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bleem! for Dreamcast (GT2)
Overall: 9.3

  Ever since the release of the controversial Nintendo 64 emulator UltraHLE, emulation has spread throughout millions. To make the matter even worse, a Playstation emulator called bleem! surfaced the for PC, and tensions arisen between Sony and bleem!. But that didn't stop bleem! from taking it to the next level, they revealed a Dreamcast emu, that imitates Playstation games! This one is called BleemCast, later renamed to "bleem! for Dreamcast". It was months after the announcement of the gizmo, and we saw absolutely nothing. Many gamers, including myself, thought that it was cancelled, but alas bleem! had proved me wrong. After a heinous 11 month wait, bleem! had reworked its plans and announced GT2 bleem! for Dreamcast. GT2 bleem! for DC, is a boot-disk that will allow you to play Gran Turismo 2 (sold separately) on your DC. Read on for the full scoop.

   While I was inserting the bleem! disk into my DC, some doubts crossed my mind, but a few seconds later, an "Insert GT2 game disk" screen appeared, and I did. A couple of seconds later, and I was officially a believer! I had been playing Gran Turismo 2 via my Dreamcast controller, it was the weirdest feeling I had ever experienced. The game actually worked, and to top it all off, the visuals were absolutely amazing. A lot like what GT2000 had looked early in its development, except without all of the jaggies. bleem! makes GT2 look stunning, the cars look significantly smoother than they did in the PSOne version. The environments, while their appearance didn't change much, looked much sharper and smoother than they did originally. But don't expect a tree to go from pixels to polygons, because this disk only makes the game's appearance look smoother, by placing all of the pixels where they belong and increasing the resolution by a good margin.

   bleem! is pretty much a flawless product, it delivers exactly what it promises: "Turbocharge GT2 with bleem! for Dreamcast". Turbo charge it certainly does, although sadly it doesn't eliminate the awful pop-up issue that plagued the game on the PSOne. The reason is because, GT2 was specifically programmed to be utilized under the PSOne's RAM storage of 2MBs. But because you'll be glaring at the game's improved physical visual improvement, it won't bother you as much.

   Overall, if you have a Dreamcast, and can't sell it to get enough money for a PS2 and Gran Turismo 3, I highly suggest going out and getting a copy of bleem! for Dreamcast, and a copy of Gran Turismo 2 all for a total of $26 plus tax. bleem! for DC should be available in all major videogame retailers.

5/12/2001   SolidSnake