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Urban Chaos Review

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   A game that I thought would never see the light of day has actually arrived on the PS. As of late Eidos has only been able to impress twice in the past year, and that was with Soul Reaver and Fear Effect. Their productions seem to get weaker and weaker every year, frankly I'm disappointed, a publisher such as Eidos should over look their games before shipping them. But I suppose it is the developers that they give the job to, Crystal Dynamics and Kronos did wonders with Eidos' ideas, while Core only destroyed their ideas. Now Mucky Foot (who the hell?) has taken over on the PS version of Urban Chaos, has their efforts paid off and made me happy to hear the name Eidos again, or have Eidos sunken even lower.

   How can I describe the graphics? In two words "the worst", I mean it, Urban Chaos has the worst PS graphics ever. Not only is this far inferior to the quality of a first-gen PS title, but a Sega CD can do ten times better. I do not know what the hell was Eidos smokin' when they decided to publish Urban Chaos, maybe they thought that they were just going to make a buck off this game, but they are definitely mistaken. Urban Chaos has everything imaginable wrong with it, you name it fails it. Starting with the pop-up, Urban Chaos is full of it, period. Objects would appear when you are two steps away from them, and I am not kidding. Now that the pop-up is out of the way, let's talk textures and character detail.

   Remember when you were four and just started painting and writing in kindergarten? Just try to reminisce of what a terrible job you did, compared to the current job you do now. Now imagine a four year developing of a videogame, the result would be a job better than what the developers at Mucky Foot did with Urban Chaos. The game has some of the worst textures I have ever seen the PS do, blurry, pixely and no detail at all. The character detail is even worse than the pop-up, not only is the main character grainy, but she is also anorexic. When you look at the CGs (which are poorly compressed) you see a normal woman, but then as soon as the game starts you see a woman who looks like she weighs an ounce. To sum it all up, Urban Chaos is the by far the most ugliest videogame ever, my eyes are bleeding right about now.

   The gameplay is almost as bad as the visuals. To start off with, Urban Chaos is the most repetitive title I have played thus far. Not only is the game un-inspired, but the levels and missions are as dull as a broken pencil. The game starts out with a reasonably okay CG intro, there is a little profanity so you may want to cover your ears. Stern who is the main character is chasing a few baddies, she cops one in the chest and the other in the head while he is in the getaway van. The intro kind of builds some anticipation, but that rapidly comes down when the game starts. There isn't anything special in Urban Chaos, no two player mode, no extra features, nothing! If the devil put your soul on the line, I would rather give up my soul than play Urban Chaos. The camera acts up so much and it is so incredibly annoying that I almost jumped out the window. Jumps are another common problem you would encounter in games like Urban Chaos, unfortunately the jumps are most likely worse than Blasto's. Extreme crap lies beneath this game, this shall remain unpurchased forever, I just hope that everybody reads this and stays away from it.

   Aside from the "ok" voice acting, the music is far too repetitive. All tunes have the same beat and are unbelievably irritating. What ticks me off even more about the sound is that the voices in the cut scenes can barely be heard. I had to push the volume about 70% just to hear the dialogue clearly.

   I will skip the control, because it features no sensitivity in the analog sticks, awful response to command, and just overall poor layout. Urban Chaos can be summarized as the worst game that a console has seen in the last four years. Awful visuals, horribly un-inspired gameplay, repetitive tunes, muted speech and un responsive controls definitely earns Urban Chaos as one of the worst videogames ever.

4/10/2000 SolidSnake

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