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Syphon Filter
Graphics: 9.9
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 9.5
Control: 9.5
Replay Value: 9.9
Rating: 9.8

  Syphon Filter is an Action/Adventure game with elements taken from Metal Gear Solid, Mission Impossble, and GoldenEye. The game is made by 989 Studios, whose reputation is not so good right now, due to bad games like Twisted Metal III, Cool Boarders 3, and they also canned NBA Shootout '99. But my mind has changed, because I got Syphon Filter!!!!

   Syphon Filter is a great game, both graphicly, and gameplay wise. You start out as an FBI agent who goes by the name of Gabe Logan, who i think is played by Alec Baldwin. With the whole arsenal of different types of weapons you must complete the missions and follow the parameters that were given to you. Not all of the missions are "kill and go", in some of the missions you must be very quiet and make sure nobody sees you while using the silenced gun to shoot bad guys in their heads. If you got Syphon Filter, the head shots are never boring.

   The game has excellent graphics as well as some killer FMV (full motion videos) clips. One of Syphon's biggest points is it's supperior sound, excellent in every single aspect. The game takes full (and very good) use of the Dual Shock controller. In my opinion it is better than Metal Gear, Mission Impossible, and GoldenEye. It's longer, has better graphics, better sound (by a hair) and a little more realistic. I'm not saying Metal Gear is a bad game, hell it's still one of my favorite ever but, I think Syphon Filter is just better.