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007 Racing
Graphics: 4.3
Gameplay: 5.7
Sound: 6.5
Control: 5.4
Replay Value: 4.8
Rating: 5.2

  It gets worse and worse every game, and I'm ashamed to say this but I think Nintendo deserves the Bond license much more than EA does. GoldenEye 64 is still one of the best FPS multi-player games, it is one of those game that never seems to be forgotten, especially by Nintendo fans. When EA hooked up with MGM to receive rights to the Bond license you could say that it happened for the worst. Tomorrow Never Dies was a decent game with some enjoyable aspects in it, while many critics bashed the game, I though of it as a good first attempt. The World is Not Enough was the second game, and I was really looking forward to seeing a well-rounded sequel, I was disappointed to learn that TWINE wasn't as good as EA had said it would. It was far to short, and the overall experience could have so much more polished. I was really relying on 007 Racing to be the savior for EA, but once again EA fails to deliver anything noteworthy, and gives us nothing but a below average title. See how 007 Racing did, and why it deserves the grades that it got.

   Visually this game is terribly lacking. The car models are swarmed with nasty looking jaggies that I've never seen before in previous car games on the PSX. The models look somewhat decent, but their outward appearance is very grainy, thanks to the jaggies. Not exactly very nice car detail, and I'm frankly disappointed. The environments are very shabby, they flicker like crazy and on top of that look downright pixilated. When you look at the floor, or the backgrounds you should notice how incredibly ugly everything looks, it makes me even wonder if Eutechnyx spent any time on the game from E3 2000 up until the release date. The frame rates are fine, but at times may act up, and don't get me started on the pop-up 'cause this game is right up there with Driver 2. The game's collision detection is also a pile of crap, and the overall look of the visuals looks hardly alpha staged, the only good thing I can say about the visuals is that they move and there are colors, otherwise everything else, including special effects look like demo titles running on a first wave PSX tool-kit. But I must admit that the CGs are some of the best in any PS game yet.

   The concept of the game is quite good, only if it was better executed. You are James Bond of course, except you are Pierce Brosnan not Sean Connery or the other Bonds, that is bad impact number one. The game's plot is totally unrealistic, you will see Pierce Brosnan in every single vehicle, including a DB5 and tons of other classic Bond vehicles. I believe that it was a stupid move by the developer to only put Pierce Brosnan in 007 Racing, because true Bond fans will be completely turned off by the game. Losing some critical points there, 007 Racing also suffers from un-balanced and boring missions, such as picking up people, shooting down a helicopter with only one try, escorting this person, that person, blah, blah, blah. By the second mission you'll definitely notice what kind of horrendously boring product your playing. If you folks want to know, there are 15 missions to complete, all of which are explained to you in a mission briefing, but none that I would like to listen to. There are a few decent stages, take for example the Highway Hazzard, what you do here is you follow an 18-wheeler and your goal is to pop the wheels on the truck using a hi-tech device. In case you're wondering, the two-player missions need not to be played, you just won't have any fun with them at all. Some of the weapons that James Bond will use are missiles, homing missiles and machine guns, he will be able to use shields and replenish his lives by picking up health kits. Through the game you will be taken through tons of different areas such as New York, Louisiana, Eastern Europe, and Monte Carlo. 007 Racing is a lacking game with a great concept, if only the developer had taken time to balance out the missions, and perk up the visuals, we could have had a great game, but there is always the PS2 version which is currently under development.

   Audio is decent, but the songs are far too repetitive and can annoy the heck out of you. The voice acting on the other hand is quite good, but it seems as if Q would rather have the returned in one piece instead of having James back healthy. While playing the game you'll hear Q commenting on your performance, and may give you some hints at times. Most of the time the voice acting is found during the mission briefings by M and they can be quite long, but the clarity is good though so there isn't anything painful to be dealt with. Not bad audio effects, but if the soundtrack was worked on we could have had something much better.

   Controls are just too sloppy, every time I try to make a turn it feels like the emergency brake has been hit. The cars have absolutely no realistic feel to them at all, so car enthusiasts must look elsewhere. I'll give the game its nice analog features, both analog sticks work and they have a good deal of sensitivity. I honestly can't say much more about the controls, other than that they feel very sloppy, there is no realism to speak off and the only thing that's good about the controls are the analog sticks.

   Sadly what was once a very promising game, turned out to be a miserable failure, 007 could have been a good game if its visuals were worked on more, because I know that PSOne can do so much better than this, the gameplay needs to adjusting and the controls should have been tightened up for better gameplay. With horrible graphics, unsatisfactory and tedious gameplay, and loose controls 007 Racing is barely worth a purchase, let alone a rental, just stay away from this game if you know what's good for you and the Playstation.

12/14/2000   SolidSnake