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The World is Not Enough Review

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  Last year's Tomorrow Never Dies was certainly no 007 GoldenEye and it was completely destroyed by critics all over, while other critics were so caught up in the hype that they nearly rated the game to perfection, which it was far from. I on the other hand kept my review fair, I scored TND an 8.0, which I thought was a fair grade, the visuals were decent, the gameplay I have to admit was pretty cool, but because of the lack of multi-player modes and replay value, I thought that TND could have been a 9.0+ game. Just awhile later The World is Not Enough is released in movie theaters across the nation, and of course a videogame was later announced by Electronic Arts under the same name. The game would be released on numerous consoles such as Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, and Playstation, of course the PS version went through some hard times and lost any kind of multi-player aspect, even two-players. EA and Black Ops said that they wanted to concentrate on the single player action of TWINE, but all of that was just baloney, they knew that they could do it, but they just didn't want to delay the game for about three-four months. Well we've had TWINE in our hands for awhile now, but with the PS2 and all I just couldn't find the time to review it. Lucky for you guys we work on weekends, so here it is, the review of the PSOne version of TWINE.

   Borrowing it's predecessors engine, TWINE is a decent looking game, better looking that the first Bond PSOne game that's for sure, but somehow the graphics look and feel dated. The texture detail is a bit grainy and "wishy washy" if you know what I mean, a lot more detail could have been put into them to make them stand out further, but it's clear that the only thing that Black Ops worked on was the character models. The models are a lot better looking than TND's were, they are rounder and less blockier, and the facial detail is quite improved as well. But still Denise Richards doesn't really look quite like herself, if you've played SpiderMan, think Mary Jane Watson and you will have a good picture of what Denise Richards looks like in TWINE. I have another gripe with the visuals though, there are one or two different enemies per stage and that's all, creating a very repetitive gameplay style and showing that Black Ops didn't do much for the visuals except put them into first person perspective. The frame rates are decent, but they would drop at times, albeit that happens rarely, so don't worry about it. The World is Not Enough is probably the worst looking TWINE game out of PS2, N64 and PSOne, I think EA should consider looking for a new developer to create Bond games, because this may become consistent.

   Ever since 007 for N64 was released, I had a strong feeling that no other Bond game would out-match the behemoth and to this day the thought remains and will possibly be changed when TWINE is released for PS2, or maybe not. With the selection of only eleven levels TWINE for PSOne is an incredibly short game, one that can be ultimately be completed in a matter of a few hours three or even less. This mistake is something that Black Ops didn't take note of in their first Bond game, and it has come back to haunt them, because now the replay value for TWINE is so minimal that this game is not even worth renting but just borrowing it from a friend for half a day. I really hoped that Black Ops would learn from their previous mistake and make TWINE longer, but both games play out almost the same way, I only wish that TWINE PS2 doesn't suffer the same unfortunate fate. All is not bad though for TWINE, the game is enjoyable -even as long as it lasts-, the action itself may not be GoldenEye but it does hold up, although the missions are way too short, so the action really doesn't last long. The missions can at times be stealth based, for example, in the first level in order to get through safely, you may have to destroy the security cameras and shoot some enemies in the head so that they would sound off the alarm, that's pretty cool. And don't forget that you will be given a cell-phone stun-gun, fingerprint scanner and a metal detector jammer so that James can make his journeys easier.

   James Bond has a good arsenal of weapons to choose from including P2K, Shotguns, Koffler KSS' (machine guns) and many more. Throughout the eleven stages you will have to fight through many familiar areas that were taken straight out of the movie, and speaking of the movie, TWINE features over 20 clips pulled out of the film so that they would set up the level coming up ahead, and when a level is completed, just like TND did last year. There are two difficulty levels to choose from Agent, OO7 and one that is hidden. Just like TND, TWINE has absolutely no multi-player feature, just a linear short single-player adventure, too bad 'cause if this game had the boat sequence, the car chase and a few extra levels, I would have definitely scored TWINE a higher rating, but this is what the game deserves.

   The audio is good stuff, the tracks have a Bond feel to them and there is voice acting involved, while it isn't the best, it is average and not very annoying. I can't really tell but it sounds like Pierce Brosnan is doing the voice acting job, or it is somebody who is a really good impersonator. The sound is probably the best aspect to this average videogame, not much to complain about, but at the same time not much to hail really.

   Thankfully the control is quite good, the Dual Shock is very powerful and takes effect when a gun is shot or when someone shoots at you. The lack of sensitive analog support is what gets me, it would have been nice to have a sleek analog control that would let you either walk, pace, or run, instead all you can do is run. With the ability to crouch you can feel more like Bond as you make your way through stages. You can also aim with the controller and at the same time you can peak around a corner and shoot at somebody's mere soul. Not bad controls, easy to get used too, you'll be in the game in no time.

   After much hype surrounding The World is Not Enough, we are once again disappointed that this game isn't as good as EA claimed it to be, from the weak and repetitive visuals, to the somewhat enjoyable gameplay and the incredibly short replay value, TWINE is an average game hampered by average aspects, that if had more attention paid to them, could have been above average, around the status of "good", but instead EA and Black Ops rushed the game, pulling out every fundamental aspect out of the game and making it into one game that is barely worth a rental.


11/19/2000 SolidSnake

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