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Tekken 3
Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 9.8
Sound: 10
Control: 9.9
Replay Value: 9.9
Rating: 9.9

  Enter the Tekken yet again for the 3rd time, Tekken 3 has been crowned "fighting game of the year" in my opinion it sure as hell deserves it. The Tekken series is now one of the most popular fighting game series, the reason behind Tekken's success is because of the games addictive non stop action.

   The arcade version ate up the coins, and the PSX version took in and made the money too. Tekken 3 for PSX is exactly like it's arcade counterpart, the graphics are perfect, the sound is excellent, the gameplay is the best ever, and the replay value is non stop. Tekken 3 will grab you like a hook and suck you in the game, just try and get away from your controller. Tekken 3 has over 20 fighters, and tons of cool and fun modes.

   The modes include Tekken Force mode which is a side scrolling mode where you walk around and kick other peoples asses all in 3D, Beach Ball mode is obtained, by beating the game with a certain amount of characters, Survival Mode is a mode like arcade, mode but when you win a certain battle and you have lost lives, after that battle you will regain about 20% of your lives back. And of course there is Arcade, vs, Practice, and Tournament Mode as well as Options mode.