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WCW Mayhem
Graphics: 8.9
Gameplay: 9
Sound: 9.6
Control: 9
Replay Value: 8.5
Rating: 9

  When THQ has lost the WCW license (thank heaven), EA quickly nabbed it. People trusted EA with the game, and they all knew that EA wouldn't mess it all up, like THQ did. Now it looks like EA has gained a lot more trust, and have proven themselves worthy of creating a very good wrestling game. THQ was never quite successful with making anything right with any of their WCW games. And the company wanted to change all of that after it took the WCW license.

   The game's graphics are very good, the faces look very detailed, but there are also some drawbacks. The bodies of the wrestlers don't look as good as the ones in WWF Attitude. The bodies in Mayhem look a little blocky, and some look quite the same. But never the less, the way the wrestlers were captured is amazing. When I pull of a move, the animation looks superb and very life like.

   Since wrestling is the most popular cable show category today, EA wanted to make WCW Mayhem feel and play just like the real thing. They did a nice job in doing so. Mayhem features a variety of modes, a tag team, battle royal, triangle, and many other ones. The game is also four players, so invite your friends over and stir up mayhem in your house. These days what is a wrestling game without a create a player option? That's right WCW Mayhem features a pretty good create a player section. Not really as deep as the Acclaim made with their WWF titles, but it still is very good. Plus considering the fact that this is EA's first try. Did I mention that the ring entrances are very good too? Well they sure are. During a ring entrance you will hear the announcer, announcing the wrestler. The best part in the gameplay is that you can leave the ring and fight in the garage, locker room or boiler room.

   THQ's WCW Thunder, had the worst commentary in any sports game or any game period. All they would say is 3 words: Ohhh power bomb, and body slam. Now take a look at Mayhem's commentary, precise on time, sound quality is superb. thunder had none of that. Ring entrance music sounds very clear, and experiences no break up.

   The control in Mayhem, is very very easy to get used to. Unlike Acclaim's WWF titles, in Mayhem you don't have to do a 4 button combo in order to execute a move. Nope not like that in Mayhem, instead, Square is for tie-up and during tie-up press any action button to do a move. Triangle is special, O is punch, X is kick, L1 is to block/pin, and R1 is to run. And also unlike Attitude and Warzone, Mayhem has Dual Shock.

   WCW Mayhem features a variety of modes, a four player option, a create a player option, a sort of carrier mode and even secret characters. Mayhem does a better job in most of the categories than Attitude, but only fails by a bit in the graphics section. If you like WCW you should definitely pick this game up. If you like WWF, you should still pick it up or at least rent it.

10/6/1999   SolidSnake