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Ape Escape
Graphics: 8.9
Gameplay: 9
Sound: 8.5
Control: 9
Replay Value: 8
Rating: 8.5

  In the very first attempt for an analog controller only game, Ape Escape rises. You heard right, you must have an analog controller to play this game. At first the control may seem awkward and a little tough but it grows on you.

   The game itself has a very wacky and lighthearted feel to it. In the game you must go from time period to time period capturing a certain amount of the two hundred and four monkeys. A very interesting feature is that every monkey has a name and a little something about them if you look in your monkey log. The monkeys may look a little different and have different weapons. They also have there own personality and stats.

   The story goes that a monkey named Specter, got his hands on a peak point helmet, which increases intelligence. Specter isn't satisfied with his life at an amusement park so he releases a bunch of monkeys and escapes. Specter's plan is to go back in time and alter history so that Ape's rule the world. You play Spike, who alone has to go back in time, stop Specter, and save a brain washed pal of yours. To help you along the way, you are given really cool gadgets such as a remote controlled car and a super hula hoop! Also, if you gain enough Specter coins in the game you are will have access to three mini games. A skiing game, a boxing game and a spaceship game.

   All in all a very well thought out and fun game. The little extras are a fun way to keep you playing and enjoying th game. Here's just a little tip though: Don't expect to much from the best ending.

7/22/1999   MattMan