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Vigilante 8: Second Offense
Graphics: 8.9
Gameplay: 7
Sound: 8.8
Control: 6.1
Replay Value: 7.1
Rating: 7.4

  When the first Vigilante 8 came out last year it was loved by some and hated by others. The game didn't have that Twisted Metal arcade feel to it, which made the game less enjoyable. Although the game did have some competition that included Rogue Trip, which in my opinion was the best car-combat game, and Twisted Metal 3 which was one of the highest selling PSX games ever but at the same time very disappointing. Well it's another year and it's more car-combat games, this time we have Vigilante 8: Second Offense and Twisted Metal 4 just came out. Find out how V8: 2 fairs.

   First of all the game has some great graphics, it features crisp looking visuals, as well excellently detailed areas. But for now let's talk about the car detail, overall the car detail is very good, all the vehicles look very smooth and that's surprising considering the fact that the stages in V8: 2 are huge. In fact the PSX version has better visuals than the N64 version. The frame rate also manages to keep steady, and it rarely drops. The game also features some great looking lighting effects.

   What made the first two Twisted Metal titles so great is the fact that it included excellent arcade physics and no complications that made the game so easy to pick up. But V8: 2 features awfully poor physics, that just takes away so much from the game. These cheap physics make the game a lot more harder to get used to. Actually the game becomes so painful to play, that you might just give up. The cars feel like they handle by themselves, it is almost as if you have no control over your car. Although the game does feature 9 tracks and 9 vehicles, as well as secret tracks and cars, that still doesn't improve the games gameplay score much. V8: 2 also features a Survival mode, a Story mode, a 2 Player mode, and an Arcade mode.

   Like the original V8, V8: 2 still has a 70's disco soundtrack, but the tunes are better this time around, they have funkier beats, better lyrics, and very clear speech. The game has great quality sound, the voices are very easy to understand, they are much more crisp than the previous version. I guess there really isn't much to say about the sound, except that the game features great overall sound.

   Now to another bad part of the game. The controls are the worst part about the whole game. They are so off balanced, it feels as if the car controls it self. This is the biggest flaw in the game. The game would have been one hell of a title if it wasn't for the crappy controls. It is nearly impossible to steer the car the way you want it to go. If you turn right the car will start turning right and keep turning right. Try keeping the car going straight on a narrow bridge and you fall into the water. You have to steer the car back in to control which is extremely frustrating.

   All in all V8: 2 could have been a stellar title, if it wasn't for the cheap controls. The game has beautiful graphics, with lush environments and excellently designed levels, and the gameplay is where the game loses it's edge. V8: 2 could have won the car combat title, but don't panic, there is still Twisted Metal 4 left test out..

11/20/1999   SolidSnake