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Metal Gear Solid
Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 10
Control: 9.7
Replay Value: 9.9
Rating: 9.9

  No doubt about but Metal Gear Solid is probabbly one of the greatest games ever created.The gameplay is spectacular, sound is extrodinary, and the graphics are to die for. Although people say the game is not long, they are kind of right (if you skip everything, skip all of the scenes,don't care about what there talking about, don't fell like getting all of the secrets etc.) Yeah so if you do that you skipped the whole game.

   The game is fairly long because in order to get cool items like the Stealth suit (invisible) and Bandanna (Unlimited ammo) you will have to beat the game with both of the endings. I'm not gonna tell you the endings but if you want to get the bandanna do not submit to Revolver ocelots torture (he tells you that he will know if you use auto fire he knows auto fire but not turbo, if you have a turbo controller use it). If you want the bandanna submit to the torture. (The torure will happen later in the game).

   Metal Gear Solid use of the Dual Shock is very good. Metal Gear Solid is like a movie and you are the director. Now how long will it take for you to beat the game. The first time about 10-13 hours. Second about 5-6 hours and 3rd time 3-4 hours. Then comes the VR Training mode (you haven't beat the game untill you beat VR Training mode). VR takes about 3 to beat. And after you beat VR you get 3 extra modes in VR training they are Gun shooting,Time Attack,and survival. So all in all Metal Gear Solid is pretty long 23 hours to be exact. But the weird thing about it is that I have beat the game 7 times already and I'm still not bored of it. So I guess Metal Gear Solid without a doubt in my mind deserves a perfect