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Sports Car GT
Graphics: 4.8
Gameplay: 4.6
Sound: 5.7
Control: 6.5
Replay Value: 3
Rating: 4.9

  When they say "don't judge a book by it's cover", they are right. The makers of the game made it sound like a very good racer by using a catchy title and good looking graphics on websites and magazines. Don't get caught by the looks of things.

   Sports Car GT is a very outdated game for today, and it is nowhere close to today's racing games like Need For Speed 4 and Gran Turismo to name a few. While playing the game, it reminded me of the original Ridge Racer I played a couple of years ago. It feels like you are driving a big bumper car, because when you slam into a wall or another car, it just bounces off like rubber. This indicated that the engine that was used in this game was either old or very poorly designed.

   Graphics appeared to be very grainy and there isn't much to talk about in that field. Sound is poor based on today's standards. There was nothing attractive about the tracks in the game either.

   There is are some positive aspects to the game though. It features 45 brand name cars including Porsche, Lister, BMW, Saleen Mustang, Vector and more cars that we don't see too often in the racing games. As in Need For Speed 4, it also features the Pink Slip mode where you put up your saved cars for bets.

   This time Electronic Arts and Westwood Pacific didn't deliver what was expected from them. If you are a racing fan, stay away from this one, there are many better racing games out there today. Although there are some positive points in the game, they do not outweigh the negative ones.