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Marvel vs Capcom
Graphics: 8.5
Gameplay: 9
Sound: 8.2
Control: 9.4
Replay Value: 9.2
Rating: 9
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Number Of Players: 1-2

   Since the start of Capcom's "versus" titles, fans have been cashing out their pocket change and dropping it into an arcade machine. The very first "VS" title was X-Men vs. Street Fighter which started the new genre and featured wholesome amount of characters and a tag-team mode. The second, which was Marvel vs. Street Fighter featured the same concept except the characters were different and so were the stages. Both games were released on the Saturn and Playstation, the Sega version of X-men vs. SF was arcade perfect, while the PS version suffered from slowdown and a weird tag feature.

   Later on, Marvel vs. SF was released on both consoles, The Saturn version was yet again arcade perfect, but this time the PSX version had largely improved the frame rate with little to no slowdown and the tag feature was somewhat in the game. Now it's time for Marvel vs. Capcom, the game that changed the way we all play VS titles, making it the best out of the series. Now the title has made it to consoles, both the Dreamcast and the Playstation. See how the PSX Japanese version faired.

   Comparing this game to its Dreamcast counterpart, I can safely say that Marvel vs. Capcom has dazzling graphics on the Playstation. Although you might think it's just your average 2D fighter, the game has some great looking special effects. The super moves look just incredible, all of them are filled with bright looking colors, just like the Arcade version. Characters are all packed with great detail, the hair, the muscles, the ripples on the clothes are all there, and when a giant hero or villain is on screen the frame rate still manages to keep its pace. The only time that I have experienced some slowdown was when there were two giant characters on screen pulling of a super. That might bring the frame rate down but not terribly. This version may not be far as impressive as the DC version but it still holds its own share of looking very good never the less.

   Many people find the tag-team as the most important aspect of the game, and while I do agree I don't get completely disappointed when I can't play the feature in the PSX port of the game. To me actually having the ability to play as Marvel or Capcom characters is the best thing. I love kicking Spiderman's butt with Ryu or Mega Man, or even fighting Mega Man against Roll. It's those features that I love about Marvel vs. Capcom, and while the DC version does feature tag-team, I'm not completely bummed out that the PSX version doesn't.

   Like Marvel vs. SF, Marvel vs. Capcom has a gallery mode where every time you beat the game you unlock a picture and the ending. But now there is a new addition to the gallery mode, which is called Special Partners. What you do in that gallery is view the attacks that the special partners perform when they are called during the battle. What would a fighting game be without the secret characters? A pointless game with no replay value and variety. Marvel vs. Capcom features a load of secret characters to choose from. Beating the game with Mega Man rewards you with Roll, and beating the game with Morrigan rewards you with Lilith. There are about 10 secret characters to be opened including Onslaught. In addition to the Cross-Over mode, the game also features a training mode where you can learn to pull of air combos and triple super combos.

   What do you expect from the sound, it's just your average Q-Sound like it has been for the past four years, starting with the very first Street Fighter Alpha. All the songs found in the arcade can be found in the PS version as well, some may make you remember the good old days of the original Street Fighter games, while others may start something new in your head. All the songs and voices are of great clarity, each sound crisp and crystal clear.

   Like all the other Capcom games, the control is basically the same as the arcade. If you have played other Street Fighter games before then you know the scheme of the control. And I'm pretty confident that you have played a Street Fighter game during it's 13 year life span (give or take a few years) so I don't have to explain the control layout. But I will explain, how to pull off a cross over combo, pull of the motion like you would do the Hadoken and press high punch and kick, that's all.

   In the end Capcom gives me an excellent fighter that I'm sure I will be playing for a long time. Believe it or not I have been playing Marvel vs. SF ever since its release, and that will also be the result with Marvel vs. Capcom. Mixing arcade performance graphics, fun and addictive gameplay, and your average Capcom control, Marvel vs. Capcom is one title that you should import or at least wait for in U.S.


12/17/1999   SolidSnake