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Grand Theft Auto 2 Review

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  When the first GTA came out it was considered to be one of the most controversial titles the PSX has had. Although the game's violence really angered some people, others just couldn't help to love the game. The game made big bucks for Rockstar and DMA, because people loved the idea of hi-jacking cars and running people over with them. Frankly I enjoyed the first GTA, I found pretty addictive in terms of gameplay. But the only thing that I didn't like was the control of the cars. The sky view made it a little hard to control the cars, frustrating me a little bit. Never the less GTA was an exceptional title that was a very hard money hitter in the industry. But how does the sequel round up? Is it the same, same old same old or is it something more innovative and improved?

   To sum up all of the questions, GTA 2 is basically the same game. You still run around the streets, jacking cars shooting innocent bystanders, and so on. Not much has changed except for the fact that you are not the only criminal walking around the streets. You may see another person stealing a car or you may see a gang member holding a gun. Those little things don't really make GTA 2 more fun, it just makes it very slightly more challenging. Now I remember the first GTA had resembled cars that we may normally see on the streets and they had slightly re-arranged the names of them so the developer/publisher don't get sued. But this time around the sequel has cars that don't resemble jack. They are very poorly designed and they drive so slow. I remember cars in GTA were very quick and had great acceleration, but what they have in GTA 2 is horrible. The cars take forever to speed up, and by the time they do the cops will already bust you.

   The only improvement in the gameplay department was that the game features quite an extensive number of weapons to choose from. What I had noticed was the cheap variety of cars available in GTA 2. The previous GTA had an excellent array of cars to choose from, and every city had mostly different cars. But not in GTA 2's case, the game features the same cars over and over again, especially that they are slow. It has all of the guns from the previous game and new guns like grenades, triple pistol shot (or something like that), a double pistol, and some explosive device. The game is not very amusing and I think the original is much better than the sequel.

   The game features a top-down helicopter view. This view makes it a little hard to control the cars, therefore making the game less enjoyable. The sequel of GTA features a brand new graphics engine. Although instead of making the game look better, in my opinion they made it look worse. The explosions are pure crap, never have I seen such a small explosion in such a crazy game. For example, when a grenade blows up, the explosion is about as a big as a deflated balloon being popped. The car explosions are no where near as good as the last game. In fact compared to GTA 1 the explosions suck! Last game has big explosions, this game has little puny ones. The car detail isn't very good either, all the cars look very grainy and jaggy. And the guns look like little pea shooters and they shoot like them too.

   The sound is the only aspect of the game that seems to have been worked on. The quality of the sound is pretty good. Pretty clear voices and a pretty good soundtrack is probably the only thing that keeps this game alive. Every car you enter you will hear a different radio station playing a different song. The radio stations also feature commercials just for a little realism. But some of the commercials are not for little ears to hear. So parental discretion is advised (Strongly).

   Looking at control, I see that it needed more effort to be put into it. The layout is pretty stupid, L1 is to switch weapon, R1 is to brake, X is to accelerate, Square is Backwards, Triangle is to enter/exit car, O is to do something extremely pointless like burp or fart, R2 is to fire, L2 is also scroll thru weapon inventory. Controlling a vehicle may be hard at times and mastering the control is very hard too. It takes a lot of effort to get used the control and all that effort isn't really worth it.

   GTA 2 features 3 levels and over 10 bonus stages, but all of those things can't make up the for all the bad aspects that GTA 2 features. Basically I don't have any praise for GTA 2. I think that it is a pretty stupid sequel, to series that had a lot going for it. In fact if I were you I would purchase the original GTA that comes packed with the London 1969 expansion. Believe me you won't regret the decision.

11/8/1999 SolidSnake

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