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ScreenBeat SoundStation
Craftsmanship: 6.5
Compatibility: 9.6
Sound Quality: 8.0
Power: 8.8
Rating: 8.7

  Logic 3 has sent us yet another product. Out of their impressively long line of peripherals and hardware, the ScreenBeat SoundStation is by far one of the best ones. This is a package which retails for about $70, but is definitely worth every penny, especially if you are fussy about the sound clarity you currently have on your speakers. The SoundStation comes packaged with two speakers and a sub-woofer that boasts 20 watts of power, as for the speakers they each only carry about 3 watts.

  The power that the SoundStation possesses is quite strong, I hooked the gadget up to our PC and tested Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and the result was much better than my previous speakers that I had. The clarity was much clearer and there was a lot less static in the background. Later on I connected it to our Playstation, and played another strategic first person shooter, you guessed it Medal of Honor. I started from the beginning and made my way to the guns that were attached to the asphalt and began shooting. Then cranked up the bass on the sub-woofer and got scared out my chair when began firing again. I was not prepared for such loud yet awesome bass, the whole floor was literally shaking, almost as if there was an earthquake in the office.

  What disappointed me is the fact that the craftsmanship is not very good. The wires that come out of the speakers are not attached very firmly and an accidental pull could damage the speakers. But the exterior design was very intriguing, the shell of the product is clear and the color is Neo Green, providing a more futuristic look.

  Logic 3's SoundStation is compatible with a PC, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation, any Walkman, CD Player, Discman, MP3 Player, etc. It's not so much of a peripheral, mostly because it is aimed at improving sound quality rather than improving video gaming in general, but it still is an excellent product to have for the overall use.

2/25/2000   SolidSnake