but it doesn't tell you how much, I'd 
guess about 15000 EXP and 10000 AP.
Sephiroth B (Safer-Sephiroth)
This Sephiroth has cool theme music (One Winged Angel, you may be 
listening to it if you are my web page right now. He is the hardest 
Sephiroth. He has about 100,000 HP.  Debarrier him when he does Wall. 
All I can say is watch out for Supernova (good old 4 minute long spell 
that drops all your party's HP into the hundreds regardless of how much 
HP you have now) and Heartless Angel (it is worse than Supernova, it 
drops all your party members to 1 HP!!!). Also watch for Shadow Flare 
and Pale Horse. Keep Megalixers handy!!! When you beat him, its not over 
Sephiroth C (Sephiroth)
Go through one of the coolest scenes and fight the easiest Sephiroth, he 
literally has 1 HP. Use the edited version of Omnislash on him (the 
camera looks at Sephiroth, then Cloud, then Sephiroth, then Cloud and 
continues near the end; you will have Omnisalash whether or not you 
gained it in the game). If you don't attack, Sephiroth will and will do 
a bit under your max HP, he will never kill you and you will Counter 
Attack if he hits you and you will kill him. So don't worry about him. 
Once he dies, go through the LONG movie and watch the credits and watch 
the little Red XIII and sons movie after the credits. It gets kinda 
weird at the end...reminds me of a screensaver doesn't it...

	It all starts out at Midgar. Cloud, Barret and his co-Avalanchers 
blow up a reactor to try to hinder the amount of Mako being used by the 
Shinra Corporation. In response, Shinra kidnaps Aeris and drops the 
plate above Sector 7 to try to kill the Avalanche off. It fails and 
Avalanche goes to the Shinra HQ. They get to the top to find President 
Shinra dead at his desk. Rufus flies in and trys to kill Cloud and then 
escapes. Avalanche leaves Midgar for Kalm where Cloud explains the whole 
story to Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, and Aeris. His past with SOLDIER and 
Sephiroth and how his and Tifa's relationships stretch into the past. 
Cloud tells them that Sephiroth had stayed in the Shinra Mansion 
basement for a long time, reading about Jenova, who he thinks is his 
mother. He comes across revealing facts about Jenova and Profesor Gast, 
who wrote the report, and decides to take Jenova into his custody by 
going to the reactor where she is stored and taking her. Cloud and his 
party then chase Sephiroth around the world. They finally catch up with 
him at the Temple of the Ancients. He reveals his plan to merge with the 
planets energy and become a supreme being. He leaves on a sour note and 
everybody is trapped in the Temple where they find out that the Temple 
itself is the Black Materia that Sephiroth needs to cast Meteor which is 
used to get all the planet's energy concentrated at one spot, where 
Sephiroth will meld with it to become the supreme being, the god of all 
that there is. Cait Sith volunteers to be the "junkie" that gets to die 
for the Black Materia and does it. Cloud will have a run-in with 
Sephiroth and he will control Cloud and have him give him the Black 
Materia. Aeris runs off to a place called the City of the Ancients 
(otherwise known as Forgotten Capitol) and Cloud and friends scramble 
off to get her. There is where Aeris meets her fate, Sephiroth kills 
her. Cloud and the Aerisless party go after Sephiroth some more and they 
get lead to the North Cave. They all find that Hojo, Rufus and Scarlet 
are there, watching upon the events that occur and Hojo explains to 
Cloud his creation. He tells him that he was created by Hojo, injected 
with the cells of Jenova and that he was a failed experiment as well. He 
finds out that he was probably the only non-failure experiment. Cloud 
gives the recently acquired Black Materia back to Sephiroth under 
Sephiroth's influences, and Weapon (all 5 of them) and Meteor get 
summoned. After a week goes by, Tifa and Barret get to be publicly 
executed. They escape and one of the 5 weapons are blasted away by the 
Junon Cannon, "Sister Ray". The party goes to Mideel where they find 
Cloud washed up and in a hospital. Everybody except Tifa leaves, to get 
2 Huge Materias, which Shinra needs to blow up Meteor. The Cloudless 
party goes to Mideel for Cloud with the first 2 Huge Materias when 
weapon attacks. It is held off, but the aftermath sends Tifa and Cloud 
into the Lifestream, where Cloud finds himself with Tifa's help. He 
finds out that it wasn't him who had lead the group along with 
Sephiroth, it had been Zack, Aeris' boyfriend from long ago. Cloud was 
just a guard that had went with them. but, he turned out to be much more 
than a guard, he did in fact kill Sephiroth at the reactor. It is just 
Sephiroth's image roaming across the land. The final 2 Huge Materias are 
retrieved. Shinra has the Junon cannon transported to Midgar where they 
will blow the barrier around the North Cave away, but the blast also 
kills Diamond Weapon, but not before he releases hindreds of missles and 
rockets upon Midgar. Rufus is killed by Diamond WEapon and parts of 
Midgar are destroyed. Everybody then parachutes into Midgar after Hojo. 
They make their way to Hojo where he tells them he is Sephiroth's 
father, then they kill him after he injected himself with Jenova Cells. 
When finished with Hojo, the party goes to the North Cave to fight 
Sephiroth, who awaits them at the bottom. 


12/19/98- came up with the idea of having a strategy guide and began on 
the table of contents.
12/21/98- began working on part A and I.
12/29/98- after a laziness attack, I finally got up and started to do 
this thing some more. finished part I *YAY*
12/30/98- started section II.
1/6/99- finally started it again after "vacationing". Finished section 
II. (see 12/29/98)
1/7/99- continued the walkthrough, finshed section III, started IV.
1/8/99- Dyed my hair black, it was brown before
1/10/99- I'm wondering about that date I set for myself, is it possible? 
Finished section IV. Started and finished section V, started and 
finished section VI, started section VII.
1/11/99- uhhhh....getting closer and closer to the 19th! Kept working on 
and finished section VII. Started Section VIII and IX.
1/13/99- finished section VIII and IX. Started section X. I'm borrowing 
my friends FF7 disc 1. Finsihed section X and started section XI.
1/14/99- finished section XI. Destroyed PsychoCody! oh yeah (or at least 
hindered him; if you want to tell him he's an idiot for hacking me, do 
so at Started section XII.
1/18/99- ahhhh!!! no, I probably won't make it, wahhhhh!!!  Finished 
section XII, started section XIII.
1/19/99- day I want this strategy guide to be complete, but I guess that 
won't happen! let's try a new date. 
1/20/99- started disc 2
1/21/99- finished section XIV, started section XV. 
1/25/99- finished section XV, started and finished sections XVI, XVII, 
and XVIII. 
1/26/99- finished section XVIII, started and finished sections XIV, XV, 
and XVI.
1/27/99- started and finished sections XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, and XX. 
yay. it's finished. 
2/9/99- new date that I want this guide to be done by

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