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Star Trek: Invasion Review

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  I'll admit it, I'm not a "treky", nor was I ever. I never liked Star Trek because I thought it was boring and the whole sci-fi thing never did anything special for me, besides some of the characters were ugly as hell. Stating that, I also never played a single Star Trek videogame but I know that most of them if not all of them were pretty bad. When I heard about Activision and Warthog doing a Star Trek game, I didn't really jump out of my seat until, Activision recently sent us a preview copy of Star Trek Invasion. I was pretty skeptical about the game but when I experienced the first action stage I was sweeped off of my feet with the amazing gameplay, eye-candy visuals and most of all the orchestrated soundtrack. Star Trek quickly became my favorite aircraft shooter, so now we have the review copy of the game, see how it fared.

   What can I say about the visuals? Oh let's see "eye-candy, eye-candy, eye-candy, and more eye-candy"! The special effects in Star Trek are surreal, the explosions look fantastic, the laser beams and other special effects are incredibly vibrant with a great selection of colors that light up the screen. The lighting effects are another great job done by Warthog, when you look at the sun beaming at your ship you will notice some flaring going on. Lets address the atmospheric detail and the craft detail. The atmosphere is huge, there is no limit to exploration but I don't suggest that you go too far out because it will take time to find your enemies causing you to sometimes lose missions. The detail in the environments is far above average, the planets look as if they are reachable and have a good solid look to them. The aircrafts are the other amazing spectacles in Invasion, they all have a unique design to them and they all are incredibly detailed. You have a few aircrafts that you fly around in all with smooth detail, but there are also enemy aircrafts which are just as detailed as yours.

   The action is very Colony Wars, the game definitely takes a cue from the Psygnosis series and it shows. Everything from the visuals to the gameplay has at least some Colony Wars features in it. Star Trek boasts a pretty fun two-payer mode which should make this game a keeper even longer. That isn't all there is to the two-player mode, you can also play co-op through five different missions. Speaking of missions, we also have the incredible amount of missions, 20 of them actually and side-quests that can be accomplished, all with the help of your Star Trek buddies. The missions will require the use stealth, pursuit, evasion, retrievement, and preservation. The gameplay in general is quite entertaining as hunting down enemy crafts can be a blast, literally. These ships aren't duds though, they will team up on you, evade your attacks, and basically do everything to protect themselves from danger. Your aircraft can also fitted with ten weapons, such as proximity mines, gravity bombs, morning stars, lasers, and a repel beam energy lance. If the enemy starts attacking your craft you can always doge by double tapping on R1 or L1, and that will cause the ship to shimmy to its respective side depending on what button you hit. Throughout your air space journey you will come across Star Trek elements such as, Klingons, Borg, and Romulans, so trekkies won't be dissapointed. Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn also make their audio appearances to accompany the game through his voyage. Based on the Next Generation series of Star Trek, Invasion is a very fun shooter that beats any other console shooter out there, and best of all it isn't very linear.

   The sound is absolutely magnificent, the orchestrated music is something that is not of this world. The audio is incredibly crisp and the quality is unbeatable, the last non-RPG game to impress me with its audio was none other than Medal of Honor of course. Star Trek has voice acting which is timed precisely and never skips a beat. Then the orchestrated music feels like you are in a Universal Studios theme park about to embark on a ride like ET where you are on a bike floating upon the air and the sci-fi music in the background is playing smoothly to your ear, that is the very same feeling you get with Star Trek. Warthog has done an amazing job with everything, they really surprised me.

   The controls take a little time to get used to. At first the game may feel a bit uncomfortable with the aircraft feeling a bit loose, but playing the game for about 15 minutes will quickly get you acquainted with the controls and the maneuverability of the craft. Using the analog stick is the most prime and efficient way of getting the most out of your control. The dual shock is also a good thumb up, the effects are rock hard and never let down.

   In the end Star Trek invasion proved to be a great first Playstation Star Trek game, it doesn't let you down in any way. The visuals are a feat to behold, the gameplay is a bag of fun, the control is tight and the incredible sound quality will never be forgotten. Star Trek fans this is a must have game for you, sci-fi craft shooter fans this is a must as well, and gamers looking for a good challenge and time should definitely consider at least renting Invasion. The Activision string of success continues...

8/27/2000 SolidSnake

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