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Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Graphics: 8.5
Gameplay: 9.1
Sound: 8.7
Control: 9.2
Replay Value: 9.6
Rating: 9

  Capcom is one of the most well known videogaming companies ever, they have brought us excellent titles such as Breath of Fire, The Street Fighter series, The Resident Evil series and tons and tons more. Well when Capcom decided to release a puzzle game starting 4 deformed Street Fighter characters and 4 deformed Darkstalkers as well as 5 secret charcters including Akuma, Dan, and Anita. The result was a definite plus. Capcom called this little gem Super Puzzle fighter 2 Turbo. This is one of those special games that can grab you a never let you go. Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo is one of the greatest puzzle games I have ever played. Puzzle Fighter now stands one top there with other puzzle classics such as Columns 3 (Sega), Tetris (GameBoy), and Bust a Move (SNES).

   Puzzle Fighter has alot of different modes in it including Arcade mode, Versus Mode, Street Puzzle Mode, and Master Arcade Mode. Arcade and Versus mode are both self explanitory, but let me describe Street Puzzle mode. Street Puzzle mode is a mode where you pick a character and pick 1 of 6 secrets that you will receive if you beat a certain character.

   Let's talk about the graphics, sound, gameplay etc. First of the graphics are nothing special but they do look very good. The gameplay is just too addictive it's probably more addictive than smoking a cigarette. The sound is great, and all the songs from Street Fighter Alpha and Darkstalkers are in the game. Now for the control, the control takes no time to get used to since it only rotating the stones. And as for the replay value you will be coming back for more and more and more. So I guess I have nothing left to say except that if you love Puzzle games you should definetly check out Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo because you will not be dissapointed at all.