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Parappa the Rapper
Graphics: 7
Gameplay: 8.9
Sound: 10
Control: 9
Replay Value: 6.2
Rating: 8.2
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Sony
Number Of Players: 1-4 Players

  Parappa the Rapper is probably the strangest and most original game on the Playstation. In Japan this game was incredibly popular and spawned lunch pals, key chains, plush dolls, and CD's among the slew of Parappa merchandise. Although it had been popular in Japan, people here in the states were a little hesitant about bringing over here. But in the end they decided to introduce Parappa to America. Although at first the game may seem weird and a little tough, after you get the songs down you'll do great.

   The game is like an updated version of Simon Says. You have to stay with the beat of the song and rap along. In the easy mode you only have to hit a button when you are told to, you're only allowed to play half of the game though. But in normal mode you have to stay at beat with the song and if you do well enough you can beat the master of the level and free-style.

   The plot is that Parappa is a young pup who is trying to win the heart of his love ( a flower) Sunny Funny. It won't be easy because the rich and handsome Joe Chin is also competing for the hand of Sunny. The ending is a little disappointing, but I don't know what I was expecting.

   Parappa is a fun game to see the two dimensional characters in a three dimensional world. I guarantee you won't be able to forget at least one of the songs. You got to believe!

7/7/1999   MattMan