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Nightmare Creatures 2 Review

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   Ok, so this review may be a bit late, so sue me! It's been a hellish month, with Final Fantasy IX import, Playstation 2, July 4th updates, on top of that mod-chip reports and Sunday specials, there was just no room to fit an unsatisfactory game like Nightmare Creatures 2 into the hectic update board. The first Nightmare Creatures well, [what's the word I'm looking for]? Oh yeah an ambombanation! The control was sluggish, the graphics were poorly created and the game offered almost nothing to keep me coming back. So Konami gets to work on a sequel to NC with Kalisto (a French developer), both companies promise a better adventure than the first and do they deliver?

   Ummm... okay the visuals in a word are 'bad'. The character detail is good and all but the awful textures and the cheap CG intro made me want to toss my cookies. In a serious manner, NC2 has very pixely and grainy looking textures, the first thing I noticed were the appalling blurry textures. Character detail is quite impressive, at times when there is little on the screen, the main character noticeably starts moving smoother almost as if the frame rate is juiced up. There isn't much clipping and everything is fine in the character detail, but there is no excuse for the horrendous textures, the below average cut-scenes and the 'ok' lighting. The frame rate is also somewhat of an issue, at times the game may play very choppy and it is very annoying to the human eye. I think NC2 deserves its score of 5.4, character detail may be there but the rest of the visuals areas aren't.

   *Snore* *Snore*, oh huh? Sorry. Gameplay, what can I say about the gameplay? The game takes place in the year 1934, then picks up with the main character in an insane asylum of some sort, he picks up his axe and breaks out raising hell and fighting off creatures. This point of the game when Snoreville starts, like any other 3D action game out there, all you do in NC2 is kill, kill, kill, kill, solve a stupid puzzle, and kill some more. Not only do I not like this game for what it is but the amount of gore that the game displays in horrible. I'm old enough to witness it (I see on New York streets everyday:) but for a kid who is 10-14 oh hell no. On a scale of 1-10 the gore level in NC2 is an 11, if you are a parent reading this by an chance and just happen to find this game in your kids room, I suggest that you slap him over the head and return the disk. The gory images are just too intense for a young mind (yes more than Mortal Kombat). Your character is equipped with an Axe, he runs around slashing horrifying creatures over and over, you also find keys, skulls, and can even pull off a cheesy looking fatality. Fatalities are pulled off when you have beaten the hell out of a baddie and he is on his last ounce of blood, the word FATALITY will appear in the position of his life bar, and that's when your cue for striking X + Square comes in. Don't be fooled though as tempting as NC2 may sound, it is honestly one of the worst PS titles since BoomBots. I want to discuss the game's camera issues, the camera moves at such a choppy rate that it made me dizzy (literally). I have no reason why the camera is so sluggish, stuttered and choppy, but Kalisto better give me a good one. Nightmare Creatures 2 is one bad nightmare folks and that's for sure.

   Rob Zombie? Okay I can live with that, hey I like Rob Zombie. But the background sound isn't as spooky as Resident Evil's or even Silent Hill, the repetitive groans get extremely tedious, irritating and don't even spook me a bit, Sesame Street has scarier background sounds. The soundtrack is pretty cool, Rob Zombie throws in a few tracks to add to the game, sadly his efforts are there but aren't very noticeable because of the game's big imperfections.

   The control is a bit rough, the vibrations rarely work, I don't know why but I let the enemy purposely slap me silly just to see how the Dual Shock operates but I got nothing. What's even worse is that the analog has no sensitivity in movement at all. The controls are again poor and sluggish just like the first one.

   Never make a promise you can't keep Konami and Kalisto. Throughout the whole time I had doubts on Nightmare Creatures 2, and I nailed the board with NC2. I can barely recommend a rental and it all depends on your taste in videogames. On a final note Nightmare Creatures 2 isn't a very long game, a week and a half is all you need.

7/18/2000 SolidSnake

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