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Omega Boost
Graphics: 8.9
Gameplay: 9.2
Sound: 8.8
Control: 9.1
Replay Value: 7.3
Rating: 8.9

  When Sony announced a new space shooter which will be developed by Polyphony Digital, gamers right away new that they will be experiencing the Gran Turismo of all shooters. This game is none other Omega Boost. This game had very high hopes as to becoming on of Sony's biggest and instant classics. They game excels in many ways, but which category did it fail?

   Omega Boost features of the best graphics engine on any PSX shooter to date. The explosions are breathtaking, and the detail in the enemy ships and your robot is sensational. Such vast areas to explore such detail too, you'll leave your self thinking: 'has my PSX been tampered with'. Pretty much you get the idea, this is where Omega Boost really shines. Oh and let's not forget the FMVs. Which use real time which reminds me of an older PSX title called WarHawk. Very good voice acting and great quality of FMV is used in Omega Boost.

   In terms of gameplay, Omega Boost is really addictive. It's almost like playing a true 3D version of Space Invaders. But other than that I think the game could be compared to Star Fox, you know the game on the "other system". Both games are really a like. Gameplay wise I think Omega Boost blows it's way to the finish line, leaving Star Fox in the dust. But in terms of depth I think Star Fox would probably win that one, by only a hair.

   Omega Boost has a pretty good soundtrack, with some great beats and all, but after a while the tracks can get repetitive. What really drew my attention was that not only did the explosions look great but as a matter of fact they sound great too. FMV voice acting is very good, because some talented actors were hired.

   Control in shooters these days is very hard to learn, but Omega Boost isn't one of those games. Smart and simple control gives the gamer better pleasure in his/her gaming experience. Basic layout is very simple, square is to shoot, holding it, is to lock on. O is to boost, R1 is to brake, L1 one is to find opponent, and R2 is to look back. Dual Shock Analog is supported in this game, and the dual shock is supported very nicely.

   Now we come across the replay value and this is where Omega Boost takes a dive down, way down. What happened here Sony? Everything was going great and boom! All of a sudden I beat the game in a couple of hours. Don't get me wrong here or anything, because Omega Boost does have a lot of challenge and all, but I think they should have featured a 2 player mode a'la Armored Core, and more levels for longer replay value. The only thing that keeps me coming back for more in Omega Boost is the addictiveness and all the mayhem.

   Omega Boost is a very worthy PSX title, it just missed of becoming an instant classic, but in the near future it will surely be a greatest hit. From now on I think all of the new shooters should be compared to Omega Boost. Now there is another shooter that is coming out this year, called Macross VX-2, it is quite similar to Omega Boost, but "complication" is it's middle name. My suggestion is that you go out and buy Omega Boost and don't wait for Macross VX2 unless you are a shooter junky also pick up Macross VX-2 when it is released, if not I think they are both rent worthy.

10/9/1999   SolidSnake