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Vigilante 8
Graphics: 7.9
Gameplay: 7.1
Sound: 7
Control: 7.9
Replay Value: 6.9
Rating: 7.4

  GTI's second attempt at a car combat game in my opinion fails. Vigilante 8, is nothing like a car combat game. It seems to me that the game focuses more on car physics than combat.

   The graphics in Vigilante 8 are okay, but there are a few times when the game can really slow down. Although the car detail can sometimes get a little messy but is usually good. The backgrounds are very good and nicely detailed and are probably the best aspect in the graphics department. Another very good aspect is the lighting effects, the explosions look clean and and nice as well as the suns rays. If it wasn't for those things the graphics would have gotten an a lot lower score.

   Gameplay wise it's no Rouge Trip or Twisted Metal. Instead of having Arcade type, easy to drive, fast action physics, GTI went along and made the physics simulation type, which just totally ruins the whole experience of a game which should have been a "fast paced arcade style car combat game".

   I have always thought that disco was dead, well I was dead wrong. Out of all the types of music that is available today, GTI had to pick Disco, yeah I know that V8 takes place in the 70's and all but I really hate disco. What I liked about the sound was that the songs were all clear and the engines sounded really nice.

   V8's controls take time to get used to. But when you learn the controls the game will become a lot easier. And since the car physics are on the simulated side, steering can be a little bit harder.

   Well once everything is unlocked, the game is just no more fun. The only thing that can keep the game going is it's two player head to head mode. So for all those people who think that Vigilante 8 is a fast paced car combat game, think again. I suggest picking up Rouge Trip instead. Trust me!

7/15/1999   SolidSnake