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Rampage Through Time Review

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   Starting out on the arcade and moving on to the NES, Rampage was a great game which had all the right elements in it. The first Rampage has colorful backgrounds, mass destruction and three characters to choose from. Rampage was incredibly popular among arcade gamers and same could be said for owners of the NES. Rampage's success was all there, but the game disappeared from the gaming scene for quite a while. In fact Rampage was gone for such a long time that it made the transition from 8 BIT to 32/64 Bit consoles. Rampage World Tour was the first of the revised series, it came with no bang, gave critics nothing to rave about and basically was a flop. Universal Tour was the same game with the addition of new characters and yet again was a flop. Rampage Through Time is yet again again the same mindless, senseless and ludicrous action that all of the other Rampage titles, but it's still as tedious as ever. Midway's problem is that they think that you can actually have too much of a good thing, but that's no true. There Mortal Kombat series is a dust ball because of its repetitive gameplay, and the Rampage titles are no different. Throughout all the Rampage games (including NES) all gamers did was destroy buildings over and over and over. So now Midway releases another Rampage title, this time with a cheaper price tag read the review.

   Visuals were never a good spot in Rampage titles, that category was mainly plagued because of the horrendous and repetitious backgrounds. The characters like George and Lizzie were always the only reasonable part in the visuals area. What can I say, the graphics received no noticeable change at all. The backgrounds still suck, the monsters are still "okay" detailed while the buildings look like colored ashes. Just about everything is wrong with the visuals, instead of making Rampage games 2D why not make them 3D, eliminate the other monsters on screen, use the extra polygons on the main character and textures only then will you have a decent looking title. There is no sense of freedom, you just scroll your characters left and right, jumping on buildings and smashing them. As the great Bart Simpson once said, this is "craptacular". My final verdict on graphics, boresville from start to finish.

   For the past ten years Rampage's gameplay hasn't changed a bit. It's still the same old, same old. There is now a cast of six characters, the three original characters and the three new comers from last years horrid game. The game opens up with a pretty funny skit as a news anchor parodying NBC's Tom Brokaw is blowing his nose not knowing the cameras are rolling. During the skit we discover a time machine has been created as the news anchor continues he gets a breaking message that monsters have entered the time machine and this is where the game picks up. Rampage Through Time is a title that has nothing going for it, the mini-games are shallow and don't offer anything special. The gameplay is still the same concept, you run around destroying buildings, eating people, and trying to beat up your opposing monster for more points. Combining all of this together spells out the word 'boring'. Rampage Through Time offers hardly anything new to capture my attention for at least a second. I had no intensions trying to dig into the game further, this is one of those games that you play for 15 minutes, put down the controller and argue with the store clerk to take the piece of junk back.

   When it comes down to sound I think "where the hell is the mute button on the controller". The opening scene with the anchor sounds decent but everything from there sounds like an 8 Bit sound fest. The effects are very annoying and repetitive, all you hear is a groan and a scream. Basically this section of the game sounds worse than knocking on a hollow wall.

   The control sadly is the only average aspect in the game. The only reason for that is because of the games 2D plane, you control your character by using left and right on the pad or left analog stick. The Dual Shock almost felt like it wasn't there, the feature is kind of stupid, it works only when you are hit and not when you hit something else. The same control layout is used as all the previous Rampage titles.

   The biggest difference between all the new Rampage titles is that the PS version finally has the three player feature in it. It may be fun but after a few a 30 minutes the excitement bogs down and leaves. My final reference on Rampage Through Time is that the title is a waste of plastic, the multi-player mode in the game is nothing compared to these games like Crash Team Racing, NFL Blitz 2000, Wu-Tang Shaolin Style and Speed Punks. Too bad that I had to spend an hour writing this review on a horrible game like Rampage.

7/10/2000 SolidSnake

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