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Point Blank 2
Graphics: 7.6
Gameplay: 9.1
Sound: 8.4
Control: 9.8
Replay Value: 9.1
Rating: 8.8

  Following the smash hit Point Blank, Point Blank 2 knocks on your door one more time. The target shooting frenzy has begun again, the sequel returns with over 70 new stages.

  Some of the new improvements to the game are the new modes available for you to choose from. The all new RPG style Theme Park Mode allows you to get into the shoes of a kid who has to save a princes. The other additions are the Point Blank Castle (arcade mode), and best of all Party Mode, where eight of your target shooting friends face off in a tournament.

   Point Blank 2 offers mediocre graphics, but it is nothing but a target shooter, so graphics are not the issue. Although there are a few stages which have pretty good graphics, they are all low quality animations. The cartoonish graphics add character to the game and avoid today's violence talks about guns.

   As I said before graphics are not the issue in this game, the gameplay is. The gameplay is far more better than any other shooter out there. The game brings alot of fun and is probably the best party game so far.

   Now, the sound in Point Blank 2 is nearly identical to one found in it's arcade counterpart. The songs in Point Blank2 are very funny, and go well with the stage that you are in. The songs are also pretty clear.

   Well the control is probably the games biggest and easiest factor in this game, since all you do is aim and shoot. So the control is easy to pick up.

   As for the replay value, the game features over 70 stages, and tons of different targets. With 4 modes including, Endurance, Theme Park, Arcade, and Party Mode. Theme Park mode- Save the princess, Endurance Mode- Climb your way to the top of the tower by shooting everything. Party Mode- Play with 8 of your friends round-robin style. And more.

5/31/1999   SolidSnake