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RC Revenge
Graphics: 7.7
Gameplay: 7.6
Sound: 7.9
Control: 7.4
Replay Value: 8.5
Rating: 7.8
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Acclaim
Number Of Players: 1-2

  Re-Volt which was released last year in August wasn't very well received by the gaming audience as well as critics. In fact the game was so un-acclaimed that I thought that there would be no chance in hell that this game would see a sequel. But around the beginning of Spring it came for me to eat my words as Acclaim announced that they will be releasing a new RC racer this time published under another title and not Re-Volt. RC Revenge was this new game and apparently this is the sequel to the highly un-acclaimed Re-Volt. My bias and speculation quickly pointed in the negative directions and I was almost certain that a game as bad as Re-Volt would never have a great successor, and for the second time I may be wrong. RC-Revenge has been recently shipped and with the hectic schedule around here seeing how Chrono Cross, Madden 2001 and PS2 are all around are minds I had time to fit in this review of RC Revenge. See if its any good.

   The visuals are definitely a huge leap over Re-Volt's, the frame rates have been completely refined and now run at a super smooth 30 FPS. The cars may not be the most detailed by the tracks and special effects pack a good eye-candy. First vehicle detail, the little micro RC cars/boats are pretty looking but there isn't anything special about them. They are plain looking structures with wheels on them, but the body designs on a lot of the vehicles looks sweet. Second are the environments, the atmosphere is very varied but at times repeated like a 60's animation strip. The courses are huge and then again are are to navigate with their blind and unexpected turns. The special effects are what make this game a visual feast galore, the power-up/weapon picks-up, light up the whole screen with vibrant colors which in a word can only be described as eye-candy. Effects like fire, and lighting are the cream of the crop when it comes down to it all, a hefty plus. The visuals aren't very bad, in fact I like them, they aren't too overdone and at the same time they have great looking effects and other goodies that are sure to please the viewer. Nothing much distressed here in the graphics, let's see how the gameplay fairs.

   Clearly this game is light-years ahead of Re-Volt in every way imaginable. The amount of options has to go to RC Revenge, the overall experience is also stolen by RC Revenge and even the fun is overtaken by Revenge. From the start RC Revenge may seem like the game where you just pick your RC and race, although as you progress you will notice how many tracks the game has to offer, the sheer amount of vehicles that can also be transformed into boats with the touch of a button (not on the fly though) and the huge courses that you are given. For starters RC Revenge includes 15 RC cars/boats, five worlds with four courses in each world, that's 20 different tracks. Surprisingly Acclaim has also included a Track editor for inspired gamers to create their very own creations. The two player mode is a good addition and keeps this game going longer. The modes in RC Revenge include; Championship, Single Race, Time Trial, Multiplayer and of-course Track Editor. RC Revenge sports quite a heap of quantity as well as quality, this is solid racer.

   The sound in the game is pretty good and each world has a song based on the environment. For example, the Jungle areas may have African drum beats in the background, the farm like areas have the banjo in the background accompanying the song, little things like that add big points. The music sounds a bit like Crash Bandicoot themes, they are very quirky and I really like that, it raises the mood of the race up a notch. There isn't anything special like voices, just the engine that roars from the RCs. I like the sound and that's about all I can say about that.

   The control has now become more aracde-ish and the RC vehicles feel more like RCs rather than real-life cars. The Dual Shock has good feel and maneuvering the RCs can be done by analog and digital as well. Too bad that the right stick isn't supported for accelerating, that would have been a nice addition and would've raised the control score a bit. But still controlling the RCs isn't a very difficult job, you should get the grip of the game as soon as you pick it up, but be careful because the AI could be unforgiving sometimes.

   I was pleasantly surprised with RC Revenge, the gameplay mechanics, the improved visuals, constant frame rate, and a slew of variety make RC Revenge a worthy game to pick up for racing fans. Those who purchased Re-Volt can finally come out of their covers, RC Revenge is an amusing game that is addictive as well.

9/2/2000   SolidSnake