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Darkstalkers 3
Graphics: 8.5
Gameplay: 8
Sound: 8
Control: 9
Replay Value: 9
Rating: 8.5

  Capcom has always been known for making the best fighting games, and after the bad conversion of X-men vs SF people kinda got worried because they thought Capcom's magic might be dying out. Although people didn't like X-men vs SF, I still though it was pretty good. After DarkStalkers 3 had arrived, I was kind of worried, but I worried for nothing, because Darkstalkers 3 is the the best arcade conversion I have ever seen.

   The graphics are pretty good, and since the games is made by Capcom you can bet your bottom dollar that the gameplay is an A+. The control is exquisite, doesn't take any time to get used to. As for the sound, it is as good as it gets, the music is pretty cool and goes well with the game. Now the dual shock is one of the best things in the game. It is excellently supported, and it's so good words can't describe it. Now for the modes in DS3, there is a mode where you can pick a character and modify it. There is an EX option which is obtained by fighting with your created fighter alot of times, there is also a picture gallery which is obtained the same way. Before ending this review, the FPS is great, there is little to no slowdown what so ever.