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Boot Disc

  Mod-chips, Game Enhancers, bah! Who needs them? Many Playstation owners have either a SCPH 9001 model, or have the newly introduced PSOne. Model SCPH 9001 and new PSOne have no I/O port for a GameShark-like accessory. As time went by, Sony made their chipsets more complicated and smaller for every new model release of the PSX. 5001, 7001, 7005 (the first to come with Dual Shock) and now the 9001. Highly skilled technicians are able to get around the tiny chipsets of the 9001 PSX, but beginners won't be. It takes effort to install a mod-chip properly, and more importantly getting it to work. 

  Meanwhile, earlier PSX models such as the 1001 and 5001, feature chipsets that were larger and much more easier to get to with an iron solder. There were side options to mod-chips, a utility/cheat device called a Game Enhancer. The most common 'Game Enhancers' were Pro Action Replays and Game Wizard Pros. But there have been some reports that the excess swapping of CDs and trying to force the PSX to play a CDR, may cause the laser to wear out. Unlike a Game Enhancer, a mod-chip does NOT force the hardware to play foreign software instead it diminishes the bypass code that is implemented on to PSX games, the GE does not do that, therefore it is forcing the PSX. But installing a mod-chip is also lethal for your PSOne, one wrong move and POOF! No more Playstation. So why risk having your lens wear out or your PSX damaged? Why not just get a PS Boot Disk that does exactly what a mod-chip does? And more! 

  Introducing the Boot Disc, it is a boot disk with the Playstation black trademark coating on the bottom of the CD. It comes with a spring so that when it is placed on the eject sensor button, the PSX thinks that the lid is closed at all times. You pop the disk into the PSX or PSOne, you close the lid with the spring inside, you wait for the 'insert game disk' screen and then do as you are directed. Once you insert a game (import or CDR) you will be instantly taken to that game and allowed full access to it. If a game has an anti-mod code encrypted into it, no need to worry. The boot disk has a Cheat Device implemented into it, by pressing the SELECT button during the "Insert game, and press Start" screen, you will be taken to a list of codes. You can enter GameShark compatible codes or Pro Action Replay codes. 

  Every game we tested worked on the PS-X-Change Boot Disk. It's a $20 utility that is worth your attention, it may be a bit steep for a boot disk, but if you are one who recently picked up a PSOne and want to catch up on some of its hits, this disk is your first step to getting there. You can order the Boot Disc through this website...

6/13/2001   SolidSnake