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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
Graphics: 4.7
Gameplay: 5
Sound: 6.3
Control: 3
Replay Value: 2.5
Rating: 4

   If you didn't know this by now let me make this official: "3DO is currently showing the worst performance in the videogaming indusry". Thanks to titles such as High Heat Baseball 2000, the whole Army Men series, the PS version of BattleTanx, Crusaders of Might and Magic and the list goes on. All of the above have gotten horrible reviews and 3DO fails to realize that and are constantly pulling out terrible games just to make a quick buck. I really have had enough, 3DO obviously doesn't recognize the PS' true power and are being extremely negligent about it. I'm stressing this issue because, 3DO has yet again failed to deliver what could have at least been an "OK" game. Army Men: Sarge's Heroes was first released on the N64, it didn't stir up anything besides bad ratings. Now the game has landed on the PS and it's stirring up even more atrocious comments and we are making one of them.

   Talk about not pushing the PS' graphics. To start off, the view distance isn't very far, so spotting the 'Tans' is pretty difficult. The textures need much work and so does the character detail, although Sarge may look good, you really don't see any of his facial characteristics. I'll give Sarge's Heroes that it has pretty decent cinemas but that's about it. Navigation is excruciating, the camera is so incredibly jerky that it is the main reason that Sarge's Heroes is so plagued. The backgrounds are very un-inspired just like the whole game in general. Trees are super flat and 2D that it almost makes me wanna' barf, did it even take 3DO at least a minute before they threw this garbage together?

   The gameplay in AM: SH is neither funny or inspired. Its physics and options are so frustrating that there is much struggle needed to understand them. The game takes you through an assortment of stages that more or less look strikingly similar. The objectives your given are not worth your time, they are not only tedious but they also take a long time to complete. Since the field of view is so short spotting enemies is hard but them spotting you isn't. The control really lacks here, navigating throughout areas is an annoying task and aiming is not easy either. The game includes a very few modes, all you have is a Boot Camp mode, which is basically a training mode and the Campaign. Sarge's Heroes picks up where Army Men 3D left off, Sarge is sleeping and the Tans start a war. The Colonel is in need of help and it is up to you to meet up with him and escort him to a Helicopter. That is just the first stage in AM: SH, although it may sound like fun it really isn't. Army Men: Sarge's Heroes needs to stay on the shelves and is better off not being even looked at, definitely not worth a second of your vision. Oh and did I mention that the loading times are extremely long?

   Oh my gosh, an OK aspect in AM, it can't be. As much as I hate to admit the game actually has good voice acting during the cut scenes. Though don't get excited 'cause that is about it, everything else such as explosions sound effects and music is very poor. Through the whole game you hear army like tunes, and that is basically drum beats and a little trumpet rhythm here and there.

   Besides the mediocre use of Dual Shock and the weak use of the analog sticks there isn't much more left to say about Sarge's Heroes that wasn't said in the gameplay. Just if you're in a videogame store please don't make any eye contact with this game, you can at least scoff it but don't make any contact with it what so ever. 3DO has really outdone themselves, by releasing an unbelievably weak game.

3/28/2000   SolidSnake