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Medal of Honor Review

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   EA's World War II title has finally made it to stores here in the US. Medal of Honor is a 1st person shooter game based on World War II, that puts into the shoes of a US Soldier. You as the soldier have to make your way through many beautifully designed areas, but I'll talk about that all later. At an attempt to create a WWII game for Playstation, EA goes all out to make this by far the most realistic shooter on the market. My first impressions on the game before it's release weren't too kind, I was expecting a mediocre 1st person shooter, but damn was I wrong. Keep reading to find out how marvelous Medal of Honor turned out to be.

   On a visual standard Medal of Honor looks great. MOH features excellent looking explosions, beautifully designed levels, and great detail on the bodies. The overall look of MOH is breathtaking, you'd think with that much action on one screen you would experience slowdown, but that isn't the case in Medal of Honor. I've been playing the game non-stop and haven't noticed a touch of slowdown. Overall crisp visuals, great looking explosions and flawless frame rate, make MOH of the most enjoyable game too look at.

   The game's main stand is it's unbelievable gameplay. Playing this game almost makes you feel like you are literally in the war. It's main idea is to re-live WWII all over again, you are a US Soldier who is the best in his class who was hired by an agency and is out to carry missions. On your missions you will encounter German Nazis that need a little lesson, teach them one and keep going. Every stage has at least 3 or more missions to be completed and on some you will need to use your noodle a little. Since this title's main focus is the realism, EA has decided to include an array of weapons. Everything from a regular handgun to a shotgun and even to a rocket launcher. Besides having tons of weapons to choose from you also can take control over an enemy's machine gun. You may notice these powerful machine guns in almost every stage implanted into the ground. You can take over them by pressing Square and shot the enemies.

   Now that we have got the weapons out of our hands, I can now talk about tactics. First of I want to mention that the Artificial Intelience is incredibly smart, so you won't be dealing with idiots that don't even run away from grenades. No way, if you throw a grenade at the enemy he will either pick it up and throw it back at you or he will kick it away. In terms of gameplay this game can truly be compared to GoldenEye. It's AI is far more intelligent than that found in GoldenEye, MOH features a more extensive line of weapons than GoldenEye and the game (MOH) has a better balance. Medal of Honor actually features a good story line, and the cameras aren't bouncy. There is more to be said, but in the end Medal of Honor leaves Nintendo's GoldenEye in the dust.

   Here comes the greatest aspect, it's revolutionary sound. Playing Medal of Honor will definitely make you feel like you are in a movie theater watching some action flick, say something like Star Wars EP1. The game's sound effects are truly mesmerizing, every shatter, every footstep, every gun shot can be heard, and the clarity is to die for. If you have a big screen TV, and a powerful stereo system make sure to hook both up and play Medal of Honor, because I swear to you if you pump up the volume you WILL be experiencing World War 2. And last but not least the game also features dialogue during in and out of the mission.

   On the control side the game, it isn't really disappointing but control takes time to get used to. This is a 1st person shooter and their are controls to be learned. The top shoulder buttons (L1, R1) are for moving sideways, L2 is to crawl, R2 is to aim, L3 is to center view, X is to shoot, Square is to open up doors or take over machine guns, Triangle is to Jump, and O is to switch weapons. The lay out may sound easy but it takes some time to get used to.

   In conclusion Medal of Honor is one of Playstation's best titles out there to date, and it is very well the best 1st person on the market. Mixing, the story of Saving Private Ryan, and the action of GoldenEye, Medal of Honor is truly one of the years best games ever. Even if you are not a fan of 1st person shooters, I still highly suggest buying Medal of Honor.

12/8/1999 SolidSnake

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