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NFL Blitz 2000
Graphics: 9.3
Gameplay: 9.6
Sound: 8.8
Control: 9.3
Replay Value: 9.8
Rating: 9.4

  After the Midway's famed Blitz, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to predict a new version of the game. Ported from the Arcade hit Blitz 99, Blitz 2000 has many extras over the original title for PSX. Everything from graphics to the sound is improved to rack in those holiday dollars.

   With the newly advanced graphic engine, the whole package is looking even better. The graphics are much sharper on and off the field. Interface is redesigned to make the game setup easier and faster. Most of the graphical improvements were focused on the gameplay though. The fields and the stadiums come across to be very impressive compared to the many Playstation football games. And last but not least, the characters are larger, smoother and faster, especially in the one player mode.

   Gameplay is what made Blitz so popular, and Midway is there this time to make this segment of the title even better. All of you multi-player lovers, Blitz 2000 lets you play up to four players simultaneously with no slowdown in the frame rate. Of course to make all of the players visible, the camera is zoomed out and makes the players look smaller.

   In the arcade type gameplay, playbook is not the biggest concern. But the developers decided to add more sheets of plays and giving you an option to create and edit your own plays. Now one of the best things about Blitz 2000 is it's easy grab 'n' go gameplay. Unlike other simulation football games, Blitz 2000 is very easy to pick up and get the hang of.

   We haven't seen too many enhancements in the category of sound. Many of the sounds in the interface are the same from the original game. Probably the only sound improvement takes place during the play. The commentators have more things to say and sometimes they are funny.

   Replay value is something that takes time to rate. Since we have been playing the original Blitz from the date of its release to the date Blitz 2000 came out, this category deserves a very good grade. With the addition of the four player action, I can have fun with my friends without giving up my controller every time I loose.

   In conclusion, this release is the perfect upgrade to the first counterpart and once again satisfies every arcade gamer.

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