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ECW: Hardcore Revolution Review

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   Alright now admit it, when you heard that Acclaim will lose their publishing rights for WWF to THQ you were pretty heart broken inside. We all remembered the kind of poor work that THQ did for the PS and N64 in the wrestling genre (excluding WCW/NwO Revenge), so the whole videogaming community was extremely skeptical and doubtful of THQ. But THQ delivered the outstanding WWF Smackdown and proved most of us wrong. While on the other side of the window we had Acclaim who was license-less, but wait what about ECW? Acclaim quickly nabs the ECW license and with no delay start working on the title. They announced that the title would be the first M rated wrestler and it may be the best wrestling game. Later on, they showed the first screens of ECW: HR, and the reaction to them was pathetic. The game looked identical to WWF Attitude and it ran on the same engine that pushed WWF Warzone. Well the review may be late, but that's because we have been busy with other coverage on games like Syphon Filter 2 and other titles a million more times important than ECW. So now that WWF Attitude 2, err... I mean ECW: HR has been released read on for the disappointing scoop.

   Does Acclaim really expect us to play the same game over again by publishing it under a new license. The graphics are a huge turn off, they could have taken their time and released a game that would've been better than WWF SmackDown! Using the same game engine is the stupidest move a company can do to a wrestling game, we all got bored of Attitude in about a few weeks and why would we want to spend another $40 to play the game again. The character detail may be pretty good but the collision detection is still wretched. You see wrestler's whole body go through the ropes and Acclaim expects us not to notice that. While we're on the subject of ropes, I must say that they are way too close to one another and that is why the wrestlers move right through them. Overall result is that WWF SmackDown may very well be the greatest wrestling game ever for Playstation, unless THQ is already getting set to beat their own game out with another title.

   Damn you, whoever put Attitude in my PSX. I'm trying to write a review here, oh wait this ECW oops. That back there was not a harmless mistake, when playing ECW: HR you'll swear to yourself that somebody really good has made ECW custom characters and saved it on your Attitude file. In-fact that's what I think Acclaim did, they probably scraped every WWF wrestler, fired up the Create a Wrestler mode and just tossed everything like a salad. My Rob Van Dam looks better than Acclaim's. The whole game is just basically a whole new rendition of WWF Attitude. What could've been an excellent license to market wrestling games under, was destroyed by Acclaim. You have over 35 wrestlers to choose from and you basically have every match playable except for Royal Rumble, since it is a property of WWF. You have the option to turn the language up to Mature and hear a few blanked out cursing here and there. Gameplay is a replica of Attitude's and the moves are all explained in the Moves Menu so you need no help there. This is definitely not what true ECW fans deserve, I may not be a constant ECW viewer but I am aware of all the things that go around. This is one sorry wrestling title, put my SmackDown back in.

   The ring intros are the same as Attitude's as well, but the sound clarity feels like it has been compressed for cartridge format. That is peculiar because I put in Attitude just to see if it was me but I am not dreaming here, the sound quality feels like it has been lowered. The commentary has also been lowered and also feels like cartridge format. The speech is clear but the quality isn't as crisp as Attitude's.

   I won't mention control because it is exactly like WWF Attitude's and I will just skip to the conclusion. The ECW license could have been a fortunate one, but Acclaim needed a quick buck so they rushed out the title under an outdated buggy engine that needs a lot more polishing. ECW: Hardcore Revolution is merely worth a rental, and it is worth it to those who enjoy ECW, but other gamers STAY AWAY! Go purchase WWF SmackDown if you know what's good for you.

3/27/2000 SolidSnake

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