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South Park
Graphics: 6.5
Gameplay: 4
Sound: 7.4
Control: 6
Replay Value: 4.3
Rating: 5.6

  When South Park hit the N64, fans of the cartoon thought that a PSX version would never see the light of day. I hoped it wouldn't but Acclaim decided to port it over. The N64 version lacked much variety and never pleased in terms of gameplay, but does the PSX version pick up the pieces that the N64 version dropped?

   Graphically the PSX version doesn't even come close to pushing the Playstation to it's limits. The character detail is not very good and they look pretty jaggy, in fact I'd rather play as the flat 2D characters. Then only thing I liked about the graphics was that the towns looked pretty good and looked very similar to the ones from the cartoon. The game also runs on a toned down version of the Turok engine.

   If you read the preview on the game you may have read my little statement on variety. And I said hopefully the variety would improve in the PSX version of the game. Seems to be that Acclaim completely rushed the game in and didn't improve it all. Most of the stages are completely pointless. All you basically do is shoot the same enemy over and over again. Which can get so repetitive that playing the game can seem like a punishment.

   The sound is pretty good in South Park. But it kind of sounds like N64 sound quality, which totally disappoints me since I'm playing on a CD system. The PSX version features more sound samples included, than the N64 version. The big issue is the language. Some language is uncensored so there is parental discretion advised.

   The control can be a bit crappy at times. The game really doesn't have a very nice first person engine. And if you have a light stomach, do not play this game or you will find your self tossing cookies in the toilet, if you know what I mean. Other than the control layout is pretty simple.

   Since the game lacks a lot of variety, and variety affects the replay value, I had the lower the replay value a lot. Yeah, so if it has 2 player support, and so that it has secret characters. That fact of the matter is this: South Park is a pretty cheap game that needs more variety in order for it be a pleasant title to enjoy. Sorry Acclaim, maybe next time.

10/13/1999   SolidSnake