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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough

Clint Deerson
ICQ - 10031251

Final Fantasy 8 Brief Information Guide.


Welcome to the world of Final Fantasy.  Many who read this will probably have played some of the previous Final Fantasy games, if not all of them.  This is a brief Strategy Guide for the eighth installment in the series.  This is by no means an entire walkthrough, just a few things you should know when you play the game, along with a lot of information concerning weapons, Guardian Forces, side quests, and rare items.  I hope this helps you out!


-This section is in somewhat of an order which you will (or choose to) recieve them.  Though it is recommended you get them in this order, it is in no way saying that you cannot.  Feel free to recieve them in any order you wish, but heed my warnings (indicated with a *) some you can only get once!

QUEZACOTL - You recieve this GF at the beginning of the game in Squalls Study Panel along with SHIVA.  It is a LIGHTNING based creature and comes with such useful abilities as CARD MOD and CARD.

SHIVA - Recieve along with QUEZACOTL in the study panel.  She has an ICE based attack.  Her useful abilites include VIT + and SPR +.  Also her DOOM command comes in quite handy.

IFRIT - This fire based GF is hiding in the Fire Cavern, which you must go to early on in the game.  His HP-J and AMMO-RF commands are extremely useful.

*SIREN - You must draw this GF from Elvoret at the top of the Communications Tower.  One of her best abilities is the MOVE-FIND command, which allows you to find hidden draw and save points.

BROTHERS - Brothers are an EARTH duo which pounds your enemy into the ground.  You can get them if you are daring enough to travel deep into the Tomb Of The Unknown.  You must defeat SACRED and them battle the two of them together before you recieve them.  The DEFEND  and HP+80% is a few of their useful abilities.

DIABLOS - Certianly one of the coolest looking GFs.  Properly used he can take off quite a bit of damage.  When you talk to headmaster Cid before leaving for Timber, he will give you a cursed lamp, which hold Dialbos.  Be sure to be at a pretty strong level before attacking him, and SAVE YOUR GAME!  His best ability is MUG, which is essential when upgrading your weapons.  Also, the ABILITYx3 is very nice to have.

**CARBUNCLE - The reason I put two stars by this GF is that it was the only GF I didnt recieve my first time through the game.  But I still know that you get it by drawing it from the IGUIONS during the parade scene in disc 1. Its abilities include COUNTER and ABILITYx3.

*LEVIATHAN -  A WATER based GF who is drawn from NORG during disc 2.  The most commonly used ability is RECOVER, which fully heals one member of your party.  And AUTO POTION doesnt hurt much either!

*PANDEMONA - This WIND type GF can really dish out some damage.  He has to be drawn from FUGIN on disc two during the boss fight with FUGIN and RAIJIN. His INITIATIVE ability is a must have for killing those pesky cactuars.

*CERBERUS - This is the only GF that gets a star and you dont have to draw him from an enemy.  You have to fight him in Galbadia Garden on disc 2.  If you miss him, its bye-bye Cerberus.  But it shouldnt be hard to miss him, hes the big scary lookin thing in the middle of the main room.  His abilities include AUTO-HASTE and ABILITYx3.

*ALEXANDER - You draw this giant GF from Edea during the boss fight at the end of disc 2.  He has a HOLY based attack and has many useful abilities like MED LV UP and REVIVE.

JUMBO CACTUAR - I personally love this GF, but that may be my obsession with Cactuar...  Anyway, you can get this GF at Cactuar Island (where else?).  This island is located on the eastern side of the map, its a small desert island and you see a little cacutar randomly appear on it.  When you walk up to this cactuar, you realize it isnt so small.  This fight isnt all that hard, but it will last a while.  He has upwards to 600,000 HP at level 100.  His attack raises 1000 HP for every 10 levels, which can go all the way to 10,000 HP per hit!  His abilities include INITIATIVE and AUTO POTION.

TONBERRY KING - This one will take a while.  First go to Centra Ruins and fight about 18 Tonberrys.  Then the Tonberry King will show up.  He has the best abilities, so kill him and have no mercy.  He has a few strong attacks, but nothing to sweat over.  His best abilities are CALL SHOP, FAMILIAR, and HAGGLE.  This is a MUST HAVE GF for anyone who needs hard to find items, or wants a nice discount in stores.  (its worth the trouble in disc 4)

DOOMTRAIN - This POISON type GF is really just a train...THAT CAUSES EVERY STATUS EFFECT!  Hee hee.  Very useful against monsters and even bosses.  To get him you have to collect a few items.  6 Malboro tentacles (which in itself is quite the task), 6 Remedy +, and 6 Steel Pipes.  After you have these, go to TEARS POINT and collect the SOLOMON RING.  Then use it and the GF is all yours.  For your enjoyment it comes with the JUNK SHOP and AUTO SHELL abilities.

BAHAMUT - Oh man, the very cool Bahamut, from Final Fantasy 7, remember?  Anyway, hes hiding out at the Deep Sea Research Center, which is located in the lower left hand corner of the map.  You have to answer all of his questions correctly to battle him, the correct answers are-
1. its not our will to fight.
2. never
3. select the third option (hidden below the first two)
After answering all three of these you will have to fight a Ruby Dragon, which isnt easy.  But you get AUTO PROTECT and RARE ITEM abilities after you defeat him.

