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Disney's Dinosaur Review

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  We all know that the summer movies this year weren't as great as last year, Me, Myself and Irene and X-Men were arguably the two biggest movies of the summer. Ss always Disney has at least one blockbuster on their hands, but that wasn't the case with their computer animated film Dinosaur. The sales were moderate and far below what Disney hoped to make, the reviews were also not what was expected and on top of all that a game was in the making based on the movie by Ubi Soft. So okay Dinosaur was far below stellar, but that didn't stop Ubi Soft from yanking the game by the neck with a cane. Instead the production continued, and Disney Interactive went along with finishing the game. Clearly Dinosaur would be released to an audience targeted for children, but even though this game is aimed at toddlers, was it the right choice to finish developing the game?

   "Hmph"... is all I can say to the visuals. The environments are too boring, the first stage is in a jungle like area with trees, grass, water, and some sand. What I noticed right away was that the same color palette is used over and over again. The whole stage consisted of green, light green, and yellow which just about rounded off the whole atmospheric design. The textures look nice but are far too re-used to earn my attention as a job well done by Disney Interactive and all the other developers who worked on the game. The character detail is yet again "repetitive" and tedious, every stage has only one or two different enemy species running around, which in essence makes this game incredibly dull and plain fashioned. If it wasn't for the nice eye-candy clips from the movie including the intro with the winged-dino swooping down to the land under another dino's neck. The visuals in Dinosaur are just above average and do very little to satisfy my gaming needs, it's a shame to see Ubi Soft's rainbow logo slapped on the box.

   The one word to describe Dinosaur is "boring". For some reason that seems to be the whole impression here, everything about this game is boring. The visuals are lame and have repetitive backgrounds, and textures meanwhile the game is as hollow as a tree stump. I like the idea of having three characters pursuit you, it gives it that little RPG aroma to the game, but not exactly so don't get misled by those words. The game sets you up as the winged-dino Flia, who is looking for an egg who hatches seconds later into another character Aladar a Rhinosaurus. Just after that, you meet Zini, and well everything goes flop from there on. If this game was aimed at children I think that every time an objective is accomplished it should sort set a checkpoint for where you would re-start if you lose. But for some reason the game will plant you off at a save point in the middle of the stage, forcing you to re-do every mission completed after the save-point was accessed the first time, to your loss. That would really discourage a kid, because that would be considered as a big task, while for a gamer like you and me we would get to that spot in no time. Also after you un-group you party you are left controlling one of the three characters leaving the other two standing still, allowing enemies to run them over and pummel them. The game isn't that much fun to play, there is no depthness of any kind, and once again can only be described as a boring game.

   Thankfully the sound is probably the only good point in the whole game, the voice acting can said as decent, but everything else about the sound is just average. The clarity is very good, and the words are pronounced comprehensively. The voice acting timing could be better, and the emotion in speech is just overdone. The speech sometimes sounds like sarcasm rather than a serious tone. The sound effects are once again (say together) "boring"! The only sounds you'll probably hear are, grunts and screeches from you and your enemies, at times some background sound may accompany you, like a waterfall for example, but that would be about it. The music is nothing special and doesn't impress me as far as originality goes. The sound is a mixed-bag, you take it or leave it (I suggest you leave it).

   Controlling this game is cake and is clearly set for younger hands. Movement can be done either way digital or analog, and action buttons are Square for jump, X for attack, O for group attack, and Triangle to group your friends. L1 and R1 is to switch around your characters when you are either in group or out. Nothing really to the controls, but some better force feedback would be nice.

   In the end Dinosaur turns out to be exactly like the movie, a shortcoming feature with minimal inclusions to make this game appealing in any way. Sadly with more time Dinosaur could have been at least a decent title, but this game succumbs to one and only one thing and that would be boredom. Dinosaur is merely worth a rental and is sure as hell not worth the $30 or $40, you should only consider using this disk as 1. a coaster and 2. a frisbee, because that's about all this game is worth.

9/22/2000 SolidSnake

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