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Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 7.5
Sound: 8.4
Control: 6.4
Replay Value: 7.9
Rating: 6.9

  If you want a game that is fun but you could probably beat over the weekend, Medievil is for you. Although short, I found Medievil a very enjoyable game. It has a goofy feel that is really fun to play. The game is composed of 22 levels with one chalice on every level except for level two(the first and the last). To obtain a levels chalice you must kill a certain amount of enemies. If you do that when you finish the level you can go to the "Hall of Heroes" to get a new weapon or other treats. Some parts of the game are incredibly frustrating but it is still a very fun game.

   You play Daniel Fortesque, a would be hero in the land of Gallowmere. The kingdom of Gallowmere was a peaceful kingdom which had not seen a war in centuries. Dan boasted bogus stories of fallen giants and slewn demon armies. Because the king loved stories he made Dan the head of the army. Then the evil Sorcer Zarok decided to attack Gallowmere. Being the inexperienced war horse he was, Dan fell to the wars first arrow.

   The demon army was defeated however, but they never found Zarok. To reassure the people the king said Dan killed Zarok but then died of mortal wounds. They gave Dan a heroes burial and he went down as a hero. A century later Zarok returned to destroy Gallowmere. By accident Sir Dan was resurected. Now he must prove himself as a hero and save Gallowmere!

7/7/1999   MattMan