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Final Fantasy VII
Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 9.8
Control: 10
Replay Value: 10
Rating: 10

  Yes I know this game is old and don't think that we at PSXextreme have just received this game because we've had it since it's release. Square has always been known for making quality RPG's, and they have struck gold yet again with FF7.

   Now let's get to the review, Final Fantasy in my mind is probably the best RPG ever created no matter how old it gets. Final Fantasy 7 has the best graphics on any console to date, the character detail is excellent, the FMV's are spectacular, and the backrounds are solid, and let's not forget the resolution which runs in Hi-res.

   FF7's sound is excellent, it's nearly perfect in every single aspect. The songs are very nicely composed, and are very memorable, meaning you will be humming them even in your sleep. There isn't anything else much to say about the sound except it's phenomenal.

  FF7's gameplay is awesome, you will be captivated to the very end. The story is very deep and is probably the deepest in any RPG so far. Just try to put the controller down, because it's practiclly impossible. FF7 has also got to be the most addictive RPG ever. One of the reasons is the story and the other reason is that the game has tons and tons of mini games. Which are hell lode of fun. Believe me when I say they are fun because they really are.

  Well you might be wondering how long is the game? The game has 3CD's equalling about over 80 hours that is if you get almost everything or 50-60 hours long if you get more than half of everything. But every game has a problem with it, except in FF7's case there isn't any.