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WWF Attitude
Graphics: 9.3
Gameplay: 9.4
Sound: 9.6
Control: 8.5
Replay Value: 9.8
Rating: 9.3

  Acclaim's WWF Warzone revolutionized the videogame wrestling industry, excelling both in graphics and gameplay. Warzone was one of the most realistic games in terms of graphics and pure real life realism. The game was still lacking a few things, it needed more value, more modes, characters, etc. Well, WWF Attitude delivers just that, Attitude packs a way bigger body slam than Warzone in every way possible.

   As usual the graphics start first. Attitude delivers better graphics than Warzone, but the difference is not that big. The graphics in Attitude have been tweaked up a little, to give the characters skin a better and smoother look. One of the most annoying features I found In Warzone was it's horribly cheap looking crowd. The crowd looked like something a 2 year old drew. But Acclaim delivered a big change and made the crowd more life like, they actually move and have signs.

   Attitude delivers a mighty blow in the gameplay category, bringing over 20 different modes and this time Royal Rumble and Gauntlet are on the PSX version. Attitude brings back the Tornado, War, and Weapons matches, as well as adding brand new modes like a Lumberjack, Triangle, a 3 on 1, 2 on 1, and literally a ton of new modes. One of the most heard complaints about Warzone was that ring entrances were far too short, and Attitude changes all of that. The ring entrances in Attitude are superb, they are long and very realistic.

   The sound is Attitudes best aspect, all of the wrestlers have ring entrance themes that are in the game and sound very clear, you will not find anything close to MIDI type songs here unlike the N64 version of the game. All of the themes and voices are near CD quality. This time around the commentators are Shane McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Attitude has over 75 different phrases implanted into it for both commentators not each but both.

   Last year Warzone featured no analog support nor Dual Shock support, and well I did forgive Acclaim that time because the Dual Shock was only released in April and Attitude was released in July so the game would have been delayed, Acclaim didn't want to keep there fans waiting so they decided to release it. But Attitude does feature support dual shock and analog. The moves are still very easy to execute in my opinion, but for a less experienced gamer they can be a tad difficult, and this time around the finishers are actually shown on the move list.

   The replay value is very high indeed, Attitude features over 20 modes, over 50 WWF stars and more than 10 jobbers, 4 player via multi-tap compatibility. The create a wrestler mode has totally been expanded, so you change almost everything about your character. On top of that there are a ton of cheats to unlock including secret characters, a few handicaps, big heads, ego mode and more. All in all Attitude is one hell of a game that will keep you going a very long time. Kudos to Acclaim for making their best and last WWF title.

8/12/1999   SolidSnake