*EDEN - This GF is big...REALLY BIG.  It can cause upwards to 11,550 HP on an unboosted attack, which boosted is about 35,000 Points of damage!  But getting to it is no easy task.  After you defeat Bahamut you can go deeper into the Lab, if you want my advice, take Zell down with you (he helps you out later on).  After many grueling and unavoidable battles, you reach a section where you can save, do it and press a lever and you will summon Ultima Weapon.  Draw EDEN from him and kill it.  Or be killed, which is usually the case.  Eventually you will kill it and Eden will be yours, she holds DEVOUR and EXPENDx3-1 Abilities.

ODIN - Odin isnt really a GF, but he randomly helps you out during battle.  He is found at the Centra Ruins.  Defeat him (which is quite easy) and he will randomly come to kill your enemies instantly.  Until...

GILGAMESH - OK, Odin is going to leave at some point on disc 3.  Then he will be replaced by this GF.  HE also randomly comes, but he has four different attacks.  Each do a fair amount of damage, except EXALIPOOR, which does 1 Hit Point off each character.


-Side Quests are a very important part in every game.  It lengthens your play time, adds new challenges, and basically can be a lot of fun.  Final Fantasy 8 is filled with Side Quests, Im going to name a few, and how to get through them, or at least give you hints.

The Shumi village is making a statue, and the sculptor wants your help.  He will ask you ro find 5 stones.  This is where you can find them.
BLUE STONE - Just to the left of the statue.
WIND STONE - To the left of the HOTEL
LIFE STONE - Near the tree roots to the right of the Elders house
SHADOW STONE - Return to the surface (using the elevator), Its to the right of the elevator door
WATER STONE - In Artisans house, next to the sink
Your reward for collecting all of these? A phoenix pinion.

A chocobo forest is one of those Dome Like tree clusters.  A boy will be in there and he will explain how to play.  After you get a chocobo look around for a few items, every forest has at least one.

This is where you get ODIN and TONBERRY KING.  First you must climb the tower, and you will see a statue with one eye, take the eye out and climb to the very top, when you put the eye into the other statue you see a password, write it down.  Then take out the eyes and put them back into the first statue, this opens a door leading to ODIN.  Defeat him without your timer running out and you will have him.
To get the TONBERRY KING all you have to do is defeat about 18-20 Tonberrys and the king will appear, defeat him and he is yours.  But be prepared for a long battle, 20 tonberrys takes a while...

This is a complete listing of the ULTIMATE weapons of each character.  Most can be found in WEAPONS MONTHLY #1.  But some are in later issues.

1 Adamantine - Win from an Adamantoise found near the shores north of Galbadia.
4 Dragon Fangs - Win from Blue Dragons on Island Closest to Hell
12 Pulse Ammo - Win 2 energy crystals from Elnoyle in Esthar, the AMMO-RF them.

1 Adamantine (see SQUALL)
4 Dragon Skins - Steal from the Blue Dragons (see SQUALL)
1 Fury Fragment - Win from Blue Dragon 

2 Windmills - Steal from Thrustaevis in great plains of Galbadia.
1 Regen Ring - Win or steal from Torama in Esthar snowfield
1 force Armlet - Purchase in Esthar city after aquiring Tonberrys 'familiar'
2 Energy Crystals - Win from Elnoyle in Esthar

2 Malboro Tentacles- Steal or win from Malboro on Island Closest to Hell
4 Sharp Spikes - Steal from Grand Mantis on forest outside Edeas house
4 Energy Crystals - See RINOA

2 Dino Bones - Defeat T-REXAUR on Island Closest to Hell or Training facility in Balamb
1 Moon Stone - Steal from Elnoyle
2 Star Fragments - Steal from Iron Giant (Esthar) or Win from Tri-Face (Island Closest to Hell)
18 Screws - Steal or win from Geezards outside Deling

1 Adamantine - See SQUALL
3 Star Fragments - See IRVINE
2 Curse Spikes - Steal or win from Malboro or Tri Face on Island Closest to Heaven


-OK, so you are on disc 4, you have no ship, you cannot enter cities, you are very confused.  Want your little Ragnarok back?  Follow my instructions and it can be yours once again.

Enter the 2nd portal on the left side of the BIG chain on the way to the castle.  You will exit onto the world map, check out your big map and you will see a red dot, that is the Ragnarok.  To get to it, you need a chocobo.  Head NorthEast and around the tip of the bay and you will see a Chocobo Forest, go get a chocobo and return to where you used to be.  Ride your chocobo on the southern border until you find a beach.  Ride across the ocean to the continent below, which takes you close to Edeas house.  Now travel EAST along the mountains, but be on the lookout for a very small path  through the middle of the mountains.  On the other side you will find a desert and your precious Ragnarok, filled with people from the CC group!  Also, if you enter the portal near the Ragnarok it will create a new portal to the Chain, thus making that poral available toyou whenever you please.

Well, thats all for now.  I hope to update this further as time passes.  Also, look for a complete BEASTIARY and CARD LIST coming from me to you very soon.  Thank you all for your support.

--Clint D.
For any help or questions contact me!
ICQ - 10031251

Please only use this hint guide for private use.  IF you want to post it on your web site please inform me first and give me full credit.
Copyright 2000 Clint Deerson

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