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Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Graphics: 8.4
Gameplay: 8.7
Sound: 9.2
Control: 8.1
Replay Value: 8
Rating: 8.5
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Number Of Players: 1

   When Capcom decided to push its mascot into the third dimension, skepticism flew all over the place. Fanatics of the Mega Man series said that Mega Man will never survive and is bound to be played as a 2D game. Capcom went along with the 3D plan and when it all came down Mega Man Legends was without a doubt my favorite Mega Man game and quite possibly one of the most memorable games. Later on Capcom announced a brand new adventure, though it won't be played as Mega Man, the game will be related to MML. More on the game was released, the biggest fact was that Mega Man's rival The Bonne family will be the big feature, specifically Tron Bonne. Capcom's new game is now described as more of an Action/RPG/Puzzle game. I had very high hopes on this one title, so after playing this game for quite a while I'm ready to review.

   MTB looks much better than Mega Man Legends. The game runs on the same engine and it is definitely noticeable, but Capcom had enhanced the engine to push the PS a little more. Though the visual quality isn't as high as other Capcom titles like Resident Evil 3, the overall presentation is still very good. Character models still look the same but since most of them are robots, the way they look is perfectly fine. I have no problems with the models at all. Moving on to the backgrounds which look like they received the biggest improvement. I don't know if it's me, but the backgrounds are incredibly vibrant, lush and colorful. I feel like I have been thrown into a comic book, the textures are much more solid and polished, rather to the very slightly jaggy and grainy ones seen in MML. The game engine is used for everything, there are no CGs or FMVs of any sort, Capcom utilized the game engine to do all of the work, and the result is marvelous. The only visual problem in MTB is that the special effects are not very ooh-lala, if you get my vibe. Overall great visuals, Capcom has done a nice job with the game and I am left happy.

   As all of you should know this is a prequel to MML. The game explain how Tron Bonne got involved with all of this "bad guy" stuff. Tron Bonne's brother and leader of the Bonne family has been attacked by Loath's. Apparently he owed the family 1,000,000 Zenny and when they came for there money he (Tiesel Bonne) attacked them. Bon Bonne (the baby of the family) was kidnapped as well, the beginning of the game you control Tiesel Bonne (T. Bonne), playing with him is more of a training area where Tron explains the way to use the Gustaff (the Bonne's robot). After all of that happens Tiesel gets kidnapped. This is where the game begins, in order to get Tiesel back you have to get 1,000,000 zenny one way or another, that includes robbing backs stealing from houses, and destroying cop cars. You will literally have to raise hell in order to get Tiesel and Bon out of danger.

   You are taken through many various stages, each stage has its own category, Puzzle, Action and RPG are some of the more common ones. The best thing about Tron Bonne is that you can actually upgrade your robot, buy new equipment to make Gustaff more powerful, and best of all you can actually get you Servbots more smarter and stronger. As you do missions their stats will grow to their maximum ability. What's unique is that each Servbot has his own personality. The gameplay is very deep, you have many things to do in the whole game. In general this can be summarized as an Action/RPG game that proves itself to be the more wackier PS title out there.

   The sound is awesome, just like MML most of the game's key-segments are spoken out. The voice acting is superb, every line is said like it's supposed to be and timing couldn't be better. The clarity alone is very easy to understand, and if that wasn't enough for those who want a little more RPG experience you also have text provided for you. Lastly the sound effects are pretty much the same stuff as Mega Man Legends'.

   The control is clearly described in the beginning of the game, and so I won't get into that. Mega Man Legends was a great game, it had everything an adventure game needed, and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne has those same qualities that made MML what it is today, and that is a great adventure title. Fans of MML, RPG games, Action games, and Puzzle games may want to give strong consideration into purchasing The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

5/25/2000   SolidSnake