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Legends of Legaia
Graphics: 9
Gameplay: 9
Sound: 10
Control: 9
Replay Value: 8
Rating: 9

  An RPG masterpiece from Sony, not heard much lately, but it's true. The Legend of Legaia is definitely on the top RPG's of all time. It's new battle engine is something never seen in an RPG to date. The Gameplay is done extremely well. It's complicated, yet simple to understand. The learning curve is only about a half hour. It's so low because it has good control and simple options to choose from.

   Graphics-wise, this game is awesome, especially the battle scenes. Your characters are lifelike and the fighting is closer to real-time than ever before. Few as they might be, the FMV's add something special to an already great game.

   When you first enter a battle sequence and choose attack, you get a two-option menu. Auto and Command. If Command is chosen, it gives you the choose of where you want to attack on the enemy. High, Low, Left, Right. Your speed determines how many times you attack. If you choose the right attacks in a certain order, a powerful combo move commences. It's very exciting because everything moves so fast.

   The Storyline is not the best around, but it's interesting nevertheless. You must save the world from people that want to control it, the basic story for most RPG's. The storyline did not have much originality, but the other aspects of this game make up for this low point.

   Speaking of higher aspects of the game, the sound is phenomenal. The voice effects added sound good and clear and the music played throughout the game creates a more "in the game" mood. For the most part, this game is one of the top ranking RPG's around.

6/9/1999   Highwonder