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MTV Music Generator
Graphics: 7.2
Gameplay: 9.8
Sound: 10
Control: 8.6
Replay Value: 9.6
Rating: 9.5
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters
Number Of Players: 1-4

   Ever had that dream where you were a DJ mixing songs in front of 20 thousand people? I sure had, and I think my dream had come true. The other day when I popped in my MTV Music Generator into the Playstation, I thought I was a DJ. Codemasters really have something on their hands here, this is by far not only one of the most amusing PS titles out there but it may very well be the most unique. Games like Parrapa the Rapper and Bust a Groove started the music genre for the PSX, although Japan had been in the craze long before us. There is nothing like using a couple of thousand dollars worth of technology on a $40 game. See how CodeMasters does with their MTV Music Generator.

   There really isn't anything to say about the graphics, this game is based around gameplay and sound. However the game does have a video creator that lets you make your own video for your song. The videos are just colors in different patterns floating all over the screen, some of them are dazzling while others are too bland. Throughout the whole game you basically just look at a table where you place your song samples and that is about it.

   Gameplay is where the game begins, even though the game doesn't have flashy graphics, the gameplay is to die for. You have tons and tons of sound samples to choose from, all that can be edited and changed around. The game at first is a little complicated and you should read the manual for better comprehension, but give it a good hour and you should be able to put together some fine beats. Music Generator takes much patience to master, once it is you can save your masterpiece, take it to your friend's house and show off. The game offers so much variety that it is mind boggling. Not only do you have a load of samples to choose from, but you can also record samples of your very own music CD. That's right pop in that Blink 182 CD and record 12 seconds of your very favorite song.

   You can also make the game generate a video for the song from the CD. You also have the choice of selecting sound quality when recording a sample from the CD, 11KHz, 22KHz, 44KHz. The lower the quality the more the recording space, but you should always stay on 22 KHz, it is the normal setting and you get great quality as well as 12 seconds of time. Anyways, when sampling a song you can then take that song and either mix it into your beat or start a new beat. Like I said the game takes a wholesome hour to understand but once you get it you'll be a happy man/woman. And finally MTV:MG also contains a Jam mode where 4 players can get into a DJ frenzy and start kickin' some tunes.

   The game contains nothing but sound clips and if you want to, you can use every little bit of the RAM. MG has the best definition of sound in any console title. All of the clips sound crisp and great, and the game never skips a beat. The game's sound clarity can only be compared to Medal of Honor's. They both share a marvelous sound engine which probably pushes the PS' sound capabilities to the max. MTV Music Generator is the one game every music fanatic should have. You don't have to know how to master an expensive machine all you have to know is how to hold a controller.

   I can't describe the control much since the game isn't any form if racing, adventure etc. The game has many functions and every single button is utilized, the control may take time to get used to but it doesn't take forever.

   MTV Music Generator is another sleeper, but unlike a regular sleeper this game shines in almost every department. Although it may lack some fancy graphics, the game makes up for everything due to its marvelous gameplay, variety, and sound. MTV Music Generator is a must have, don't be without.

1/13/2000   SolidSnake