Playstation Game Reviews: NFL Blitz 2001 Review

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NFL Blitz 2001 Review

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  The NFL Blitz series is more or less a spin off to the NBA Jam series. Like NBA Jam, Blitz featured arcade action with absolutely no rules, and a decreased on screen roster. With 7 on 7 action, NFL Blitz was a fast paced arcade game that was a huge hit with gamers and critics alike. The following year NFL Blitz 2000 was released, the game basically featured the same concept but this time each team has different play books, four player gameplay was added, visuals slightly enhanced and an all new play editor mode. NFL Blitz 2000 was a very good, then following that came Kurt Warner's Arena Football League. I'm mentioning it since it ran on the same engine, but played and looked horribly worse. Kurt Warner was one of those games that you would like to forget and never think about, but with the release of NFL Blitz 2001 up ahead I couldn't help but wonder how it will turn out. Well now that I've got NFL Blitz 2001, see what I thought about it.

   Nope, you aren't losing your sight! You're reading the graphics score correctly, the bar is displaying a 2.0! First off, I must get this off my chest; but the graphics in NFL Blitz 2001 look like sh*t, I'm sorry if I am offending anyone but I just can't find any other word to describe the visuals. The player detail is significantly worse than any other Playstation game you've ever seen before, hell these graphics would even do a first generation game any good. The player detail is awful, the bodies are far too choppy and the clipping is atrocious. When I first started playing the game and noticed the butt ugly graphics I thought that I may have been playing too much NFL 2K1 and or Playstation 2. So I decided to pop in NFL Blitz (the original) and see how the visuals different between Blitz 2001 and the original, and the result was staggering. The graphics were "MUCH" better than Blitz 2001, and I mean the emphasis when I say it, the visuals are two years old in NFL Blitz but look ten years better than Blitz 2001. NFL Blitz 2001 suffers from horribly choppy backgrounds, grainy visuals, and terribly nasty flickering that can really make your eyes bleed.

   Playing the game is still the same, there are absolutely no rules and scoring touchdowns can be done in one down. I was able to score 32 points in less than 2 minutes, and that really sucks. Playing the first Blitz, I was able to score 32 points only around the end of the second quarter. The gameplay has remained the same, but do I really care anymore. NFL Blitz 2001 is just a waste of money, most retailers are selling it for $35-$40 but I wouldn't even take it for free. I suggest finding a used copy of NFL Blitz and trust me you will have more fun with that. NFL Blitz 2001 is still four-player compatible but because of the crappy graphics, playing the game isn't as fun as it would have been. I don't mean to sound biased but the visuals are extremely bad that they even lower the gameplay score. The play-editor mode is back once again for you to edit and create your very own passing and running plays. As always the action remains 7 on 7, and the game includes a Season mode, Arcade mode, Tournament and a Party Mode for the multi-player games. Every team has their own play-book and at least the rosters are up to date. Like all of the Blitz and other Midway arcade games there are huge amounts of secret codes, players and the ability to use other team playbooks. I wasn't able to find anything decent about the gameplay, and the NFL Blitz series is one that I think should be abandoned.

   Tell me something, why would a company want to take 60% of the original sounds from NFL Blitz and re-use them? How stupid is that, Midway took so many sound clips from NFL Blitz and just recycled them in Blitz 2001, even the commentary has tons of re-used speech. Thankfully the menu-music is new, but that is the only thing. The quality is understandable, but not the best though. I really want to forget NFL Blitz 2001, this is one game that I hope would have never been released.

   Controlling your athletes is cake, just like all of the other games, you basically point and shoot the football. The top buttons are for turbo, double tapping makes you spin, while the X, Square, Triangle and O buttons will let you stiff arm and hurdle. The analog is supported but there is no sensitivity, although the Dual Shock is very powerful, with three different levels, Normal, Brutal and Dangerous. The control is not bad, but it's nothing new.

   NFL Blitz 2001 in my thought is one of the worst looking Playstation games of the year, it's up there with Urban Chaos and NHL 99. I was not expecting a game as horrible as Blitz 2001 is, I thought I would be seeing something far more decent than this. In the end NFL Blitz 2001 comes out to be a shallow looking game, that plays like a flat tire, my advice is to buy a used NFL Blitz or NFL Blitz 2000 and have fun with that instead of the monstrosity that is Blitz 2001. Now here's a word of advice to Midway: Stop re-creating games like Rampage, NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat and NFL Blitz, because the bottom line is that they start to SUCK!

9/27/2000 SolidSnake

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