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Silent Hill
Graphics: 7.6
Gameplay: 6.5
Sound: 6
Control: 7.8
Replay Value: 7
Rating: 6.9

  Silent Hill is Konami's first attempt to bring out a Resident Evil style game, but were they successful at it? Well not really, you see Silent Hill has a lot of problems with it let's start out with the story. It's about a man named Harry and his daughter Cheryl. He loses his daughter when they encounter something while driving in their car. The car stops and Cheryl is either kidnapped or she has ran away in a town called "Silent Hill". After that Harry has fainted and has a dream, about following his daughter to some weird place and then getting killed by little ugly things with knives. Enough about the story let's get on to the flaws. Silent Hill has many things wrong with it. The voice acting is horrible, I think Konami should have checked the voice actors out before giving them the job right away. This is always the problem with horror games, they have crappy voice acting, does Resident Evil ring a bell?

   The graphics in Silent hill aren't bad but they aren't good either, they still need some work, and as for the CG's they look very very good. Although the sound is kind of good as I mentioned before the voice acting is bad and it's late. The control takes time to get used and it's sort of confusing. But the game is fairly long and should keep you playing only if you are a die hard horror fan. The bottom line is that Silent Hill turns out to be a pretty shallow game, and you should only purchase it if you are a horror game junky.